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content locker

Do you know that traffic to your blog is being locked? I will show you where and how to unlock it with content locker for WordPress.

Once your traffic is unlocked, you’ll see a rush for your articles.

Each an every visitor to your blog is supposed to trigger a flow of more traffic to your blog but because we are not giving them the means to do it, we are somehow locking the flow of that extra traffic.

Here is what I mean…

The next visitor to your blog should be able to pull his Twitter and Google+ followers, LinkedIn and Facebook friends to your blog before leaving. To do this, we have to help him by giving him the right tools.

I know we have social sharing tools left, top or bottom of our posts but that’s probably not strong enough. What do we do then to encourage more of our visitors to share our posts on social media? What do you think should be done to (kind of) compel the visitors to share our posts on social media?

Bribe them ?  content locker for blogger

Yes! Something like that…

Or let me say reward them

That sounds more reasonable 😉

Ok here’s how…

We are going to use a content locker for WordPress specifically designed for this purpose. We will lock a small portion on the body of the blog post. That portion should contain something very hot that our visitors most want to have access to. I’m thinking of something like a discount code, special link to some information, link to download some stuff, some video, etc

Our visitors will then be expected to do some social media action (Tweet, Like, Gplus,etc) to access (unlock) the information.

Now let’s see a clean example:

You know I just published an ebook to help all bloggers make money with Affiliate Marketing. It’s an excellent resource you can get for $27

But for the sake of this demonstration, you are able to get your copy for $9. Use the social buttons above. After sharing or tweeting, the discount code will be unlocked. Go to the sales page here and apply on checkout.

How about that? The hotter the locked content, the more tweets, likes, etc you get. That’s it 😉

Using social locker, a top content locker for WordPress!

content locker for wordpress

The beauty with this plugin is that it’s very flexble. For each social action, you can specify the url and message to go with it. For instance, you set the tweet to be tweeted, the url to be liked, etc.  So social locker is the recommended premium piece you need.

Download Social Locker free trial!

Matthew Woodward uses this same plugin to unlock huge viral traffic to each and every article on his blog.

Each article he publishes has a pdf version. To access and download it, you need to unlock the link by either tweeting, liking, or sharing the post on Google plus or LinkedIn. That’s pretty awesome!

The crazy thing is the ease with which to use this plugin. Also included are detailed stats on how much social action each locker gets.

You also have options to set an expiry date, number of days for the locker to reactivate, etc.

Here is the point…

If a visitor uses the locker once to unlock content, the locker remains disabled on that specific post on his browser.  However, from the settings panel, you have several options. You can set the locker to reactivate after X days on specific posts or remain disabled forever once unlocked.

Some people think they are smart

Some visitors will try to view the source code of the page to dig out the locked content. Well, Social locker is wiser. The locked content is as a matter of fact locked. Even the source code does not reveal it. Besides, the locked content is SEO friendly. It’s not hidden from SE as part of the blog post.

Have you used this content locker plugin before? Are you using a similar plugin? What’s your experience with it?

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Mansi Padhya

Hey Enstine,

Thank for sharing this. Very informative post. One great tool you introduced to us! Very useful plugins. Nice way to get huge traffic to our WordPress blogs.
Thanks for fantastic sharing 🙂

Adeel Sami

Hey Enstine,

One great tool you introduced to us! I have seen you using it back in the time. 🙂

The idea behind is interesting, and it is up to us how much we make it interesting for the readers. Hide something very very useful behind the social locker and people would love to grab!

I’ll do try it for sure! 🙂

~ Adeel


Hi Enstine,
I’m using the free version of social locker on my blog, it’s very helpful.
One of my post has more than 10k shares on google plus and more than 5k tweets because of the plugin social locker.

Manav Sharma

Very useful plugins. I am using one of these social lockers. It works great, many thanks.


Hi Enstine bro!

Definitely a very useful article for me! You know i always try to get more traffic to my blog 😀
Yes, social locker works greatly. I tried it’s trial version on my blog! It is a good idea to get more exposure of your blog post easily!

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this great stuff with us!

Keep it up bro!

Vishal Sharma

Yes! It’s true that content lockers help’s a lot in driving traffic to our blogs.
Very informative post.

Sue Bride

Hi Ernstine. I’m not sure I’m keen on posts that require you to take an action just to read the rest of the post but offering premium content, or a discount, as in your example, is different and I like that idea.

I’m now considering how I could use it. Thank you.

Muhammad Imran

Content locker the great way to get more shares and traffic. Also you can get more likes as well. But, using it on every post is looking weired.

Avenue Sangma

Hello Muki.

