Top WordPress Themes for Cryptocurrency Blogs: Create a Professional Site in No Time

While a relatively new phenomenon, all things considered, cryptocurrencies have become a common term understood by virtually anyone. If not a deep understanding of the subject, certainly at least Bitcoin has become a part of our day-to-day vocabulary.

With their growing popularity, it’s only natural that more and more people are thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies daily. And with exceedingly high interest in crypto-related business, there’s also been an increase in new crypto-consulting businesses as well as websites that deal with everything cryptocurrency.

If you too wish to either share your passion with the world or open a business involved in it, one of the first steps is creating a website. Considering that this can sometimes be a costly process, we recommend you use WordPress as it’s completely free, and you can choose what to spend money on.

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One of the essential steps in creating a site is choosing a theme. But if we’re talking cryptocurrency-related content, you’ll need a theme specialized for that niche as it has to have some features “regular” themes don’t have. So, before we get into our recommendations, here’s a quick list of what to look for in a cryptocurrency theme.

What your theme needs to have:

  • Great trust-inspiring design. The first thing you have to make sure of is that the theme looks professional and isn’t overly decorated. As your site will have a single goal, users can’t get lost and distracted upon first visit.
  • Always check that the theme is responsive and cross-browser compatible. A great user experience is vital.
  • Special cryptocurrency plugins or widgets. We’re talking about features like a crypto calculator, ICO listings, etc. Make sure the theme of our choice comes with these functionalities included.

Top 5 WordPress Cryptocurrency Themes

1. Crypto

Crypto theme preview

As the name would suggest, Crypto is the perfect WP theme for any cryptocurrency blog, as it was made specifically for that purpose. The theme comes with many features that regular WP themes don’t have, like displaying live coin prices on your site, showing historical prices, and the ability to compare the prices of different coins.

It also comes with a few dedicated coin widgets so you can truly customize the site and make the best out of it. Crypto is responsive and looks great on every device, plus the overall design is sleek and modern, complete with a feature slider that’s bound to grab your visitor’s attention and boost engagement.

2. Bitunet

Bitunet preview

Bitunet is a fairly new theme on the market, but that doesn’t mean it lacks any features or functionalities. This Elementor theme comes with simple built-in graphs that can display the latest crypto-trends right on your page, as well as an exciting countdown pop-up that can be used to build up hype or promote special time-limited deals.

Considering it’s an Elementor based theme, it offers the JetElements addons package included in the price. This handy helper will allow any user to customize their page swiftly and add plenty of interesting elements such as pop-ups, visual effects, and custom headers and footers.

With the JetElements add-on package, it’s also possible to create a custom crypto-shop that can be a great addition to complete your website.

3. BitPal

BitPal theme preview

This is a professionally designed WP theme that works perfectly for crypto-blogs, ICO agencies, or Bitcoin startups. BitPal is rather versatile and comes with a vast range of functionalities and features anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies will appreciate.

The most notable features include:

  • ICO Launch Countdown – With this feature, you can present important details about cryptocurrencies in style.
  • Roadmaps – An interactive map that allows users to set up their projects, items, or news in chronological order.
  • ICO Listing – Present projects in detail, with sleek lists and single ICO templates.

BitPal is also fully responsive and compatible with WooCommerce, so you can make your page versatile and informative at the same time. If you’re not really super interested or knowledgeable in design, this theme might be the one for you as it provides pre-made templates for virtually every element of the website.

4. TradeBit

TradeBit preview

If it’s purely Bitcoin trade that you’re interested in, then TradeBit is your best bet. With this theme’s beginner-friendly drag-and-drop builder, getting your first trading or crypto site becomes as easy as ABC. Plus, you can save quite a bit on stock photos if you decide on this one, as every photo you see in the live demo comes bundled with the theme, and you’re free to use them as you please.

This theme also comes with the Parallax CCS Animation plugin so you can easily add interesting effects to your site, as well as a pop-creator and manager to promote deals and catch the visitor’s attention. Every template is retina-ready and fully responsive, plus the theme comes pre-SEO-optimized so, you’ll seldom have to worry about your site’s performance and ranking.

5. Cryptox

Cryptox theme preview

And the last item on today’s list is Cryptox. This is a beautiful and versatile WordPress theme suited for websites that deal with cryptocurrency trade or have consulting agencies specifically for cryptocurrency-related businesses. Two different homepage layouts can be easily customized via the drag-and-drop builder.

Possibly the best thing about this theme is that it comes with the most popular plugins included. These include the Visual Composer, Ultimate Crypto Widgets, Virtual Coin Widgets For VC, and Easy Tables for VC.

It’s also fully compatible with WooCommerce and provides the ability to add social media buttons where you want them. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you choose this theme, you’ll also get 32 custom shortcode elements, a mega menu, unlimited font and color settings, as well as six custom post types.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best WP themes for cryptocurrency blogs. All the themes mentioned are optimized and designed professionally, so all you have to do is grab the one you like best for one reason or another. We wish you all the best in your cryptocurrency endeavors. Happy blogging, and stay tuned for more!

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