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January 2020 Commenting Report: 150 readers made 201 comments!

comment report enstinemuki.com

January 2020 is over. That means we are beginning to feel the new year.

It’s really been a busy month for me. There has also been an increase in my natural traffic too. I will soon be publishing a report on the exact things I did to get those results.

150 readers took their time to drop 201 comments which is great. Many of these comment authors are new timers and I do highly appreciate the engagement.

One thing that happened was Neil Patel’s post mentioning CommentLuv plugin. As a result of the post, I had a little more engagement on this blog and on this post. You know I have Commentluv premium enabled, giving you dofollow links from the comment section of this blog. Continue reading


Commenting Report January 2019 with free traffic and Engagement plugin!

free plugin boost traffic with a unique idea. Something you may NEVER has seen. Want more traffic and engagement on your blog? Try this free plugin. #blogtraffic #freeplugin

The month of January has been quite busy here.

143 of my readers engaged, leaving a total of 235 comments, excluding my replies.

This is quite important to me and I’m excited about it.

So I have generated this list of comment authors to say thank you for making the first month of the year awesome. I’m using MyCommentAuthors, a plugin I created some few years back just for this purpose.

If you are running a WordPress blog, you may want to give the plugin a try. It absolutely has no front-end load impact on your blog. What it does is generate a TEXT list of your comment authors for a given month. So you just copy and past in your blog post. Continue reading


June 2018 Blog Commenting Report: 137 Authors,415 comments!

June 2018 was an awesome month. We had 415 approved comments from 137 readers. These exclude my replies.

I want to thank everyone that made it happen. I must also thank my ghost readers. You are all awesome. You make my blogging business a success. Without you readers, this blog would be a graveyard.

I’m using MyCommentAuthors to generate this list. It’s one of the lightest and most useful plugins for WordPress bloggers who care about engagement and repeat visitors. Continue reading


March 2018 Blog Commenting Report ~ 88 readers made 161 comments!

It’s another new month to read articles and leave useful comments everywhere. On this blog, we had an exciting month of March.

There were many of you who read my blog. 88 decided to drop at least one comment. In total, we had 161 comments. This is beginning to get exciting.

In today’s post, I’m simply posting a list of my comment authors with a count of the number of comments they made and of course a backlink to their URLs. Continue reading


November commenting Report ~ 172 Authors with 412 Comments!

A few more days to the end of 2014 and the blogging journey has been exciting since the start of this ending year.

November has been impressive with most of you making it here on my blog, sharing my articles, linking back and commenting my blog posts. I keep telling everyone that my blog is where it is because of its readers.

Each minute you (my readers) spend on this blog is worth a lot to me. I heartily appreciate your engagement and will always remain grateful.

Before I get into commenting stats for November 2014, let me quickly recommend you check out Adrienne Smith’s community building product. Adrienne’s strategies have greatly helped me grow my blog. She has put up EVERYTHING you need to create a  popular blog in her product. So go check it out and possibly grab a copy.  Continue reading


Blog Engagement Report, April 2016 ~ 412 comments from 193 Authors!

blog commenting report

I haven’t used my blog engagement and traffic plugin for a couple of months now. It was just some negligence on my part.

If you don’t know about it, MyCommentAuthors is one of my plugins you can get for free. It’s simple but very powerful plugin for every WordPress blog where blog commenting is given an importance.

What it does is it allows you to generate a list of everyone that drops a comment on your blog for a chosen month. This list is generated in simple HTML format and what you do with it is create a blog post like this one to say Thank You to your commentators. Continue reading

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