Thank You so much for your great valuable post. I hope it will help me alo. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanking Yours

Eve Adams

Hi Enstine!
I missed commenting on your blog. By the way, about this content locker… I know that this simple tool can blow up your traffic and website referrals. These days, this kind of script are essential especially if you a new blogger and want some traffic to your newly created blog or website.

Happy New Year Enstine!

Akash Navi

Hello Enstine Sir,
Nice way to get huge traffic to our WordPress blogs. But some people
don’t like locked content they get irritated sometimes…… Even me
get irritated when bloggers try to get a tweet or like for their content
without willing of visitor….
But Still a great way sir.

Thank You!
Akash Navi.


    That’s the point bro !
    For a tutorial site, general purpose tech related site, gaming sites why people will bother to share it on social media to read the content ? When there are atleast 10 alternative(may be better than the loacked content) present in the google search page.

    This will be good to implement in “how to make money from blog” like blogs.
    Any way, I was ever wondering why people post locked articles, like Quora, I got my answer from this article, unexpectedly , thanks Enstine.


This is a fantastic trick to derive huge traffics.

Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the ContentLocker plugin.

Joy Healey

Hi Enstine

I like the idea of getting an extra discount for sharing, as you have used it here, and I would gladly share your content to be able to read more. As you say – it would work best with a blogger whose work you know.

I’ll have a think how I could apply this to my own blog. Thanks for the info.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Joy,
    I even used this plugin to make money in the past. It was interesting to know that a client bought the locked space in order to have some social actions 😉

    Money making ideas and endless 😉

Bilal Ahmad

I have the Social Locker plugin and it really is an amazing plugin. The best thing about the plugin is the way the content is shown as locked. It shows the easy ways to unlock the content and that is why most of the users will not hesitate to unlock the content. Unlike other Content Lockers this is by far the best one in the market.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Bilal,

    I really haven’t used any other locker. However, this is something I don’t think to move away from. As you put it, it’s very user-friendly.

    Thanks for your comment 😉

Erika Mohssen - Beyk

Hi Enstine,
you have always amazing things to share, which will
help many here to get traffic.
Next time we visit a blog who has content logged in, we know
where it is coming from.
Thank you for sharing always your excellent ideas

Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi Enstine,

I like the idea behind “contents locker”, but for it to work effectively the “bribe” like you called it as to be something of great value to the reader otherwise it may get some honest readers off the blog.

Yours is tempting, “the bribe”, giving out such huge discount can easily make the difference in sales and help promotes the contents.

Thanks for sharing.

    Enstine Muki

    Hahaha that’s the point bro. If you don’t bribe with real value, no one will unlock the content.

    The success and number of social actions depends on how hot the locked content is.
    thanks for being part of this post bro. Do have a wonderful day ahead

Ashok S

Hello Enstine,
I think this is a perfect strategy for Social signals, but before testing it out on my blog can you please tell me is it safe for Ad networks or Adsense?

Monna Ellithorpe

Hi Enstine,

As usual, another great tip for marketers to use to their advantage. I will be checking this one out too.

With all of the different ways to work with a website and the options of getting traffic, it’s just a matter of testing and tracking to see what works for you.


Hi Enstine,

Thanks for another excellent post. Well You have shared all the information related to the plugin that how to use it effectively and how it can help us to increase the traffic of our websites.

Thanks for fantastic sharing 🙂




Happy New Year to you Enstine and all the Enstine blog communities.

This is another fantastic trick to earn more traffic and social sharing to any blog post, but this strategies to work ” It must worth read ” post..

Can’t wait for more information from you this year..

Keep the good work going..

Lock Smith

I’m very delighted to learn about these ways. Good to learn these ways are still locked and I’m looking forward to unlocked such social traffic boosting steps to improve traffic condition on my website. Thanks.


How can i install social locker on my blog page for template give away so that i can increase likes and follows on my social media blogs

Sir Ultimate

Hi Estine, I really am soooo highly impressed about the innovative ways you are always coming up with, on how to make money online. I give you a big ***THUMBS-UP*** for the great job.

Sir Ultimate

manish kumar

Thank you very much for sharing such a useful checklist.


I never knew there was a plugin that did this. Thanks for the tip Enstine! I love your blog by the way, I gotta come here more often! 🙂


Simply awesome find, your blog! Thank you for sharing! I plan to use the social locker immediately! I’m circling you on G+!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Rose,
    Good to see you here and thanks for the engagement
    I’ll be excited to have you too on G+
    Hope to often see you around

Geri Richmond

Hi Enstine,

What a great idea and creative, too! 🙂 I’m so glad I read this post and now I’m going to bookmark it so that I can come back to it and follow the directions. This is Awesome!!

