Topvisor Review ~ The Next Generation Online SEO Tools!

Topvisor review: Looking at the next generation online SEO platform for rank tracking, site audit and keyword research

The SEO industry is constantly evolving making it an absolute necessity for users to always look around for state-of-the-art tools like Topvisor that will lift businesses to current trend.

Online SEO tools have been around for many years and you probably have made your choice. But smart marketers use tools that are up to the minute, accurate and intuitive.

Search engines have remarkably changed in recent years, with inbuilt capacity to deliver results based on geo-location and user device. That makes it critically important to adopt the platform that bundles the necessary tools required for improved natural exposure from well targeted audience.

Topvisor Review ~ The Next Generation Online SEO Tools

Topvisor is a combination of refined SEO online tools that are designed for marketers and agencies whose need is improved natural traffic. With over 3 flagship features, Topvisor looks at common SEO elements from perspectives that produce more results than you get elsewhere. Let’s take a closer look at these features;

1 – Keyword Tools

A common element on SEO platforms is the Keyword tool. But the approach to this feature on Topvisor is what makes it the leader in the industry.

A keyword tool doesn’t have to be difficult. But then, it has to come from an angle that digs out the hidden treasures behind every search term. Topvisor has four Keyword tools;

  1. Keyword clustering
  2. Keyword suggestion
  3. Keyword research
  4. Magnet Tool

a) Keyword Clustering or grouping

tripvisor review

This is an extremely powerful tool to get a comprehensive keyword structure for every page of your site. Once you run this tool, it sends queries to search engines and with the data received, different keywords that return same web pages on SERPs are grouped. Note that clustering is based on TOP-10 of search results. Here is more on how it works

b) Keyword Suggestion tool

Topvisor’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is complex yet simple. The complexity comes from the different keyword suggestion factors. But the simplicity comes from its ease of use.

It allows you to pull suggestions from four major search engines, with advanced features to define the line of suggestion.

tripvisor review keyword

Learn more about the keyword suggestion tool here

c) Keyword Research

The keyword research tool is what you find in most SEO tools. But then Topvisor takes it above its competitors.

topvisor keyword research

This Keyword Research tool allows you to get keyword popularity in different locations and search engines. Note that once you have had your list of keywords, you will be able to calculate search volumes per keyword.

topvisor keyword results

d) Magnet Tool

The keyword Magnet Tool is an excellent piece of addition that pulls from Google Analytics your list of keywords and different links that get traffic from them. Note that for this to work, you’ll have to link your Google Analytics account to Topvisor.

topvisor magnet tool keywords

These are the main keyword tools you fine on Topvisor. This is unlike anything you find elsewhere.

Once you’ve done your keyword research and have a list of keywords that work for you, the next thing is to track their ranking positions for your blog as well as your competitors’. This takes us to the next flagship feature.

2 – Topvisor Rank Tracker

The next key feature feature I want to highlight in this Topvisor review is its Rank Tracker. Simply put, this is monitoring the position of web pages for different keywords on Search Engine Result Pages. The closer your position to spot #1, the more your chances to get exposure and traffic.

Why is rank tracking important?

Competition is growing daily but there is need to maintain ones leading position. Competitors constantly do the sames things you do (and even try to do better) in other to over take you.

You’ve bitten your fingers, spent sleepless nights and right now, you are on Google page #1 for your top keyword. Business is booming, traffic is rushing in and sales are dropping, ding ding ding!

But here is the bad news…

Someone has found you and he works day and night to push you away from that position. He wants your position on SERPs. He wants to take your rank. That’s why it’s crucial for you to monitor your position and you need tools to aid in maintaining that leadership position.

This is where Topvisor Rank Tracker comes in. First, it checks where your web pages are located for different keywords (as seen above). Then each time there is a movement (Up or Down), you will be notified. Without this, any unknown position change can lead to losses and business failure.

Are your competitors doing better?

You never may know your competitors’ ranking position for some keywords if you don’t arm yourself with the right marketing tools.topvisor review

I just downloaded my keywords from Google Search Console and imported into TopVisor. You see from the image above that I have added some competitors so each time there is a change in ranking for any of the keywords, I’ll be notified.

There are many factors that could lead to a drop in ranking for different keywords. These include;

  • Search algorithm update
  • Backlink removal
  • Competitors outranking you
  • Etc.

Once this happens, you must try to get the exact reason behind it in order to do what’s necessary to gain back your position.

One of the thing you must do to maintain a healthy website and avoid any consequent negative impact on ranking is site auditing. This leads us to another key feature on Topvisor.

3 – Topvisor Website Auditor

The auditor is about the general health report of your website. It scans and generates a list of issues on different areas of your site and proposes solutions.

topvisor website auditor

This can hugely help in boosting your SEO once the warnings and issues get identified and corrected. In the report above, the six issues related to images and I can easily see details and try to resolve them.

topvisor auditing

 You don’t have to pay huge amounts to SEO agents who take months to come up with incomplete report. According to Topvisor pricing structure (see below), you pay as low as $ 0.06 per page audited.

Site auditing is not a daily activity so it helps save a lot of money auditing with Topvisor.

Topvisor Pricing Structure

Tovisor has one of the most flexible pricing structure we have in the digital world today. You may want to pay-as-you-go. Drop funds into your account and only use them each time there is an action. See pricing details

topvisor pricing

That’s on on this Tripvisor review. Give Tovisor a try here. No credit card needed

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  1. Hi Enstine, I have been using Semrush till date and quite convinced with its performance. Top visor seems to be good, gonna try it right now. Thank you for the recommendation.

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  7. Enstine,
    Topvisor is a great tool. I especially like how they can group and cluster keywords together. That’s going to both save you time and money and make sure the keywords you pick are actually targeting the right prospects. I’m wondering if they get their search volume figures directly from the Google API or from another estimation source.

  8. This looks like all in one tool.I think picking a right keyword and knowing the competitor’s strategy is most important part of offsite SEO.

  9. A very interesting list of tools Enstine, will definitely be taking a look at each of these tools and see their potential.
    Just wondered also what you think of Long Tail Pro? Heard good things about it though personally haven’t looked at it as yet.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    It’s seem like worthy tool for online search engine marketing success. Thanks for this detail review and guidance about TopVisor tool. Definitely I will try this tool and I am sure I will get some positive changes in my web ranking.

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    I have been using Semrush till date and quiet satisfied with it’s performance. Topvisor seems to be good, gonna try it right now. Thank you for the recommendation.


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    Topvisor is best SEO online tools that are specially designed for marketers whose need is improved natural traffic.
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