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The Simplest Rules to Help You in Keyword Research


Keywords form an integral part of SEO. Keywords are the elements that link the customers to a brand. For your keywords to work for you, you need to work. By working, it means that you need to have a smart keyword research strategy.

Keyword research success is straightforward. All you need to do is adhere to the following simple rules.

1 – Find the best keyword research tools

It starts with the basics. You need to work with the right tools if you expect significant results. It is not any different when it comes to keyword research. It is important to note that not all the keyword research tools that are in the market will meet your keyword research needs. It is therefore essential that before you get on board, you confirm that the tool you are working with will be able to help you dive deep into keyword keyword research.

Is the tool able to give feedback on the kind of keywords your competitors are using and ranking for? How often do you get reports on the performance of your keywords? These should be some of the questions that you need to ask.

2 – Research your audience

If you are looking to make the most out of keyword research, there is no other way around this. Researching your audience is compulsory. You need to know the kind of terms that they use on your products. You also need to go the extra mile and identify the search terms they use for your competitors too.

There are many forums from which you could gather such information. They include social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, remember that it is also crucial in keyword research to identify the platforms that your audience prefer to engage with. With that, you will be able to establish the right sources of information for the search terms they use.

3 – Pay attention to long-tail keywords

It is always important to keep up with the changing Google algorithms. If you look well enough, you will realize that the long tail keywords are generating more traffic. Also, the long tail keywords are featured more in social shares.

You need to also direct focus to them. Google currently is rewarding sites that make use of the long tail keywords. This is because they provide more context, give you a better chance of outranking your competition and will help you rank for single keywords too.

4 – Check out your competition

If you want your keyword research to be fruitful, you need to start checking out your competition. You have to spy. Remember that you are targeting the same audience or customers. Therefore it is only natural for you to be targeting the same keywords too. It is therefore reasonable that you get insight into the type of keywords that they use.

What do you need that information for? For one, it is essential to have a clue about the type of keywords that the customers use. Also, if you are targeting the same keywords, it will give you better grounds for creating keywords that you only, will rank for.

5 – Do it more often

Let no one lie to you that keyword research is a one-off thing. You need to note that the search queries change from time to time. Working with outdated keywords will not get your brand where it needs to be: top of the list of the SERPs. To keep your keywords up to date, you need to make keyword research a routine.

The only way you can outrank your competition is by being on toes when it comes to the use of keywords. Also, it is vital that you stay updated on Google algorithms. A while back, websites never used to rank for long-tail keywords. Today, it is different. Long tail keywords seem to be getting more attention from the search engines.

If you follow the simple rules above, your keyword research efforts will undoubtedly pay off. It is always crucial to be consistent with this SEO strategy. Because you need tools for keyword research, it is vital that you also work with reliable keyword research tools like https://keyword.com/.

Drop a comment let me know what your keyword strategy looks like.


ABIOYE Ejiofor

Writer, Blockchain research and Tech enthusiast.


Thank you for the share. keyword research is the most important thing. As a beginner, this article is really helpful to me.

Arnab saha

This is nice post for simple keywords research in this post. Also for Google ads but for organic SEO, Keyword research plays a perfect role.
Thanks for sharing this informative article on Simplest Rules to Help you in Keyword Research. I am definitely always try these Rules for my Keyword Research.

Moss Clement

Hi Abioye,

Researching your audience and your competitors will help you come up with targeted and LSI keywords that will get you at the top of Google, which is why I love to use the best SEO tools to spy on my competition and encourage my readers and blogging friends to make their work life easy with incredible tools for this process. Do your research and find the tools that best soothe your needs.

Joddy Edwards

Keyword research is a key factor for any digital marketing campaign. From content to SEO, it counts everywhere.

Thank you so much for this amazing article

talha rana

hi this nice post to serch keyword thank you for sharing

Robiul islam

Keyword is a man topiks.Keyword is very useful pat.Can,t a Keyword not so good.So i think a best pat of keywod.


Keyword Research is very important when it comes to Web-ranking and SEO. Unfortunately many individuals fail to do it right and they end-up struggling with driving traffic back to their blogs or websites. I use SemRush, Ahrefs and Keyword Everywhere tools.

Thank you for sharing!!
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Abhay Gautam

Hi ABIOYE Ejiofor,

Thanks for sharing this informative article on Simplest Rules to Help you in Keyword Research. I am definitely gonna try these Rules for my Keyword Research.
I totally agree with you that Longtail Keywords are better to rank.



This is nice post for simple keywords research in this post. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

Akash Kumar

Hi @ABIOYE Ejiofor,
Keyword research is one of the key factors when you’re a digital marketer. Not only for Google ads but for native SEO, Keyword research plays a perfect role.
Thank you so much for this amazing article.

Nikola Roza

Hey ABIOYE, great read!
Keyword research is so important, yet seldom done right.

Many people don’t do it and many more do it with just a tool. Tools are great (SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOZ…);
But nothing beats going to Quora and Reddit and seeing the hot topics and persistent problems, right then and there.

Once you have that- Then it’s time to write.

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