SEO: Why Competitors Are Ahead of You in The Market!

The world is swarming with competitors. If you’re having a hard time trying to keep your business on the surface in the real world, then you’re probably experiencing twice the challenge online.

Here, everything is amplified. Opportunities for market growth, product enhancement, and client reach are doubled – maybe even tripled.

However, such opportunities never come easy. In this case, they come with a horde of competitors who’ll try to win over your market as well.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Google. On the search query, type your industry. Make your search more specific and add your place of business (e.g. Cake Shop Germany). Hit the search button.

In a matter of milliseconds, witness how many businesses, big and small, pop up for your inquiry. Can you find your website anywhere on the first page? Okay. That might be too much to expect for someone who never even considered search engine rankings. (You  start with how to rank as an SEO newbie here)

Then, how about you try the second page, the third, the fourth, or maybe the fifth? If you can’t see it at all, even after you searched through the first 20 pages, then something is definitely wrong. And I bet I know what it is.

You’ve never heard of Semantic SEO or you are missing out on something.

What Is SEO?

what is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a relatively new marketing method wherein websites optimize their content strategies in order to rank higher in prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

According to several sources, many businesses in Germany and in many other places nowadays prefer SEO over traditional online marketing methods such as email marketing. This is because SEO’s progress is highly measurable; thanks to the many SEO tools and software we have nowadays.

You don’t just get rough estimates or educated guesses, you get accurate facts. You know exactly when your business is winning or losing.

In our example earlier, if you see other German businesses ranking the first few pages of Google whilst you can’t even find the slightest trace of your company’s website, there’s a good chance that they’ve already stepped foot in SEO marketing. My advice to you: Start getting into the game as soon as possible.

The online world is steadily growing, and people are becoming more dependent on the internet for all their buying decisions.

This is a pretty big opportunity to pass up on. If you’re too hesitant to start SEO because you doubt it’ll work, you may want to get in touch with AdWords specialists to help you get ahead of your competitors or let your competitors hog all the glory for themselves.

But if you’re ready to take that leap of faith, then here are some of the things you will surely reap in the long run:

Major Benefits of Doing SEO

1 – Get More Website Traffic

More traffic typically means more sales. Although it doesn’t guarantee you 100% conversions; it does increase the odds for you.

If you offer a sustainable product of excellent quality, people will naturally want it for themselves. But first, you need to get them to come.

Ranking in the world’s largest search engines is a good way to start. Beware, when a horde of people start to come rushing to your website, you’ll need a better, faster host. Check out this list of web hosting companies we think shone the brightest this 2018.

2 – Reach More People

The most conventional marketing methodologies can do, like sending out flyers and such, is reach a small, diversified group. It hardly selects the right market and would approach different people the same way – not minding unique differences in personality and lifestyle.

For example, a construction firm in Germany can send two or three men to distribute flyers down the road. They are given 100 flyers to distribute in a single day.

Out of those 100 flyers, just how many do you think will end up in the hands of people who are actually interested in construction services? Truth be told, you’d be lucky if you get at least 10 right out of 100.

I mean, that’s typically what you get from giving out flyers randomly. You can’t just expect them to find their way to the right people. With SEO, you target a niche-specific audience. In other words, you’re targeting “your kind of people”. These are people who actually care about your product. And if that isn’t a perk then I don’t know what is.

3 – Increase Brand Exposure

Who doesn’t want to imprint their brand in the hearts and minds of consumers forever? I think every business aspires for that kind of influence. SEO, like, helps you get more exposure by ranking your website on search engines.

When you become more visible to the audience, especially for high-density keywords, branded searches are sure to follow. These “branded searches” in turn, send a good flow of authority to your website making it a favorite for almost every search engine in existence.

4 – Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Victory definitely tastes sweeter when you know you’ve worked hard for it. SEO is a long-term strategy; one that requires consistency and patience. This means that the first to start is always the first to reap the rewards.

If you think that in your area, same-industry competitors still haven’t made a move on SEO, be the one to START. It’s always better to be the first at something than to come out last.

5 – Immortalize Your Business

It’s one thing for a business to earn momentary popularity and another to gain long-term trust. SEO helps businesses, big and small, create a sturdy relationship with their target market through online marketing efforts that are made to last.

Compared to traditional and conventional marketing techniques that are usually after short-term results, SEO takes time to warm-up. But when it gets all steamy, that’s when the magic hits.

It happens slow but steady; slow steps yet ambitious destinations.

Start early; grow early. That’s what I always like to say.

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