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5 Tips for Effective Blogging from Mobile Phone

Ever wondered if you can run a blog using just your mobile phone?

Most people think that managing a blog is only possible from a laptop or desktop.

In truth, your mobile device is actually packed with features that can make managing your blog much easier for you.

I mean, you’re already using your smartphones to call, message your friends, email your co-workers, play games, and others.

In this short guide, you can add blogging to the list!

After the post, you should be able to blog at the comfort of your own phone.

1 – Let visual content do the talking

Do: Use apps to add filters, typography, and effects to your images and videos in order to convey a mood or emotion.

Don’t: steal photos from other sources and upload it to your blog.

Sometimes, the most memorable pieces of content are those that leave something to your audience’s imagination.

So, instead of writing and formatting long-form posts on your mobile device (which can be a nightmare), use your phone to capture images and videos and publish those as blog content.

After all, you are only limited by your creativity!

One way you can tell a story without overwhelming readers with long text is by using pictures and/or videos.

There are apps can help you design standalone visual content that stands out in a crowd.

Now, you must be thinking:

I can publish these images on my social media. Why should I publish it on my blog?

That’s a very good question.

In fact, you can do that as well.

But if you want to diversify your blog content, you can do this as well!

You can publish the image with a quick caption.


You can save the images in your blog on the go so you can write a post on your laptop with the images ready for use!

The choice is up to you.

2 – Comment swiftly

Do: Use your smartphone to keep your followers engaged by replying to comments and initiating discussions.

Don’t: Bore your followers with long posts.

If you run your blog on WordPress, log in using the official app and check out the published comments. Send your replies and increase your chances of getting a reply.

As a blogger, you’re not just expected to produce great content.

You’re also expected to engage in conversations with your followers.

Responding to comments doesn’t just make you seem more knowledgeable – it also encourages readers to develop an emotional attachment to your brand.

With a mobile phone, you can get more followers and build your brand credibility anytime anywhere without having to log on to a computer.

You can have interactions happen in real time and maybe even get readers to mention you to their social media followers.

But do remember to tread carefully when responding. If you get any negative comments on your blog, always respond calmly and politely.

3 – Record ideas on the go

Do: Keep track of your ideas using the recorder feature on your mobile phone.

Don’t: Use your phone to mindlessly scroll through your social media news feeds.

I know we take this for granted, but mobile phones nowadays are amazing.

There is just so much you can do with it!


If you’re only using it to check your social media news feeds, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to turn your amazing ideas into reality.

One way to take full advantage of your mobile device is to use it to jot down notes for upcoming blog posts brewing in your head.

You can record a voice file or draft a memo, either way, those precious ideas will never slip away from you again!

You can easily download the best blogging apps to help you do these things on your phone.

4 – Check your analytics for updates

Do: Monitor your blog’s performance by checking your analytics weekly via the Google Analytics mobile app.

Don’t: Ignore important metrics like referral traffic and most searched keywords and terms.

Keeping track of how your blog is performing will help you plan and build strategies that will guarantee your success in the future.

As a blogger, you want to stay on top of your blog’s progress at all times.

Unfortunately, you can’t do that if you’re away from your computer.

However, if you install the Google Analytics app on your mobile device, you can easily check your analytics and get a quick overview of your blog traffic.

google analytics

Upon logging into your Google Analytics account, go to Real-time > Overview to see a bird’s eye view of how your blog is performing at the moment.

Making sense of analytics may seem like tedious work, but once you get the hang of it, it can make a huge difference in how you blog.

For one, it will help you understand who your audience is and why they’re visiting your blog.

5 – Record your podcast

Do: Use your phone to record podcasts during your idle time.

Don’t: Forget to create “at the moment” content

Recording a podcast while you’re on a long drive may not seem like the ideal recording set-up.

However, if you want to quickly create “at the moment” content for your readers, then this can be an easy way to start!

Since podcasting is very spontaneous, recording on your mobile is actually not that bad, especially if your blog personality is casual and laid-back.

Now, if you’re meticulous with the quality of your podcast, you probably have some doubt over recording on a phone.

Obviously, it won’t capture the same quality as you do in a studio with professional equipment.

But if you want to record something on the fly using your mobile device, you can’t go wrong with any of these apps.

The goal is to not let your ideas escape you.

Yes, you may be sacrificing quality here when recording from your phone.

But lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place – if you have something that’s worth sharing to your readers, then record them right this instant!


If you’ve been blogging for years, you should know that writing is just part of the equation.

There’s so much you need to do for your blog to succeed.

You must promote your posts to your audience and engage with them.

You also might want to check how your blog is faring after publishing the posts.

So there’s a lot of things you can do as a blogger other than writing.

Never forget this saying:

Your blog doesn’t promote itself.

That said, your mobile device is perfect for this!

If you truly want to stay on top of your blog and make it the best it can be, then you need to follow the tips and advice above.

That way, you can grow your audience and build relationships with each one of them.

Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer for hire who provide actionable and high-quality content to startups and small businesses looking to shore up their online content needs. Follow him on Facebook and say "hi" to him there.

Rammis Khan

As standard, an insanely good post-Christopher Jan Benitez. Love how you always add a bit of actionable advice with every strategy you give. Going to be trying some of these out later.


Really effective writing, and some very useful information here. I’ve recently started to use my mobile more, and its pretty amazing just quite how much you can do on a phone that I’d have originally limited to my laptop.

The ability to edit and / or publish posts while out and about has been fantastic.

Thank you for the information!


    Christopher Jan Benitez

    Thanks for the kind words, Em! You can do anything in blogging – whether you’re using a laptop or a mobile device – if you put your mind to it.


Hey, Christopher Very effective writing useful information for all the bloggers. I think in this smart phone age most people engage on their mobile that”s why it is great for the bloggers who use most of their time on mobile.
I enjoy reading your tips and tactics and it is going to help everyone.

Thanks for this valuable information and please give more ideas on how to write an interesting blog.

David Smith

Hey, Christopher.
I really appreciate your tips for effective blogging from a mobile phone!
These are Handy tips for bloggers.
Thank you for the very useful tips and tidbits about blogging from a mobile phone! I look forward to seeing any other suggestions you might have for blogging!

    Christopher Jan Benitez

    Glad you enjoyed it, David! Hope to hear from you here again at Enstine’s blog.

Hamza Hashim

Hey Christopher Jan Benitez,
Thank you for sharing this great thing. It will be very helpful.


This is good to see you here for blogging from mobile phone and having right article to see you here. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

    Christopher Jan Benitez

    It’s my pleasure, Rama. Thanks for the comment!

    Christopher Jan Benitez

    Replying to comments ASAP is one of the best ways to build and engage with your audience. SO make it a point to comment to them whether you’re on mobile or desktop. Cheers!


Hi Christopher,

I genuinely like the idea of using comment-swift which is to use desktop and mobile alternatively for the best results.
thanks for sharing the good post and keep up the good work

Sathish Arumugam


Thanks for the heads-up. Even, I casually look into analytics and blog comments reply using a mobile phone. Blogging while relaxing for a while :).

Karan Mehta

Hey Christopher,

I tried to blog from the phone & It pretty worked for me. Analytics report will gonna help people a lot who started blogging from a mobile phone & recording ideas is one of the best options I found in this article, It helped me a lot & will Gonna help others too,


    Christopher Jan Benitez

    Hello, Karan!

    Sure, blogging on your mobile device works and is 100% possible. But would you rather blog on your mobile device or your computer/laptop where you have a keyboard and a much bigger screen? At best, mobile devices allow you to stay connected with your blog. But it’s not the most ideal platform to blog, in my humble opinion.

Nikola Roza

Hey Christopher, I think phones today are capable of running your blogging business on them. However for me, the screens are too small.
when you say phone, do you mean tablet?
Because, from my experience, phones are very unwieldy for conduction for doing serious work, for example writing a blog post.
But tablet would be ok, similar to laptop.

    Christopher Jan Benitez

    I agree with you, Nikola. You can run your blog purely from your mobile device – tablet, smartphone, etc. But not only is the screen too small, using the built-in keypads would make it difficult for you to type anything there. It would work if you’re using a portable keyboard for your mobile device. IF not, however, you’re better off using your computer or laptop.


Have actually heard about this before from my colleague but don’t really see it possible.
But reading it from an authority Blogger’s blog today will give me a rethink about this
Thanks for sharing

    Christopher Jan Benitez

    Wouldn’t really consider myself as an “authority” blogger LOL! I’m just passionate about blogging and sharing ideas about it. Thanks for reading, Lawrence!

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