This product will help you succeed in blogging. Period!

Adrienne Smith is the engagement superstar of blogging. She knows how to connect the dots and bring people to liking what she does. She has just published her product on how to grow your blog community and be a popular blogger.

Don’t buy this product yet! Read this post completely before you take any engagement!

I have known and worked with Adrienne so closely. She has shared a lot of tips on her blog how to be popular. Personally, I have had tips from her through emails that have refined my blogging.

One of the reasons of where my blog is today is Adrienne Smith. She’s a bank of knowledge on how to get out there, meet the right people and push your blog up to the next level.

She’s got tips and advice that work big time. She’s known around the industry for her sincerity and authenticity and her blog community building product is a must-have if you want to grow your blog and be popular. But wait!

Why I think  “Build a Blog Community” is awesome!

The first reason I recommend this product is the person behind it. Adrienne is the engagement superstar and a real and successful blogger. You can connect and talk with her. She has created a product on what she’s known for. There is no doubt about the value of her product. Want proofs?  See comments on her blog post;

adrienne smith

Still want more proof? Ok go to her blog here and see for yourself

Another reason to grab this product is the fact that it’s been endorsed by other successful bloggers. Want to know what others say about the product? Go check that out here

There are 8 lessons you can download and read at your most convenient time. Each lesson has an audio version so you can just download and listen to any time. In addition, there are tasks or home work to help you practically experience the lessons. Of course, you see results as you go through them.

Why did I ask you not to buy this product yet?

I wanted to add something to what Adrienne is offering you in this awesome product.

You know I make money by showing you awesome and helpful products so if you buy this product from my recommendation, I make a commission.

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adrienne smith

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Let’s talk!

What do you think about Adrienne Smith? What do you think about her  product? Have you purchased it? Are you on broaded?

97 thoughts on “This product will help you succeed in blogging. Period!”

    • Thanks Alize and I hope you’ll be able to grab my course. I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful. 😉

      I wish you the best.


  1. When I started reading this post I was thinking that this is waste of time but I was dump fool that could not understand the positive aspect of this post until I finished reading is completely. Now I understand it completely

    Your blog is one of the best blog I wait for your email to visit. Thanks dear for sharing such a wonderful information.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

  2. Hello Enstine, Man Before read your whole article i was confused that what he said ! I was checking your Facebook Activity and got your This Blog Title and The Title really make me crazy as well i Know Adrienne personally. I was thinking what Enstine said on his Article and that’s why today’s morning as well It’s 5.00 Am here i am reading your this article. And Just finished. Man, You again show me the power of Negative Title Of Article. I would like to do the same for my new Brand my Blog that i am going to lunch soon

    Happy blogging. Have a Good Week End !

    • Hi Ammanulah,

      I hope so and I know it’s helped so many people really understand what it is that they should be doing. It’s all about making those connections so hope you’ll grab it my friend.

      Thanks for the support.


  3. Such a great post! You two are awesome and good for team up. I read the blogs of Adrienne and all of them were superb. When you read first the title it seems a bad thing for Adrienne but it’s not. Thanks for sharing this post. I will definitely share this to my friends.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I agree, Enstine can really shock us with his headlines to the point where I’m rushing over to see what he’s said about me in a bad way only to realize that it’s just the opposite. Very sneaky!

      I appreciate your comment and glad you enjoy my blog as well. Thank you so much and enjoy your week.


  4. Hey Enstine,

    I should admit actually I got shocked seeing Title of the post at the first glance. But when I went through I realized how much important role tile plays in blog post.

    Well, I am new to this blogging world but already have come across about her in different blogs. I must say she’s a superstar. I almost every day go to her blog to learn something new.


    • Hi Saikat,

      Enstine definitely knows how to shock us with titles that’s for sure. Glad you stopped by thought to check it out.

      I appreciate the kind words and happy to hear you stop by my blog daily. Love to hear from you sometime though.

      Thanks again and enjoy your day.


  5. Hi Suprabhat,

    I’m so sorry to hear that but at least happy that you’re interested. Hope it all works out soon and I know you’ll enjoy the course.

