5 Types Of Blog Home Page templates ~ Which is yours?

There are different types of blog home page templates available today. So I'm happy in this post, we are going to look at five of these and how to get them activated on WordPress blogs.

Trust me, this is going to give your blog a new phase and add quite some bit of more value to your business.​

Looking at my stats in the past couple of months, my home page has been one of the most active pages on my blog. I’m sure yours too has been pretty busy. As a matter of fact, this page is the second most viewed page on my blog.


It therefore makes a lot of sense to pay attention to it and give it some elements that will convert its traffic. 

But here is something!

According to the list of landing pages within google Analytics, my home page comes at the 35th position. That means most traffic from search engines doesn't drive to my home page.​ I can perfectly understand this.

my blog home page

As per JetPack, for almost the same time frame, the stats are completely different. My home page is second on list!

home page jetpack

What you must understand is that Google Analytics Landing Pages show a list of pages receiving traffic from Google while the JetPack stats is all about page views generated by traffic from both external and internal sources.

Most of the referral, email and SEO traffic I get to my blog posts end up clicking to the home page. The question is, what are they looking for? 


One thing I have also noticed recently is a significant drop in overall bounce rate. Though I can’t say with accuracy where most of my incoming traffic clicks to, what I’m sure about is that about half of them click to my home page.​

website home page

From these stats, if we do some maths on traffic from search engines, about 117 out of 8,677 bounced off. That means about 8,560 clicked to different more articles on this blog.

3.82 %
Total BR
1.35 %
Organic BR

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Now this is something impressive isn't it? It shows must of my readers actually stick around for more of my content. BTW, that's not the focus of this post 😉

The WordPress traditional home page template

What you will see on most blog home pages is a listing of most recent posts. Some have them listed horizontally and others vertically. On some blogs, above the fold is a lead capture form.

While some bloggers think this is the best presentation, it doesn’t really allow you the opportunity to expose more of the stuff you are made of to your visitors.

I believe if readers these days are clicking from inner pages to your home page, they expect to see something they haven’t found on your category listing page, sidebar and single post details page.

So let's see how your home page can be made more useful to your business by looking at the 4 different templates shipped with Thrive Content Builder

5 different types of blog home page templates and how to easily create them

There are 5 different types of home page templates I have been able to identify. Now, in the video below, Shane from Thrive Themes explained the 4 of these and how you can easily activate them without hiring expensive designers:

Here is a quick look at the blog home page templates discussed in the video:

  • The Offer Focused Home Page​
  • The Author Focused Home Page (focused on personal branding)
  • The Content Focused Home Page
  • The Hybrid Home Page, a combination of a bit of everything

Of course, the fifth blog home page template not discussed in the video is the traditional post listings as we all know.

​There are different plugins out there that allow you to create different templates for your home page. But I'm wondering if any of them is as flexible and Thrive Content Builder.

Besides, with Thrive Content Builder, you will drastically reduce the number of plugins on your blog, which of course has a huge positive impact.​

If you have the plugin already, you can go ahead and activate any of the home page templates supplied with it. The beauty is its flexibility. You absolutely don't need the paid services of any designer.

If you still don't have Thrive Content Builder, I recommend giving it a deeper thoughts. If you want stunning blog posts and something that will help you kill many plugins, you definitely should check this out.​


Create contents that keep readers longer on your blog..

NB: Want to know why I bought Thrive Content Builder? Check out this post

Over to you!

What do you think of your own home page? What do you think of these options by Thrive Content Builder?

Please drop a comment and let's have a chat ;)​

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur


Thank you Enstine for the informative post.

Maqbool Azam

Hi enstine,

Thanks to show the right direction of home page.Home page show our blog stats its theme and all about its story on what content our website have.
Maqbool Azam


Hello Ensinte,

I am giving some serious thoughts of moving my blog in other location and making homepage different – different in sense of having it looked different. However Thank you this is very importance for me but if you need portfolio free bootstrap template
full responsive ecommerce themes
then you can go link blew


Thanks for your providing information. This is really a great article. I never heard of this strategy for creating compelling homepage templates. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Anirudh Pulikonda

Enstine I’m loving the way you have animated the parts of the blog post. Can you please tell me how you did it. Thanks in Advance

Claire Greenhow

I’ll be checking out this plugin you recommend, I’m pretty sure my blog’s front page could do with a face lift. Thanks 🙂

Nikhil Ganotra

Hey Enstine,

How are you doing? Back after a long time. Was busy with my exams! :/

Thrive Content Builder is a great plugin to build stunning professional homepages. Nowadays, most of the bloggers are using it to create attractive posts.

