Commenting Report January 2019 with free traffic and Engagement plugin!

The month of January has been quite busy here.

143 of my readers engaged, leaving a total of 235 comments, excluding my replies.

This is quite important to me and I’m excited about it.

So I have generated this list of comment authors to say thank you for making the first month of the year awesome. I’m using MyCommentAuthors, a plugin I created some few years back just for this purpose.

If you are running a WordPress blog, you may want to give the plugin a try. It absolutely has no front-end load impact on your blog. What it does is generate a TEXT list of your comment authors for a given month. So you just copy and past in your blog post.

How does MyCommentAuthors boost traffic and engagement?

The idea behind this plugin is simple:

Say Thank You to your comment authors (with a dofollow/nofollow backlink) and get them back to your blog.

I have written details about it here. Check it out so to know how it can help your engagement.

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Here below is the list of commentators for last month. If you want to be on the next list with a backlink, drop a comment below.

I will be excited to have you here. And for my regular commentators, a million times Thank You.

Total Comments on this blog in January 2019

  1. Nikola Roza made 16 comments
  2. Jennifer Dagi dropped 13 comments
  3. Arfa Nazeer dropped 11 comments
  4. Philip V Ariel dropped 10 comments
  5. Vineet Saxena made 8 comments
  6. Ryan K Biddulph dropped 8 comments
  7. Fernando dropped 5 comments
  8. Lisa Sicard dropped 3 comments
  9. Lorraine Reguly dropped 3 comments
  10. Cristina dropped 3 comments
  11. Lily made 3 comments
  12. Divya Bhardwaj made 3 comments
  13. Babs dropped 3 comments
  14. James Michael dropped 3 comments
  15. Juan Carlos dropped 2 comments
  16. Ronald Segura made 2 comments
  17. ALLI ABIOLA dropped 2 comments
  18. Donna Merrill dropped 2 comments
  19. sidharth dropped 2 comments
  20. Subha Malik made 2 comments
  21. mithilesh dropped 2 comments
  22. Muhammad made 2 comments
  23. tracy collins made 2 comments
  24. ali made 2 comments
  25. Darshan Nagekar dropped 2 comments
  26. Vivk dropped 2 comments
  27. Paul dropped 2 comments
  28. Henry Ifeanyi dropped 2 comments
  29. Anna dropped 1 comment
  30. Mohd Zaid Mansoori dropped 1 comment
  31. Linkpak dropped 1 comment
  32. Amber Temerity made 1 comment
  33. parveen made 1 comment
  34. Saiprakash dropped 1 comment
  35. jack made 1 comment
  36. john richard dropped 1 comment
  37. Nick made 1 comment
  38. Arnab Goswami made 1 comment
  39. Anishad made 1 comment
  40. Chin made 1 comment
  41. Kyra Rodriguez dropped 1 comment
  42. Surjeet verma made 1 comment
  43. Aman Singh dropped 1 comment
  44. Joseph dropped 1 comment
  45. Veer dropped 1 comment
  46. Ashutosh Singh made 1 comment
  47. Rashel Ahmed made 1 comment
  48. Nia Jax made 1 comment
  49. Abdullah Nasir dropped 1 comment
  50. Suresha B dropped 1 comment
  51. Jan dropped 1 comment
  52. Hitesh verma made 1 comment
  53. Jimcy Johnson dropped 1 comment
  54. John Bravo made 1 comment
  55. Arfa | Shemeansblogging dropped 1 comment
  56. Vishwajeet Kumar dropped 1 comment
  57. Shawon made 1 comment
  58. ers made 1 comment
  59. Robin made 1 comment
  60. Brad Lindsey made 1 comment
  61. vivek dropped 1 comment
  62. Alisha Ross dropped 1 comment
  63. Abhinay dropped 1 comment
  64. George made 1 comment
  65. Sunny dropped 1 comment
  66. Bhawna dropped 1 comment
  67. samar pahwa made 1 comment
  68. Joy Healey dropped 1 comment
  69. Jane dropped 1 comment
  70. McKinzie dropped 1 comment
  71. Michelle made 1 comment
  72. Awaish made 1 comment
  73. Alex Cole dropped 1 comment
  74. Richa Verma dropped 1 comment
  75. Daayur made 1 comment
  76. Anant Vijay soni made 1 comment
  77. Umar craig made 1 comment
  78. Raju da dropped 1 comment
  79. Richa Agrwal made 1 comment
  80. Janet Travis made 1 comment
  81. Shan dropped 1 comment
  82. Adelina Adell made 1 comment
  83. Namithaa K dropped 1 comment
  84. Manju Rai made 1 comment
  85. kashif khan made 1 comment
  86. Moss Clement dropped 1 comment
  87. Kavleen Kaur dropped 1 comment
  88. Pascal made 1 comment
  89. Nirvana Guha dropped 1 comment
  90. Rachel Kieran dropped 1 comment
  91. Hassaan Khan made 1 comment
  92. Dale made 1 comment
  93. Gaurav Kumar dropped 1 comment
  94. Nimra Yousafzai made 1 comment
  95. Olivia Smith dropped 1 comment
  96. Liza koli made 1 comment
  97. Dewaani Raja dropped 1 comment
  98. Aliha made 1 comment
  99. Pedro made 1 comment
  100. Martha Chapman made 1 comment
  101. Anil Verma dropped 1 comment
  102. Rupesh Joshi made 1 comment
  103. Thaha made 1 comment
  104. Sandy Halliday made 1 comment
  105. chery schmidt dropped 1 comment
  106. danyel naq made 1 comment
  107. Mitch Mitchell dropped 1 comment
  108. Adugba chukwuebuka dropped 1 comment
  109. Adeel Inam dropped 1 comment
  110. Neil made 1 comment
  111. prakash dropped 1 comment
  112. Amna Sheikh made 1 comment
  113. Usman Ghani made 1 comment
  114. Rida dropped 1 comment
  115. Bikram Kalsi made 1 comment
  116. Bhawna Kaushik made 1 comment
  117. Nimra Yousaf made 1 comment
  118. Abhishek Dharmik made 1 comment
  119. Foskaayforum made 1 comment
  120. Mary Fernandez made 1 comment
  121. Bikram made 1 comment
  122. Ohana dropped 1 comment
  123. John dropped 1 comment
  124. Pedro Okoro dropped 1 comment
  125. Papa made 1 comment
  126. Sathish Arumugam dropped 1 comment
  127. Beena made 1 comment
  128. Hassan Mard made 1 comment
  129. Michael Pozdnev dropped 1 comment
  130. Jackson Joseph dropped 1 comment
  131. Adithya Shetty dropped 1 comment
  132. Lily Ugbaja dropped 1 comment
  133. Shamsudeen Adeshokan made 1 comment
  134. Arohi made 1 comment
  135. Pedram made 1 comment
  136. Emery Ocampo made 1 comment
  137. Joseph Chikeleze made 1 comment
  138. Jan Verhoeff dropped 1 comment
  139. Tanyi Melvis Bechem dropped 1 comment
  140. BestNigeriaForum dropped 1 comment
  141. Michela made 1 comment
  142. Usman made 1 comment
  143. Oskaaay dropped 1 comment