    Let me wish you luck with that okay and thank you for being such a fan.

    You have a wonderful day and weekend okay.


  6. You got me with the title. I thank you for sharing your review. I purchased this awesome product and it is money SO WELL SPENT. Adrienne had already taught m so much since I have know her but her course blew me away.

    She takes you by the hand and makes it so plain. I have listened to it over and over again. It’s like I am addicted to what she is saying. Thanks for sharing my friend. You are awesome!

    • Hey Nate,

      Oh, I’m so touched and you have me in tears. To hear someone say that not only you’ve learned from me but that you’ve been listening to it over and over again and that I’ve done this course justice just makes me SO darn happy.

      As you know my friend, this does work and it’s really a simple process to put into work but just knowing what to do has been the issue most people have. I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying it and I can’t thank you enough for your awesome comment. You made my day Nate.

      Have a great Friday and weekend okay! Thank you again.


  7. Hey Enstine,

    I really wanted to buy adrienne product but i am not able to buy that because my credit card is blocked now and i had applied it for renewal.
    So as soon as i get i will go for it.
    I am a big fan of adrienne and she know how to engage with her readers.
    I hope i can it as soon as possible.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi Neamat,

    Thank you for your wonderful comment and ongoing support. I truly appreciate it and I’m so thrilled you bought the course and I know you’ll enjoy it.

    Your continued support means the world to me and you’re right, this is what a community is about. Having built those relationships so we are here to support one another. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    Thank you again and hope you’re enjoying your day.


  9. Hi Enstine,

    Wow, I just came from Sylviane’s blog and she also wrote a post about Adrienne’s product and as I said there, that’s indeed is a taste of what a community is all about. Friends and fellow bloggers helping and supporting each other.

    I already bought Adrienne’s course and I am so excited to go through it and get to work and take my blog and business to the next level. Like you, I learned a lot from what Adrienne is already sharing in her blog. We are blessed to be in her community.

    Thanks Enstine for sharing your review about Adrienne’s product!! You are a good friend and great supporter of good causes. Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Be Blessed,


    • Hi Neamat,
      I’m glad you are around today and thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Did you read the bonus point for bloggers who have bought Adrienne’s book product already?

  10. Hi Larry,

    I appreciate your kind words and I’m touched. I’m flattered that you view me as successful and a social blogger. I do love to help others and I like to do that any way I can. I think this course will just help with saving people a lot of time learning how they too can do this as well.

    Thank you again.


  11. Hello Enstine,
    Adrienne is one of those blogger I look up to as succeful and social blogger’s, she has got the power to build a community.

    It’s obvious that her product is really gonna be great, as she’s offering what she’s really good at.

    It’s surely a great product and it’s recommended that we all have it.

    Thanks for sharing, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  12. Why thank you SO much Laurel for that amazing compliment. I’m blushing over here but truly do appreciate your kind words. Thank you so very much and I think my mission in life is to help others. Just glad I’m able to expand upon that now.

    Enjoy your day and thank you so much.


  13. Hey Enstine,

    Great job with promoting Adrienne’s product.

    I already purchased it and I’m working on something to help people purchase it when I promote it. Hats off to you for leveraging like that. Very smart.

    I can say that Adrienne’s product is all that it’s cracked up to be and much more. There’s alot to learn there for those who want to build a thriving blogging community and it’s not short of great tips.

    Have an awesome day and keep up the great work.

    – Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for stopping by and the continued support. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the course and getting some great tips from it. I also appreciate that you intend to promote it as well. That means so much to me so thank you Andrew.

      Good luck with everything and have a wonderful day and rest of your week too.


  14. Goodday Sir,

    There is no doubt that Enstine is already building his blog community, what i love about these bloggers (Enstine and Adrinne) is that they both know how draw our attention in reading articles from their blog.

    I love to development a community like this, it’s awesome.

    thank you.

    • Thank you Victor for that compliment, I really do appreciate that. Enstine definitely is doing a wonderful job and I’m so blessed to be a part of his community.

      Have a wonderful day and thanks again.