Currently, I am using Luxe theme by ThriveThemes on my blog and it’s really amazing. All thrive products are DAMN amazing!

Thanks for sharing this great video! 😀


Hi Enstine,
Simply great post. I am always one of the biggest followers of you and you really helped me to improve my blogging skill through your posts. Really a great post regarding home page templates.

zeshan sadiq

Hi, Muki

Your are going to challenge the bloggers. Best wishes with you and thanks to share the post

Am impressed with your bonus rate
looking forward for the next post about home page templates.

zeshan sadiq

Hi Enstine ,

Best wishes for you and thanks to share that information. your are using unique methods to get superb result.

Good luck

Amit Deb

Hi, Enstine.
Hope you’re doing well. This simply a marvellous one. Great post on home page template. Really it understands me how I need to work on my templates. Thanks.


Hi Enstine,
Awesome post indeed! I never heard of this strategy for creating compelling homepage templates. Thanks for sharing it with us.
BTW, great article 🙂

Akash Navi

Hi Enstine Sir,
Nice article, and mine is content focused homepage : )

Thanks You,
Akash Navi

Joy Healey

Hi Enstine,

As we discussed by email I already had Thrive but hadn’t used it a lot – pressure of work as usual.

However, your recent posts have inspired me to start using it. Just gently to start with, but I’ll learning things about it bit by bit.

I’d been admiring your new home page and now I know the secret behind it. A revamp of my home page is clearly one of the jobs to be added to my never ending to-do list. I’ll let you know when I’ve changed it. Thanks for revealing the secret of your new smart look! It’s great 🙂

Joy – Blogging After Dark

Anirudh Singh

Hi Enstine,

Another great post about the home page templates. Btw the bounce rate you mentioned at the top of the article is really low ! How did you manage to do it enstine ?


thanks Thanks, A Lot for shared helpful and most beneficial knowledge. I got more ideas about Home Page Templates, basically

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the comment bro 😉


Hey Enstine Muki,
Thanks, A Lot for shared helpful and most beneficial knowledge. I got more ideas about Home Page Templates, basically. I have learned it something new.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks Asif
    I hope this helps you tweak your home page for better results 😉

Donna Merrill

Hi Enstine,

Lots of choices, here, my friend.

I guess my blog combines everything.

It’s largely personally branded (author focused), but the content is really the main feature of the site.

My products and services are pretty clearly displayed, but, since they’re my own products and services… I’d say that blends in more with the author focused style than the offer focused one.

As you know, I coach bloggers all the time and so I see a lot of blog setups. I’d say that people used to be strong on the content focus, but lately have been trending toward the offer focus.

I like to encourage people to be author-focused as much as possible because at the end of the day, it’s not your offer or even your content that people will walk away with… it’s YOU. So I think personal branding is the single most important reason to blog, and I think home page templates are most effective when they feature the author.

    Enstine Muki

    Great points you made in this comment Donna and I do agree with you. A majority of people these days try to find out who is behind a product first. You see the author reputation influences sales 😉

    My current home page is not meant to be that way forever. I’m certainly still tweaking and looking for the best point.

    Thanks for being part of this post Donna. Hope you are your (JV) partner are doing great 😉

Dawid Writers

Hi Enstine, you are such a awesome post I guess, I never heard of this strategy for creating compelling homepage templates.

Keep sharing 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Dawid,
    Thanks for the nice words. I think you’ll now go grab a copy of this plugin to create high converting home page for your blog 😉

    Good luck bro

Alice Wright

It happened always that when we create any blog or site then we spend good time for choosing page templates. It’s always time taking process in my view and I think that for the help of this post it will be easy.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for adding your voice to this post Alice.
    I hope your home page is working great for you 😉

Francis Quarshie

Hi Enstine,

I’m using the traditional post listing homepage, and would love to switch to the offer focused homepage soon.

An appealing homepage is ideal, much like yours.

This post tells me one thing:

It has drawn my attention to “value proposition”.

The homepage you choose do powerfully communicate.

And Thrive has given us the best ways to do that – all in a masterpiece.