Thanks so much for the great info and idea. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Gey Geri,
    Thanks for stopping by and making a comment
    Let me know when you want to set this up. I may be of help

Chery Schmidt

Hey Enstine! I have seen you do this and did wonder about this, now I know how HEHE Social locker looks like a good plugin, I am just not sure that it is something I could pull of HEHE. You are so Awesome Thanks for sharing, Chery :))

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Chery,
    this is definitely something bloggers should try. If you have something hot to give away, this will certainly work for you. Let me know if you’ll be trying it out

    Do have a wonderful week ahead


Hello Enstine sir ,
Thats a awesome plugin to drive social media traffic. i also used in some of my blogs .

Nikhil Ganotra

Heyy Enstine,
Very ultimate tips to unlock traffic. I always wonder from where do you get these ultimate ideas like using content locker. 😛 You deliver such attractive headings. Going to share this effective guide.

Have a great day Enstine 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for that complement Nikhil 😉

Abhishek Tavasalkar

Thank You Enstine Sir,

You’ve created a post which I guess I’ve never found on the blogosphere.

I respect how to put together this post for a Blogger to exploit. Since social media is on top of the food chain, we should realize how important it is to grow a blog on social media.

After reading this post I remember a line said by Mark Zuckerberg, “People love knowing what their friends share and see on the Internet”

Bloggers should definitely use this while creating a list post and hide the number one list. I’ll most probably use it to hide bonus content in a list post.

Do keep posting such articles. I LOVE them all.

Ravi Verma

Hi Enstine !!!
This is indeed a worth guide for getting more social share for the content and more traffic on the blog posts.

I have seen a lot of people use this content locker in their blog post as you have did here. I am gonna try this plugin for some premium content on my blog.

Thanks for sharing this idea of unlocking traffic 😉

PS : I have just unlocked your content and going to read that too 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Ravi,
    Thanks for reading and putting this to practice 😉
    Try it on your blog too and I’m sure you’ll see good results
    Do have a wonderful week ahead

Atif Imran

Your idea is though a very easy to do , but it can bring awesome results . I run a giveaway blog and I am thinking to apply this strategy on my blog .


Hey Enstine,

Something to this affect has been mentioned to me before but their suggestion was that they had to pay me to see the rest of my content. Because I do give away so much and I think that’s one of the reasons people like me I had an issue with going that route. To me it can’t always just be about the money and that was giving me that impression so I can only think what others would think.

I think that for this to work we have to already know that whoever it is overdelivers on what they share. Otherwise we would be unlocking something and then thinking to ourselves well that wasn’t worth all that trouble and I’m not doing that again.

Great idea though, I would go for this one over the other suggestion. I’ve done something like this in the past where I was sharing a free report and in order to get the information they had to share my post first. It went over really well.


Akaahan Terungwa

Hello Enstine,

That’s one hell lot of a smart way to get more social shares and ensure your traffic indeed goes viral. However, the drawback of this technique is that you must really be good and have people trust you before they are willing to share your locked content or even bother actually unlocking it!

Personally, I don’t like being forced to unlock some content before I gain access, no matter what content that may be. So, you see, for folks like me, that strategy would fail woefully!

I am however going to share this post on my social media profiles because it actually contains something unique and of utmost value. However, I’m not unlocking anything!

Do have a very great day, Enstine. You are one hell of a blogger with the exact guts and passion I admire. Keep up!!


Manoj Jain

Hi friend,

I am new user of your blog, read your post that was fabulous which is helpful for every social networking users.
As far as what the locked content is, it can be anything you designate. Text, a link to a file download, a free eBook – anything that can go in or be linked to from within the content of a regular post can be “locked” with the OnePress Social Locker.
Thanks for shared this post.

Pawan Kumar

Hii Enstine, the trick you shared is really amazing and helpful. The content really completes the expectation created by that unique and very catchy title.
I’m sure this guide is really going to help at least thousands of bloggers who are not sure from where to get traffic and how.
Quality content is definitely the key but still there are lots of other things to work on.


Hi social locker is a awesome WP plug-in, we can use it to boost social shares and traffic, people are curious to unlock the contents.

All we should ensure is to lock most valuable content that helps readers to learn something. Thanks.


I myself haven’t used the plugin. I know of someone using the trick to build his facebook fans.

Just like email list is built by giving something valuable to visitor, so is the trick here to get social share and viral traffic.

There are lot of ways to get valuable contents to lock. If the content itself is long and useful, you can get the lock at a strategic place not far from the begining of the article and give the readers an option to get the pdf version of the post by unlocking instead of giving the link freely at the top of the post.