  15. Granted convincing post Enstine! You got me here. Adrienne Smith is a very powerful influencer. I really admire her big heart to share how she does things. It’s so generous to think about others. She’s the epitome of modern blogging!

  16. Hey Reginald,

    Why thank you Reginald, I so appreciate that wonderful compliment. Just to be named beside these other amazing ladies is so very flattering. You definitely can say I’m in a league of my own. I’ve always done things my way and it’s worked out very well. Now I get to teach others how they can too. That will make them stand out don’t you think?

    Thank you again so much and have a wonderful new week.


  17. Hey Enstine,

    Adrienne Smith. She is one of the most powerful talkers and bloggers I have ever known. I even compare her to Heidi Cohen, Kristi Hines and Kim Garst. She is really in the league of her own and I enjoy her post every single time.

    She done great and lots to learn from her 🙂

    • Hey Reginald,
      Yes, she is on top and most of us know that through her blog 😉
      Putting her on the same scale of those other bloggers, it’s her place.

      Thanks bro for sharing your thoughts

  18. You are always been an inspiration and source of knowledge !
    Thanks for the review and will get product asap!

    • I look forward to having you join the course Arjun and I know you’ll learn quite a bit. Hope to see you soon.


  19. Thank you for the advice, I have not purchased the product, but as soon as it’s done, I’ll turn to you.

  20. Hey Akaahan,

    I at least appreciate that you’re interested and respect that you have too much on your plate right now. I hope the time will come when you’re ready so thank you for that.


  21. Hi Enstine,

    What a great title, you definitely are hooking people in through them, lol…

    Adrienne is an absolutely amazing person. I’ve been blessed to chat with her on the phone a few times and in one of those instances she was a HUGE encouragement to me.

    I will be promoting her product today. I wanted to hold off just a bit while everyone else is doing it in the hopes I pick up a few on the back end or those who don’t know her may have seen her on a few other posts.

    We gotta keep this going for her!!!

    Great post Enstine!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • He definitely got me on this one Don…

      Thank you for your kinds words and I’m so glad we’ve spoken on the phone a few times. I admire you so much as well my friend and you definitely are someone people need to know.

      Carol wrote a review about my course and in it she said that there aren’t a lot of bloggers online today that are genuine with integrity. There is a small select few so I’m always honored to know that I pretty much know all of them, you included. We’ve definitely got a great community of fabulous bloggers among us so now I’m so excited to teach others how they can accomplish that as well.

      Thank you for promoting my course, I so appreciate that and I really do hope those who are interested will jump on the bandwagon before the sale is up. Love to help them out for sure.


  22. Just buy the darn product already guys!

    If Adrienne sells 1 million copies of her product it won’t be enough. Because every blogger who needs to learn how to build a community should pick it up. No brainer time. She’ll teach you how to comment the right way, how to share on social sites, and how to use social media to build genuine, lasting connections.

    Like you Enstine, I learned much if not all I needed to know to build my blog, my brand and my community through Adrienne’s wisdom. She’s the star of stars on the blogging front, and if you buy her product, and follow her advice, your blog with be honey, and the bee-readers of the world interested in your niche will be buzzing by it, in no time.

    I have a sweet tooth today, hence the analogy 😉

    Thanks guys!


    • Ah, thanks Ryan and I appreciate that my friend.

      What I wouldn’t give to sell a million copies, just think how many people that would be that really did want to learn how to build their blog communities. Wow, wouldn’t that be awesome? So many amazing people to connect with and I would LOVE that. Oh and the mula too but I’m more excited to see and hear about everyone’s results. I know you know the feeling after they’ve devoured your eBooks.

      That’s when all the fun really begins and that’s the most exciting part of this process.

      Thanks again for all the kind words, I really appreciate that.


  23. Hi Entine,

    It’s difficult to resist your deal and as it’s typical of you, this is a win-win situation. Unfortunately, my hands are superbly full at the moment…that doesn’t mean when I’m less busy, I won’t be seeing what the package contains!

    Do make the day great!


  24. Thank you so much Harleena for your ongoing support. You are never late my friend and I just appreciate you finding the time to stop by. It’s always a pleasure to see you and hear what you have to say.

