Pro Blogging Tip: Study the Tide

Miss me? I have been gone for a minute.

I took my foot off of the guest posting pedal recently.

My wife and I are selling the home. We’ve been busy with showings, prepping the house and all that good stuff. Home-prep-work eats into my blogging time a wee bit over the past 1-2 months. But I simply honored this down time. I see pro blogging like the tide. Have you spent time by the ocean? I lived in tropical paradises like Bali, Fiji and Thailand for months at a time. Every trip reminds me how life is similar to the ebb and flow of the tide.

High tide leads to low tide. Low tide leads to high tide. Life is cycles. Being a pro blogger is about cycles too. I cannot blog with my foot on the guest posting pedal 24-7, 365. I am human. Not a cyborg.

But after publishing 2-3 guest posts daily for a while, I am officially back to 5 or more guest posts daily. I am cooking today. Why? Like the ocean tide, I embraced the concept of cycles, seasons or harmonious change.

I blog more sometimes. I blog less sometimes. No human sustains blogging 10 posts daily for an extended period of time because you and I have limits to prolific surges. I am not perfect. I have fears. I have limits. I live a busy offline life these days. Life will change big-time soon.

After selling the house, wifey and I will be official digital nomads. This means we will have no permanent home – or home address – for the future, for a bit, at least. I feel excited to be free to circle the globe sans attachment to my home state in the USA. I also fear missing friends, family and home base. I also need to find homes for my beloved cats; I feel sad about this but happy for the felines to have new, loving, exciting experiences in fresh, caring homes.

Now I’m really cooking. But I probably won’t be able to guest post 5 or more times daily when I hit the road. That’s OK. Life is seasons. Pro blogging is seasons, too. Work longer sometimes. Rest. Recharge. Work shorter sometimes. The tide rises to cleanse the beach. The tide lowers to allow sand to find purchase. Tides reshape the sand naturally.

Everything has a season. Everything has a cycle. Sowing. Reaping. Ditto for pro bloggers. First, blog generously all the time. But know when to rest. Know when to ease up on guest posting to address offline projects. Prolific blogging periods serve as high tides. Less prolific blogging periods serve as low tides.

Nature knows cycles give us harmony, contrast and perfect balance. Pro bloggers often need reminding; I burned out horribly in the past because I tried to force a high tide, blogging like an animal, pushing myself. Mental chaos and physical illness followed. Lesson learned. Now I blog, then rest. I tweak my strategies a bit to let my content ride.

I also pulled back on publishing new podcasts over the past month. Honor the tide, right? My podcast listens increased a good deal during this downtime. I honored cycles. I honored seasons. I honored tides.

Doing this felt scary at first. I have fun creating things all the time. I enjoyed working like a high tide. But I realized life, peace, success, balance and harmony are dependent on honoring cycles. High tides need low tides to balance things out. Working longer needs rest periods to balance things out.

Everything grows through contrast. Keep being generous. Keep being helpful. But pull back, relax and honor the concept of tides. Accelerate your blogging success. Live your dreams through this magical medium.

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