If the content is audio visual, give an option of transcripted version through the plugin. The posibilities are unlimited.

Just come up with something nice.

Ya Enstine,thanks for sharing such beautiful post.


Just to clarify , if you choose to hide the content in source code it won’t be visible to search engines as well.

AAmir Awan

This is really an interested widget and help us to increase our blog traffic as well as earning. You always came up with amazing tricks, keep it up.


Never used this plugin before but its good to know how it works. However, I have some reservations about contents that are locked. I always get the feeling its somewhat a sneaky way of getting readers to take action!

I have shared this comment in kingged.com, where I found this content shared, syndicated, and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Sunday,
    If you are reading a blog you know so well, you don’t have to worry about what’s locked being sneaky. Most of us bloggers have an image to maintain. If we go deceiving our readers, it will be a quick way to quit blogging.

    I think bloggers are more honest 😉

Ravi Kumar

Frankly speaking, I have never used this plugin. However, like Harleena i also believe that so many visitors will not try to unlock the content. What do you say?

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Ravi,
    I don’t think Harleena had that belief. What she merely pointed out is that the locked item has to be hot enough to get people to unlock. Of course, that’s correct. You need to lock something of high value if you want people to tweet or share to grab it. From the results I get, I think this thing works

    Thanks for your comment Ravi

Ryan Biddulph

Clever Enstine. As Harleena notes the content has to be good or else I am not opening, so post top notch stuff and your strategy will rock. Thanks!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Ryan,
    That’s where the deal is! The stronger the value in the locked content, the more people will unlock to grab it

    Do have a wonderful day buddy

    Akaahan Terungwa

    Hello Ryan,

    You just took those words straight out of my mouth – and offered it is a very raw fashion. Its either real value or no bothering at all!



Hi Enstine,

This is a fantastic post . It’s a really good idea. But, for that to work on my blog I would need to have some great content to offer.

Could I use another blogger’s post for readers to unlock? I know that I would have to give them credit if I did that though. Or does it have to be something I write?

Thanks for this information. Have a great week. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey June,
    It has to be anything you have access to that has rich value of course.
    I think anything can go

    You see the demo I used in this post, I locked access to a guest post – well just for the sake of the demo but I think you can lock access to anything of high value.

    I just responded to your mail 😉

Shalu Sharma

Social locker is a good plugin and I have seen it being used. I think its a good idea where posts are long and you tempt the reader to share it. Its worth trying it out. I knew about this idea but never gave it a thought. Also was wondering if content is locked out and how it will affect search engine rankings as search spiders may not be able to crawl the text.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Shalu,
    The locked content with soclia locker is still crawlable 😉
    Give it a try

Harleena Singh

Hi Enstine,

You always come up with innovative ways to make money blogging online. Initially I thought you had created this plugin, but nevertheless, it’s an interesting one.

While I was reading, I had two thoughts – what about the search engines, and how do I know what I’m promoting through my social accounts. You did answer one of my questions.

I think people are going to have a mixed reaction. Most people like myself aren’t going to open the locker for just any ordinary content – it has to be great and worth the effort and time. It is going to obstruct the flow of your reading.

The drawbacks are that if once the blogger fails to provide value, the visitor would hesitate to open the locker on the next visit, if there’ll be any. But on the positive side, if it works for once, people will be eagerly looking forward to unlock the locker whenever it is offered to see the treasure inside.

It’s a good plugin and I think it can help many bloggers. It can definitely help to increase your social presence if all works well. May be you can even use it to collect emails, right?

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Harleena,
    You are very correct! It’s like in any subscription system. If people subscribe and don’t find value, you are sure to see them go

    The beauty here is that for each blog post, you can have a separate locker and of course the more important the locked item, the more social actions you should get. That’s why I advice using putting in something of high value.

    Using it to collect emails? Well I’ll have to find out from Paul, the developer if he thinks that way

    Thanks for your engagement and do have a wonderful week

I. C. Daniel

I know this trick and really helps generate traffic, sometime the volume is unexpected.
This time I used G+ to unlock the content, as well to share this post of your Enstine
I use Facebook in general but since I was too lazy to log in to my account. See you!

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for using the locker and giving me more exposure Daniel
    I really appreciate 😉

Kimsea Sok

Thanks for sharing..! That is wonderful for blogger to earn with online blogging. Well, the traffic almost is the common problem which be the obstacle for online earning. Some people quite blogging because they are able to generate quality traffic to their own blog. This tip should be unlock the door and help them to earning..!

    Enstine Muki

    Hy Kimsea,
    Thank you for engaging on this post. I recommend you get this plugin and try it out 😉

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