    I have no doubt that if you were to put something together like this it would be a hit as well. When people are in awe of what you do and how you do it then it’s a little easier. Granted, I don’t intend everyone to purchase it because we both know what it takes to do this and so many people can figure this out on their own. For those that need the hand holding though this is the perfect solution and I’m just eager to hear how everyone likes it.

    Thank you again and you have a wonderful ending to your week. You know I will.


  25. Hi Enstine and Adrienne,

    What a lovely post, and no one can beat you Enstine, where your awesome titles are concerned – really pull people straight away to your blog 🙂

    I am sorry I am so late to the party, and I think your post was published the same day when I put up my latest Men Blogger’s post, and gosh…that took me so much of time gathering all the right stats accurately. Just glad I am here as I’d saved up this in my pocket.

    Adrienne’s product is a sure-shot one for any blogger, especially the new ones and those who wish to build their own blog community, and no one can teach that better than Adrienne herself. One’s so very happy with her, and I think this one’s bound to go places and we wish her every luck with it, while we help promote it in the best way we can, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

  26. Hey Donna,

    Ah, thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I know that the reason we connected so well is because we are so much alike. You have just as much of a giving heart as I do and love to help people. I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and your support, it means the world to me to have you in my corner.

    Thank you my dear and have a wonderful day.


  27. Hey Enstine,
    I will report you to my Mommy ooooooooo!!
    You are too humorous you know, in fact you are greatly M.A.D

  28. Hey Enstine

    You left behind others by writing the first review of her product. No one will be able to break this record.

    Adrienne has become the brand name for readers engagement. You simply mentioned a few glimpses of the level of response at her post. It is so common that her each post get almost 100 comments but the level of care she showed while responding to each comment is equally commendable.

    Can any one doubt the success of a product which is developed by Adrienne and first every promoted through a post by Enstine? Absolutely not.

    Thanks for the sharing and for this generous offer.

    • Hey Mi,
      I wanted to come first but Carol Amato rushed ahead of me 😉

      In any case, this is such a great product for bloggers. Adrienne’s got everything covered here 😉

      Thanks for stopping by bro. Hope you are having a wonderful week

    • Hey Mi Muba,

      Actually Dee Ann beat everyone, she was the first so I appreciate everyone wanting to support me and I can’t thank you all enough.

      I really appreciate that Mi Muba and I think that caring for others is something we all have within us so when you let that shine in your comments people will notice. All we each have to do is put ourselves in other’s shoes and what would we appreciate them doing at our place. That’s the real key here so I’m just helping everyone along with that.

      I appreciate the support and thank you so much for your comment.


  29. This is like one of the those secret gifts where each time you open a box another exciting box appears!! I can’t think of two better items for serious bloggers to have.
    1. Adrienne’s course
    2. and the credits to increase blog traffic.

    I have learned so much from Adrienne Smith. In fact if you click on the product link you’ll see my smiling face telling you all that I have experienced since following Adrienne’s teaching with my own blog.

    And Broaded is on it’s way to becoming the go-to product for genuine traffic sharing without silly hoops to jump through or wasted time spent. Enstine – I already see the value of this platform those I’ve only be using it for a few weeks and I know that over time it will only get better!!


    • Hey Deb,
      So exciting to read your comment 😉
      Yes, your testimonial on Adrienne’s page is a plus. Coming from you is a solid endorsement my dear friend and yes, broaded will be a huge traffic tool in the near future, thanks to those of you who are already on board and spreading the word.

      We are all wishing Adrienne a wonderful success in her first launch this week. Many more beautiful days ahead 😉

    • Why thank you Deborah for your comment and all your support. I think we both won upon meeting each other. I may have helped you out with your blog but you’ve helped me out with my the business side. I needed a good kick in the pants and you were just the one to do it. I can’t thank you enough for all your support and I appreciate you more than you know.

      Thank you again my friend for the endorsement and I hope you enjoy the course.


  30. Wow! More praises are coming and many more are yet to come. There is nothing more beautiful that learning from people who have gained experience in what they do.

    Adrienne is an epitome of engagement already and so creating a product on how to build a community blog is one thing I was certain will be great when she finally launches it.

