What Is the Pro Blogger Mantra?

“The more you give, the more you get.”

This is the amateur blogger mantra, too. Every blogger should live by this statement. Getting does not happen overnight. Getting happens over months and years. But being generous now increases your:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

Skilled bloggers with massive exposure gain credibility on a grand scale. Credible bloggers who appear to be all over simply drive traffic, increase profits and eventually go pro. Not today, after 1 day of being generous. Not tomorrow, after 2 days of being generous. Nope; generally, not 2000 hours from now, after 1 year of being generous. But you will go pro because after putting in years of generous effort, the “getting” aspect of blogging takes off in a big way. Good things take time and generous effort.

Generous Bloggers Succeed

Enstine is generous, wise blogger. He routinely writes guest posts for me and many other bloggers, sharing the wealth, spreading his knowledge across the web. Check out his latest guest post on my blog:

How Coronavirus Is Affecting Blogging and What to Do About It!

He has guest posted for years. Does it surprise you that all of his generous giving allowed him to get traffic, money and to gain a pro blogging career in the process? The more you give, the more you get. Pro bloggers out give all other bloggers. Note; pros do not necessarily outwork other bloggers. Some bloggers put in more time than me.

But these bloggers often give with stingy strings attached, trying to squeeze money, traffic and business through all creations and connections. Of course I promote my eBooks or courses through all posts and guest posts I place. But the genuine intent is to generously help people for free.

The more you give, the more you get.

Accept Lag Time

Accept how a lag time exists between being super generous and driving a high volume of traffic and profits. Like growing any business, building your skills, exposure and credibility requires thousands of blogging hours along with diligent patience and supreme persistence.

Follow Enstine’s example; dude is like clockwork. Keep giving, and giving and giving more freely. This is the 100th guest post I have placed on Enstine’s fabulous blog. I feel humbled to help you rocking readers 100 times and also know the more freely I give, the more fun I have. Worldly success is a simple effect out of this giving cause.

I observed a million dollar blogger who made a few hundred bucks during his first year online. He published 2-3 content rich, valuable blog posts daily. Did he panic? Of course not! He knew the law of lag well.

Those 2-3 posts published daily helped him gain massive exposure, serious skills and rock solid credibility. Perhaps he only made $600 during the first year but he knew thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars were on the way. Simply, it was a matter of time.

The more you give, the more you get.

Why Bloggers Hold Back


Bloggers fear giving away too much information for free. Subsequently, bloggers hold back. Publish one blog post. See what you get. Check traffic stats. Scan profit stats. Wait around for one week before publishing your next post.

If traffic and profits seem non-existent, you feel bad, lose motivation and wait 3 weeks until you publish another post. Meanwhile, I published 210 quality posts (between my blog and guest posts) during that same 3 week stretch. Who gains more skills? Me. Who gains more exposure? Me. Who gains more credibility? Me. Can you see why I am a pro blogger? I do not play around when it comes to giving.

The more you give, the more you get.

As I glance at the clock, I am approaching 2 AM NYC time. Count this as guest post #6 of the day for me, in addition to 5 blog posts on Blogging From Paradise. Factor in some genuine blog commenting and promoting other bloggers and I achieved a generous, genuine day.

Giving and losing cannot be associated. Every time you give, you position yourself to be more successful. Never hold back out of fear. Stop being stingy. Blogging success finds the most generous, patient bloggers out there. Follow the pro path. Take the pro way.

The more you give, the more you get.


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