1 Important Blogging Distinction to Make

Some bloggers tell me they have blogged for 3 years. Claiming this experience, said bloggers consider themselves to be experienced bloggers.

But in some cases, said bloggers have only owned their domain and hosting for 3 years. How much blogging have they done during the 3 years? 100 hours. 200 hours. Maybe less than 100 hours.

How long you owned your domain and hosting has nothing to do with how many specific hours you spent blogging because blogging success finds bloggers who spend thousands of hours generously helping people.

I salute every blogger who stays in the game for years but know being straight with yourself is the key to blogging success. Never tell people you blogged for 3 years if you only owned your domain and hosting for 3 years but have blogged for like 50 or 100 hours during that 3 year stretch.

Digging deeper, what did you do during those 100 hours of blogging-work? Did you write 50 to 75 blog posts? Did you also comment genuinely on 500 blogs? Did you promote other bloggers? Did you open 5 income streams?

How much money did you invest in your blogging education? How much time did you invest in studying blogging? How many podcasts did you publish? How many live broadcasts did you publish?

How many thousands of people did you help for free during the past 3 years? Some bloggers claim to have blogged effectively for 1000 hours but spent about 100 hours moving into effective, income-producing activities while spending the remaining 900 hours doing ineffective, wasteful, silly stuff. Your ego says you blogged for 3 years. Awesome. Allow your ego to pat yourself on the back. But unfortunately, even though your ego seems blind to the truth, you spent 100 hours over the past 3 years doing effective, income producing stuff. Guess what? Blogging effectively and intelligently for 100 hours makes you a blogging infant. I blogged intelligently and effectively for 100 hours, spanning just 2/3 of this month; you have some catching up to do, to begin making a positive impression, because established, pro bloggers have been blogging intelligently and effectively for 10,000 plus hours.

Be Honest

Be straight with yourself. Nobody follows someone who owns their domain and hosting for 3 years but readers do care about bloggers who generously help them for thousands of hours. Successful blogging is the effect of thousands of hours of learning, practice and generous service. You can own your domain and hosting for 1 month and have already worked 240 hours, clocking 8 hour days for the 30 day period. Or you can own your domain and hosting for 2 years and have only blogged 200 hours, putting in maybe 2 hours a week, on a weekend, every week for the past 2 years. Guess who gets ahead; the blogger who works generously, intelligently and effectively, putting in the time and work to create something special.

How many hours you spend generously working – in front of your laptop and phone – to help people through blogging predicates your success. We all pay a success tax. Enstine has paid his success tax for years through his generous service. He has reaped the rewards of his generosity by profiting beautifully. He put in the time and work. Now he experiences sweet blogging success. He has put in thousands and thousands of hours over the years to be the blogger he is today. Get to work like he does. Keep helping people freely. Do not blog inconsistently. Sporadic bloggers vanish quickly in any nice, being outshined by generous, kind, persistent bloggers who blog like clockwork.

Follow Enstine’s lead. Get busy serving people and you too will experience sweet blogging success. Ultimately, few people have a genuine interest in how long you have owned your domain and hosting. We want to see you actively helping people – including us – in order to buy into you, your blog, your brand, and premium products and services you have to offer.


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