    I started going through her course yesterday immediately I made a purchase and tasked myself to devote more time to the course. It’s really a simple and practical course which anyone can take no matter how slow in learning the fellow might be.

    Any body who fail at building a formidable blog community should take a walk off the blogosphere because the course is simply simple 🙂

    Thanks Enstine for helping to spread the word. Have just grabbed my own broaded credit 🙂


    • It’s wonderful to know Adrienne Smith isn’t it?
      I see you have written an in-dept review of her wonderful product. That’s the way to go my friend.
      Everyone now has what it takes to build a popular blog 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and making it another date here

    • Hey Jackson,

      Thank you SO much for sharing this and I’m so glad you’re finding the course simple and easy to follow. That was my goal because this really isn’t difficult when you know what to do and I definitely know exactly what people should do.

      I hope you’re enjoying it and although you are already doing so well I can see where you will raise the bar my friend for others to catch up with you. It’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to watch you just explode.

      Thank you for the vote of confidence, I greatly appreciate it.

      Happy learning!


  31. Hi Enstine,

    I just love the way you wrote this post for my dear friend Adrienne. All someone has to do that doesn’t know her is go to her blog….the proof of the pudding is right there. All her content is wonderful, she has so many great comments and followers. Gee I wonder why?

    Adrienne is a giver, and she gives from her heart. She is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. So if someone want’s to walk in her footsteps and learn how to create their own community I highly recommend they purchase her product and get started.

    Am I biased with my opinion of Adrienne? Sure I am because it was through blogging that we made a strong relationship and friendship.


    • lol Are you really biased ?

      BTW, I love that fact you raised that she is a giver. You know givers never lack. They are always given back. That’s what she’ll get from this product.

      Anyone willing to grow his/her should not wait to jump on this 😉

  32. Experience is the best teacher. Just go through what you’re taught and jump in. The results will show themselves if you’re doing the work which of course to me is the fun part.

    I appreciate that Enstine, thanks again and I definitely want to thank those that support me too.


  33. Great offer, Enstine!! I had to jump on this!

    Thanks for the 9000 credits! That is a great bonus to what already is a great offer.

    I am looking forward to seeing you in Adrienne’s course! I have just looked it over briefly in the member’s area and it looks great!

    • Hey Mindy,
      Thanks for trusting and taking on this opportunity. While the broadedNet credits will generate more traffic, follow the course strickly and wait to see results 😉

      Do have a wonderful week dear friend

    • Great to have you join the community Mindy and I’m SO excited to share with you what I’ve learned. This is SO amazing and I’m really excited for you. Can’t wait to hear all about your amazing results.

      Here’s to your success.


  34. Hey Enstine,

    Well I can’t thank you enough and I’m sitting over here just blushing. You’ve said some wonderful things about me and I so appreciate that.

    The funny thing about this whole process is that I learned all of this by just doing it and figuring it out along the way. I actually fell into this particular niche because I was having so many amazing results and you know how it is. People want to know how the heck you did that. Well I want everyone to succeed, why not!

    Always eager to help you or anyone else who wants it so thank you for sharing this fabulous bonus with your audience. I think if they were smart they would grab this up quickly because not only can they learn from me how to build their community but through that they can get them to connecting with them from the traffic that Broadednet sends them. Oh yeah!

    Thank you again my friend, I truly appreciate your continued support. You just made my day.


    • I just said what’s correct didn’t I ?
      Experience is the best teacher they say! That’s what you’ve gone through and so many of us are now benefiting from that 😉

      I’m sure readers of this post will jump on this irresistible offer – shooting 2 birds with one stone 😉

      Thanks for taking the time to engage with readers on this post. This can only be done by someone who has the key to open the right doors of community building 😉

  35. Hi, Enstine,

    Well done, my friend! Glad I could inspire you!

    She definitely has an awesome product, and glad you got on board with doing a blog post and buy with bonus. 😉

    Have a blessed day.
    – Carol

    • Thank you Carol and he did do a great job to entice people into buying. I think they can’t go wrong with this one either, best of both programs.