Good work Enstine.


    Enstine Muki

    Sounds great bro 😉
    I’d like to see that on your home page. How soon will you put it up?

Lisa Sicard

Hi Enstine,
Very interesting and I like yours by the way. I haven’t changed mine in a while and I think I should have more of the popular posts included on mine. I will be updating that after this comment. I also think it’s important to keep it clean and not over-loaded. I don’t like landing on some that have everything blinking at you at once. Nice and neat is best. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us Enstine. Have a great rest of the week.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Lisa,
    So good to see you around and thanks for commenting and sharing your experience.
    With this plugin, you can create just anything that comes to your brain.

    I see your most popular post on top of your sidebar and that looks great. This plugin enables you to put that anywhere on your home page. It’s quite flexible so you may want to try it some day.

    It’s a new week so I pray you have a wonderful business ahead 😉


Am using Genesis, quite good.

    Enstine Muki

    This plugin is perfectly compatible with Genesis products bro 😉


Bravo Enstine!

You have done it once again my friend!

You never cease to amaze me, by always coming up with
and or introducing us to some extremely critical advice and or software etc.

And this is no exception. I had not previously heard of this particular one.

And it certainly is extremely versatile!Thanks!

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Mark,
    Good to hear from you man and thanks for the comment on this post.
    This is one of my most exciting plugins. I hope you grab a copy 😉

    There is a beautiful week ahead so let’s keep giving


Hi Enstine

Interesting stats. You are right about the home page. There is a need to take advantage of the homepage to attract visitors.

Thrive builder seems to do the trick. Thanks for the info. Have a wonderful week

    Enstine Muki

    Yes man,
    TCB has a collection of templates to just click, import and change text and images, as simple as that 😉

    See that on your blog soon

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Enstine,

For the longest I just linked to my list of eBooks.

Then I did the more traditional page, sharing my content freely.

I did add a clear, benefits dripping pop up so users can grab my free Blogging From Paradise eBooks every Friday.

But I may create the hybrid you speak of. Nice mix methinks, for both business calls and free content.

Signing off from sunny NJ.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Ryan,
    Thanks for popping in here and sharing your thought 😉

    Still not being able to access your site from here, I really don’t know what changes have taken place 😉


Well awesome post I guess, I never heard of this strategy for creating compelling homepage templates.

BTW I was wondering how did you animate this image in your posts. Any plugins?


It’s a good article and never thought of this before. I have some issues with my home page back button, so am thinking about changing the home page. My site using WordPress platform and it will help me to build my site to a better one. Thanks again

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for sharing that experience. Using WordPress is already a step towards getting awesome home pages.

    do you have thrive products?


      Hi Enstine…

      I have changed my site’s home page using Beaver page builder. Its a free plugin available on WP and easy to use. Thanks once again for the article as I got the idea of building a new home page from it.

Adeel Sami

Hello Ensinte,

I am giving some serious thoughts of moving my blog in other location and making homepage different – different in sense of having it looked different. 🙂

I have not used my blog’s homepage for any thing to focus on so far. 🙂

I am not good at anything and don’t have anything (eBook, product, etc.) to place on the homepage and for now using just posts. Thanks to you pointers that I can write up something to place on my home page which I am thinking to make it author-focused.

Yeah, Thrive Content Builder is in my radar, will soon grab it! 🙂

Thanks for that, buddy! Happy to share it! 🙂

~ Adeel

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Adeel,
    Permit me disagree with you on the point you mentioned about you being good at nothing. The reason I disagree is that I know you are good at blogging and that’s something you can offer as a service and teach the millions who don’t even know where to start.

    do you see with me that you are good somewhere and you can have a product/service to offer?

Akaahan Terungwa

Hi Enstine,

Awesome homepage options by Thrive you’ve explained here…

In the past, I used the numerous options inherent in Genesis to create a product focused homepage when I was running a traditional offer focused site. However, today, things have changed and I no longer blog in the ‘traditional’ manner. Instead, I run an information portal where even the basics got from the Genesis framework are no longer needed.

However, for any other blogger, Thrive is where they should look – if an option like Genesis doesn’t already give them all that they need.

Make the day great!

Akaahan Terungwa

    Enstine Muki

    Genesis is awesome with its bundles bro and Thrive adds more to it 😉
    Thanks for stopping here and sharing your experience

    I hope you are having an awesome week

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