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7 Revolutionary Ways that Businesses Employ Blockchain!

7 Revolutionary Ways that Businesses Employ Blockchain

Bitcoin has been the stuff of headlines for months now. Never before has a cryptocurrency have too much in value. It’s even regarded as the modern-day tulip mania. But the term bitcoin usually goes in tandem with blockchains.

Yes, they’re related to each other. But they’re two different things. Bitcoin is one of the many cryptocurrencies out there that use blockchain, which is a transaction tracking method.

Though it’s still in its infancy, a variety of business users already adopted to blockchain. The future looks bright for it, but why? That’s what we’re going to find out as we’ve compiled the best ways businesses can use blockchain. Continue reading


5 Alarming Website Statistics You Need to Work on Now

5 Alarming Website Statistics You Need to Work on Now

Websites statistics give us a concrete picture of how we are doing as a brand and as a business.

Businesses have turned to the power of the web to attract audiences, convert new customers, and increase loyalty in their current market. And web statistics have given marketers essential insights on creating strategies that increase conversion rates.

But did you know that 63% of companies state that generating traffic and leads are their top marketing challenge? And 26% of these businesses also consider managing their websites to be a problem.

Because of this, we give you five alarming website statistics you need to take note of, and tips on how to improve your website management today. Continue reading


Why is Your Website Hemorrhaging Money (and How to Stop the Bleeding)

Why is Your Website Hemorrhaging Money

The goal of any online business owner is to make money.

They travel different paths to achieve this goal for their websites. Just as long as they keep their eye on the prize, it doesn’t matter what methods or tactics they employ.

If you’re earning more than enough to cover the costs of running your website, then consider yourself successful!

On the other side of the coin are people who are struggling to turn a profit from their websites. To be fair, building a profit-generating site is no walk in the park. For them to not get sidetracked from their main goal (which is what’s keeping them from breaking through to success), they need attention to detail, organization skills, and commitment. Continue reading