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It’s Thursday and I’m here again to help you discover and connect with another awesome blogger.

Blogging is about meeting and hooking with new people. Yes! There has been a shift from those early days when you simply had to drop a few lines and sentences about personal topics. Today, blogging has grown to a full business.

The more connections and readers you have, the better your chance to succeed. I have featured so many exciting bloggers in the past. Check out this list and be sure to connect with them.

Meet Adesoji Adegbulu

Adesoji AdegbuluHe is a multidimensional Nigerian whose profession is in the field of agricultural, environmental and water resources engineering. He does this because of his passion to end global hunger, protect the environment and also provide adequate clean water and sanitation to at least 9 in 10 people globally. You can have a peep into this via his personal blog at

Also, he is into internet and social entrepreneurship where he helps people build businesses that solve real life problems. He likes to call himself “Online Business Maven or Online Business Therapist”. This he does because of his passion to end poverty and minimize the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Most people on the internet know him as one of the top and well versed Nigerian internet business marketing bloggers. This is because he runs a top class online business resources and inbound marketing blog at which he calls “The Money Blog”. He started this blog (as in July 2010 whose main goal is to provide quality information, guides, tutorials, news and opportunities that anyone can use for the purpose of creating successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately.

Adesoji Adegbulu mmnTaking a deeper look into why and how he started this top class blog. Adesoji said it began with his love for writing and teaching about personal development, business development and national development. He was doing this consistently until the day it dawned on him that he could help more people via the internet. He considered setting up a dedicated platform for this. He then used his online research skills to discover how best to help more people via the internet.

During his research, he came across various topics people are really interested in. He specifically chose the “make money online” topic especially for the Nigerian audience. He then when ahead to setup the platform where he publishes articles that anyone can use to make real money online, build successful online businesses and also create wealth legitimately. He uses this to reach out to as many people interested in creating legit streams of income online via different online business models.

According to Adesoji, starting and running The Money Blog is not all bed of roses. Even though at the start, he got a lot of people who were interested in what he taught but many of the people were skeptical because of the negative image about the issue of making money online and scams. However, he was bent on making a positive difference and become the testament that making money online without scamming is real and very possible. This became the fuel for his consistency in delivering top notch value.

It saddens Adesoji when he sees people making terrible mistakes in one form of online business models or the other and also falling into the wrong hands. Many of these people runs into problems caused by what some so called gurus told them to do or what they don’t know. Some of these people with problems contact Adesoji to help them fix their problems.

Though, people seem to have a general problem when it comes to online business but Adesoji treats everyone uniquely. He gives a general solution on The Money Blog and then provides unique solution based on people’s personal request.

As an online business therapist and online business maven, he takes these people through a series of business questioning to find out where the problems originates from. He then gives series of business counselling to solve these problems. Those who listen to what he teaches go ahead to improve on their online businesses. As his custom, Adesoji doesn’t force his own opinions on others. He provides the needed therapy and allows people to make their own final decision.

Over the years, Adesoji has helped so many people run successful small businesses online. This he does by first providing the required mindset about internet entrepreneurship, then the skill sets required for the particular type of online business and then the required tool set to maintain and scale the businesses online.

However, just like everyone Adesoji didn’t have it good in the beginning of his journey into living the dot com or internet lifestyle. He faced several hindrances but his persistence and commitment to a worthy cause kept him standing against all odds. His main strengths is his humility to learn from anybody, love for reading and flair for networking with like minds online.

Adesoji revealed that he has dabbled into different online business that have failed. He said the failures were a learning curve for him. He has learned a lot from failing because the failures helps him to focus more on what works and less on what doesn’t work. He has also created many successful online businesses which gives him the drive to do more.

One thing is, Adesoji doesn’t like revealing himself to the public. He prefers being private with selected few. So, if you really want to get the best from him, you need to get into his inner circle. Not just that, you need to relate with him via his blog, social networks and social messengers. If you need help with your online business, make sure you get in touch with the online business therapist.

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