What Is Guided Selling & How Does It Work?

With guided selling, a seller-centered method often implemented as software, sales reps can consistently finish transactions faster and with fewer mistakes. It’s meant to help sales reps through the whole sales cycle and give them a better overview of the pipeline.

Guided selling is not a product or feature but a way to use data to make sales more efficient. Like sales enablement, guided selling isn’t so much about specific tools or technologies as it is about helping salespeople do their jobs better.

Salespeople who do their jobs well have access to the information, tools, and methods they need to do their jobs well. With guided selling, salespeople can access specific information that helps them work faster, connect with customers better, and make better decisions.

How Does Guided Selling Work?

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Guided selling is like solution selling. It suggests products or services based on what the customer said. Data analytics technologies powered by artificial intelligence could be used to give customers personalized solutions that help “guide” them through the buying process.

So, guided selling tries to give customers various options to help them reach their goals and give them data-backed reasons for each choice. No longer are ads made for specific groups of people or based on their habits, and consumers are no longer on their own once they reach a company’s website.

Then, they look through the product categories and types in the drop-down menus on their own, or they might be sent straight to a certain product page through links from social media profiles or online ads they’ve already clicked on.

In e-Commerce operations, sales staff commonly use a short online questionnaire to determine which products are best for each client.

Benefits of a Guided Approach to Sales:

There are three ways guided selling can help a business.

  • Customers are more likely to buy from your website if they think you are paying attention to their needs by giving them well-thought-out options.
  • The second thing is a happy customer, who will likely buy from you again. There are so many products and services on the market right now that it’s easy for customers to feel confused. Customers are better likely to come back to your business if you make it easy and simple for them to get what they want when they want it. More than eight out of ten customers are more likely to buy from companies that offer personalized experiences.
  • Approaches that are based on data can give sales and marketing teams new information all the time. Companies use AI-driven guided selling solutions instead of guessing at general trends to target their sales efforts better.

Tactics for Guided Selling

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Every guided sales attempt is different, but some general best practices can help make them more successful.

Stay Focused on the Data in your Research

For guided selling, you need good data. It means using technologies that can collect and analyze data to come up with conclusions that can be used. When combined with human experience, methods of guided selling based on data have the best chance of turning visitors into sales.

Get it Done Quickly

When making an online survey or data collection form to help sales, it’s important to put speed first. Before going live, ensure your guided selling tool is easy to use, quick to respond to, and gives the right advice based on what the client says. What’s going on? If people don’t have to wait for results after typing in their information, they are more likely to shop elsewhere.


The best way to improve your guided selling is to use visual aids as much as possible. It means putting up photos of items that show details like the shape or size of the object up close. Clear symbols that show how far along the guided selling framework a client is are also a good idea because they let clients know how close they are to the end.

Describe What’s Going On

Don’t just ask questions; give some background. If you want clients to choose between three similar items, tell them about the features or functions that make each one unique so they can make an informed choice. Make sure you don’t step over the line between guiding and telling. You shouldn’t force customers to buy a single product. Instead, it would help if you tried to get them to look around your site to see what else you have. If you don’t, you risk losing money.


Don’t forget that data is the main thing that will help you get what guided selling is & how does it work? When combined with customer data, it is possible to pick out the best products and give users a choice based on their preferences. It makes customization better and makes it easier to make money.

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