      I appreciate your comment too my friend.


    • Hey Carol,
      Thanks for stopping over and dropping a comment
      Anything to give Adrienne a push, I won’t keep back

      I have had success in the past giving out my own products (CashDonator, ViralBird,etc) as bonuses and when I saw that on your blog, I said to myself here’s the way to go again 😉

      You know I even spoke with Adrienne about it few days to launch date. It was late so we couldn’t take the idea further. It’s wonderful how this works though and hope you are seeing success with it 😉

      Do have a wonderfully favored week

  36. Man of Curiosity!

    Thanks for writing this article about Adrienne Smith’s newly released product.

    As i always say that she is one of those bloggers who preach what they practice. I’m sure this is going to reflect on what is in the great product she has just released.

    One of those ways to build a great blog community as early as possible is to follow those bloggers that have been to the path one wants to go through.

    That is why my blog has grown so fast in its first two months that many a times i’m been asked of what i have done to the blog to make it grow fast like that.

    Thank you for the great review brother.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

    -Oloyede Jamiu

    • Hey Oloyede,

      Why thank you for your kind words and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re also having a lot of success with your blog as well. Just following what I do can definitely get you further and I’m sure you’ll continue to do just that.

      If you need more direction I do hope you’ll purchase this one while it’s on sale. If not though I wish you all the best. I know you’ll do just fine.

      Thank you again.

  37. Seems like an interesting product. Adrienne is a power blogger and anything she produces is going to be top notch hence its definitely worth getting this product.

    • Thank you Shalu and I hope it’s interesting. LOL!!! I definitely am sharing everything I’ve done so if that interests you I do hope you’ll purchase it this week while it’s on sale. If not then of course you know I wish you the best of luck moving forward. I know you’ll do great.


  38. hey Enstine Muki,
    When i read the title I instantly clicked on the link
    Great technique to get more clicks 😀

    • Hey Rahul,

      I hope you liked the product enough to purchase it. If so be sure to follow along and then let me know how you’re doing. Always eager to see my students amazing results.

      Thank you.


    • Hey Rahul,

      Good to see you here commenting on Enstine muki’s blog after a long time.
      He had written a post on How to increase curiosity among readers and led them to click on your blog post.
      Hence Increasing CTR.


  39. I was shocked that why are you saying so but at last you proved that you are right.
    Great work again with maintaining curiosity .
    Cheers 🙂

    • Hey Sumit,

      Long time no see you, I am glad you are still engaging with other bloggers which is really a good news.
      I was busy in my studies due to my exams which are coming up in december so i am not getting enough time to engage with others but surely i am reading majorly most of the blog post of my friends daily.


  40. That’s great you always surprise and sometimes frighten me with your awesome and astonishing blog post headings and titles.

    Just loving … 🙂

  41. Hello,

    Wonderful title again! I liked the way you promote others and force us to check your posts. Really mindful!

    I wish I could buy Adrienne’s product. But, this time I have no budget to buy it now. I would try to have it soon and increase my blog community.

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful explanation of Adrienne’s product. I will soon check it pout.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

    • Hey Nisha,
      That will be awesome. I’m sure there is a lot to be learned from it so don’t fail to work towards grabbing a copy
      I’ll send you a mail later on today

      Have a wonderful week

    • Hi Nisha,

      I know how it is to be low on funds and I never want anyone to purchase something when they really can’t afford it.

      I appreciate your interests though and I hope things will look up soon. You hang in there though, you’re doing a wonderful job. I appreciate your support though, thank you.


  42. Hey, Hey, Enstine!
    I repeat! You Repeat!
    And again I Repeat! 🙂
    You did it again!
    CURIOSITY Works!
    Well done Man! Well Don!
    Mutual understanding! 🙂
    Mutual profits! 🙂
    Congrats to Adrienne 🙂
    Congrats to Enstine 🙂
    Great Going E….
    Good Wishes
    Take Care
    ~ Phil

  43. Wow great gesture Enstine, Actually this will be like killing a bird with two stones… 🙂 Thanks Enstine, if I happen to buy this product I will PM you straight up 😉

    • Hi Enstine ,

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