Five Ways to Be a Better Salesperson in 2023

As a salesperson, you’re constantly on the move and looking for ways to improve the way you work. After all, working in sales typically means that the more you sell, the more you earn.

A great new year’s goal to set for yourself is to increase your average monthly sales – but how exactly could you achieve this? You’re already working hard and good at what you do, so what steps can be taken to get better results?

Here are five easy steps to follow to become a better salesperson and get better at your job in 2023.

Use a System

A man using laptop computer on white table

First of all, stop winging it. Taking each sale as it comes might feel like it works for you but implementing a structured system can open you up to loads of new opportunities.

You might simply start by writing down some repeatable processes and creating a few spreadsheets that help you stay on track. However, investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software is the ultimate step and could be an absolute game changer.

Get to Know Your Product Better

In the new year, spend some time studying up on your products. Whether you sell cars, beauty products or life insurance policies, being clued up should always be your top priority.

Get intimately familiar with the finer details of what you’re selling. Make sure you’re aware of any changes or new products your company is offering too and spend time studying up on your competitors as well. Being able to make detailed comparisons will often help you make up your customer’s mind for them.

Understand Your Buyers

Understanding your product is one thing, but understanding your buyers is another entirely – and both are a crucial part of any sale.

Put some time into creating a buyer’s persona and use this to help you make better decisions in who you approach and how you approach them. Study up on demographic details, but get more in-depth too about personality types, values and interests.

Prioritise After-Sales Service

When the sale is done and the commission has been made, salespeople are often tempted to draw the line there and move on. However, putting more time and effort into your after-sales service could be more beneficial than you think.

Building customer loyalty could help you make repeat sales from customers you’ve already done the hard work on, so don’t hesitate to send that follow-up email to check in with your customer. Make the effort to find out if they’re happy and you’ll increase the chances that they are.

Practice Your Communication Skills

Finally, spend time working on your communication skills. Your workplace communication extends beyond simply how you talk to customers – it relates to how you dress and present yourself at work, how you handle conflict, whether or not you’re punctual, etc.

Giving your customers a good impression is the first step to making a sale. Practicing people skills and making a solid effort when you’re at work are small steps that can take you a long way.