Using the NFL to Boost Your Business

It’s hard to go an entire week without someone mentioning making NFL picks against the spread, and there is a reason for that. This has become the biggest professional sports league in the United States, and it’s also the most popular.

The NFL is now a multi-billion dollar league, and it just continues to rake in the money at an alarming rate. Instead of sitting back and watching the league make all of the money, you should also be trying to figure out how to get a piece of the action.

There are some pretty easy ways to use the NFL to help you boost your business, but you will have to make an initial investment. If you want to increase profits and get some more attention on your company, then it can be done during the NFL season.


Sponsor the Team

Perhaps the easiest way to make some extra money during the NFL season is to partner with an NFL team. You are going to have to pay some big money in order to get your foot in the door, but it’s going to come with some huge benefits.

If you are going to sponsor a team, then there are a number of different ways to get this done. You could potentially provide the NFL team with a specific service, and that team will then help market your company in a big way.

Buying the naming rights to the stadium might be out of your budget, but teams are always willing to sell naming rights for different portions of the stadium. NFL teams are willing to have sponsors in order to save them money, and that can give businesses a chance to cash in by paying a little extra.

Host Fan Events

One way that a company can make some big money during the NFL season is to host fan events where the company is promoted. This is best done at or near an NFL stadium during game days, but that’s not the only place where people are watching the games.

Hosting an NFL fan event at a local sports bar or other restaurant is one way to get fans excited about the game and excited about your company.

Fans will be appreciative of the free event that you hosted, and that will have that fan looking to consume your business or support your company.

According to the CEO of Anytime Sports Supply, “Get fans hyped for game day and show them the importance of football catching practice – it’s a winning combination for any business.”

Partner with Players

Even though NFL players are usually making millions, they aren’t opposed to getting some extra cash. If a company is already running an ad campaign of some kind, signing on with an NFL player can help take that campaign to another level.

Not only are football fans following their favorite teams, but they are also very loyal to their top NFL players. Locking up a partnership with certain NFL players can have huge benefits, as those fans will immediately be drawn to your company or your specific product.

Football arena

Pay For Advertising

The most obvious option in this whole article is to pay for advertising during the NFL season. Companies pay millions of dollars for a short ad during the Super Bowl, but the top companies will always tell you that it is worth it.

Even buying a small local TV spot during an NFL game is one way that companies can get millions of eyes on them every single Sunday. The companies that are just trying to break in are going to need to utilize this strategy more than the companies that are already well-established.

Offer Some Deals

Regardless of the company that you own or are a part of, there is a chance to offer some deals to football fans across the country. This is the time of year in which people are already starting to plan for Christmas as well, and offering deals around the NFL season is a great way to kickstart things.

If you are in a city that has an NFL team, then you can create some sort of deal based on the local team. Fans of NFL teams will consume almost anything that is related to their favorite team, and you can use that to your advantage to help generate some additional interest.