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Hi everyone, this is the second week after BroadedNet first phase was made public. So far, it’s interesting how this network is ground.

I have not done any major promotions because my blogging friends of Blogger and other platforms are yet to be covered. The guy I hired to do a widget that should run on blogger and other CMS, including html files has not succeeded. We have tested his works on Blogger and it failed. It however works on flat html or php files.

I have not blogged on blogger before and absolutely have no idea how creating a widget on this platform goes. I don’t want to mess around with it either. That’s why I prefer to get someone with more experience in that field involved. So if you are good at that, please contact me.

If you are reading this post and don’t know what broadedNet is, please read this post. Briefly, it’s a network of bloggers generating traffic to each others blog posts. At the time of writing this post, the widget has been installed on over 150 wordpress blogs and the daily traffic generated is increase by the minute. It’s a free platform so be sure to join here.

Partners and sponsors.

I’m glad to announce I have had 2 partners and I want to let you know about them.

Worth Blogger


Have you heard of the WorthBlogger before? This guy is a terrific writer. I won’t say much about him in this post because he is one of the bloggers I’ll feature here on this blog a few days ahead.

This is one of the blogs I encourage you check out daily for wonderful posts on how to grow as a blogger and make money online. In this month of September, he is running a commenting contest where winners will go away with $150 cash paid to Paypal. Jackson makes money online so it will be great to learn from someone who’s seeing results.

CommentLuv Premium get 20% OFF with Jackson

CommentLuv is a hot WordPress commenting, SEO, traffic and engagement plugin. You can get it through WorthBlogger for 20% OFF the regular price. All you have to do is use the unique coupon code JACKSONREADERS20. Click here to order your copy and make sure you use the coupon code.

When I mentioned to Jackson I was looking for partners to push broadedNet ahead, he did not hesitate to jump on board. Thank you bro for this wonderful collaboration.

So checkout Jackson’s blog and interact with him for a beautiful blogging experience.


broadednet partners

This is an interesting WordPress plugin for those of you who want to take product reviews to the next level. I have mentioned on this blog that creating review posts is a huge way to make money as a blogger.

If you use a product that’s working for you, write about and link to it through your affiliate link. That will surely generate sales. This plugin helps increase Search Traffic to your review posts by making SERP results more Eye-Catching!

In the past, Hesham Zebida, the creator of this 3-in1 plugin and owner of Famous Blogger & ThesisAwesome sponsored a commenting contest on this blog. That was an original initiative that’s interestingly going around the blogosphere today. I love to see how bloggers are now rewarding their readers with catch.

NB: If you are on Thesis Framework, you may want to check out Thesisawesome to build responsive, professional and beautiful WordPress blogs.

Thank you Hesham for showing up again this time to partner with me through your wonderful product so we can push this new network ahead and make it a very useful tool for blogs. Go to AuthorhReview and grab your copy now

Partner with BroadedNet

Want to partner with broadedNet? send a mail to contact at for details.

If you are a WordPress theme developer, I’ll be glad to hear from you. If it’s possible, it will be interesting to build the broadedNet API in the distributed copy of your plugin.

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