143 comment authors with 235 comments in the month of January 2019

This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors

23 thoughts on “Commenting Report January 2019 with free traffic and Engagement plugin!”

  1. Hi Enstine!

    Wow! I remember when this plugin first came out, it’s awesome to see that it’s still going strong. All of the engagement on your blog is very inspiring too ?.

    Hope all has been well!

    – James McAllister

  2. Hi Enstine,
    What a joy to hear that I made 10 comments on your esteemed space in January 2019.
    Glad to see other comment others in the list.
    Thanks for providing this amazing plugin, I have been using this amazing plugin since its invention.
    My post on my comment authors is on the anvil, every first week of the month i too publish a post by using your plugin MyCommentAuthors.
    Keep up the good work.
    ~ Phil

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for the mail and for mentioning in your current blog. Truly, this is a great idea to make the blogs engaged. Thank you for sharing this idea with us.

  4. Hey Enstine,

    Wow, very fantastic and very innovative, this ??

    Delighted to see my name, although you’ve got me as Pedro and as Pedro Okoro! Bro, you’ve got me up for a challenge…and you can be sure my name will top the list in February!

    Best regards,

    • Hahaha good to hear this bro.
      Well I designed the plugin to pick by names so if you use two different names, it’s going to see that as two different people. Some folks are using two or more different emails with same names so it’s just like that. Just make sure you are consistent with the name you use 😉

      You surely have signed up to the next list bro

  5. Hi Enstine,

    I always wondered what plugin you were using for your blog comments, as I have never seen it before. Thanks for sharing it with me, and I’ll give it a try at one of my niche sites where I have lots of comments.

    Also, I will steal to you this kind of post, as it gives users a reason to come back and check if they got mentioned on the monthly blog post.

    I promise that I will be on the following months.



  6. Hi Enstine,

    This sure is a cool thing to do…..shouting out to those who have commented on your blog and how many times they have done so. It is so great to see how many folks are engaging with you.


    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for coming by this weekend.
      Yes I think it’s good to say thanks to visitors like you who take time to drop a comment.

      This plugin makes it easy for me to get those stats. Thanks for constantly signing up to the list 😉

  7. Hi enstine, glad that you mentioned me in your blog.I can’t wait to read your next blog post! Just don’t forget to notify me if you have a new blog post, I will try my best to add value to your post!

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for constantly coming over. Once you drop a comment, you automatically signup for the next report post 😉

      My next post is a massive hit. Expect it in the following hours 😉

      Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

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