The Modern Approach to Handling a Multi-Channel Social Media Presence

Building a strong, multi-channel social media presence is vital to any business looking to build trust and loyalty. With 93% of consumers expecting brands to be present on social media, it’s practically impossible to run a business today without a social media presence.

While this isn’t rocket science, many companies find it hard to create and manage social media channels their consumers appreciate and love. This is mostly because they aren’t aware of how important social media is for the business industry.

98% of marketers use Facebook for their business endeavors. Some businesses make mistakes, believing it takes a fortune to produce professional and engaging content. The only thing important to understand is that social media gathers real people, and the best way to convey a message to these online users is by providing content they can identify with.

Potential prospects are far more likely to connect with a brand at a higher level if they can see real and relevant content. This is exactly what’s needed for establishing a social media presence that makes a difference. Here’s how to approach handling a multi-channel social media presence to get ahead of the competition curve and establish a loyal consumer base.

1. Set your top social media goals

top social media goalsTop social media goals shouldn’t be just achieving higher ROI or increasing sales. They should be aimed at:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Providing the highest level of customer service
  • Increasing lead generations
  • Developing customer loyalty

When you have these four approaches combined, your sales will go up, but you first need to make sure that your business and marketing goals are fully aligned with your social media efforts. Just posting for the sake of doing it isn’t going to get your business anywhere. With a real purpose behind it, the content you post will help achieve your business goals. See also

Brands that invest in building strong and meaningful communities have much greater chances of widening their customer base than those that don’t. Every social media user is a potential customer, and a community is a great way to grab their attention and promote your brand. Social media communities are great for letting consumers:

  • Have deep, relevant, and strong conversations with other same-minded users.
  • Share feedback about services, products, and brands.
  • Consume and share content with other relevant users.

These are all good points to consider when thinking about building a business and growing a target audience. What’s really great about social media is that there are so many different social media networks, each catering to different audiences and offering unique experiences.

Engaging with target audiences across multiple channels is the safest way to build a strong social media presence as a business.


3. Understand your target audience with website chatbots

Every customer won’t make a move without a good reason or proper motivation. You need to understand the push that makes them move as well as how to influence that push to make them take actions to your benefit.

The only way to do so is by establishing a real connection between your brand and customers. You can do that by engaging only with your target audience.

You need to determine clearly:

  • Who is your target audience
  • What social media they use
  • What are their interests
  • What they share
  • Who they follow
  • How they engage

Website chatbots excel at helping businesses create a great social media presence by providing information about the services and products they provide, product availability, solving customer problems, providing answers to their queries, and so on. Bots also excel in assessing customers’ experiences with brands.

They can take your customer service and experience to a whole new level and help strengthen the relationship with your customers. Regardless of what industry your business belongs too, smart bot-building platforms like SnatchBot allow you to build a business-specific chatbot without any coding knowledge, by using different pre-made templates.

These chatbots are fully deploy-able on any social media channel and will help you find out everything you need to know about your customers. These chatbots also bring numerous benefits like:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Capability to simultaneously process multiple customer requests in real-time
  • Helping brands understand their consumers
  • Reduce costs and save time
  • Improved customer service and experience

4. A multi-channel approach

With so many social media platforms on the net, businesses need an effective social media strategy to reach target audiences across those platforms. The benefits of such a strategy are a boosted level of customer engagement, increased brand awareness, high-quality leads, and increased conversion rates.

However, this isn’t an easy thing to do. That’s why your multi-channel approach should include:

  • Social media platforms your customers regularly use
  • Keeping your content visual
  • Customized content according to each platform
  • Building a brand’s identity and persona your customers can relate to
  • Being consistent to gain brand recognition
  • Focusing on solving problems instead of selling

Building a strong multi-channel social media presence is all about introducing your brand authority, not just another faceless company. The first impression is what matters the most, so do your best to impress your potential prospects and gain their loyalty.

You can do that by approaching them across multiple channels in a personalized way. This approach is aimed at providing valuable insight into how to grab the attention of your target audience and offer real solutions to their problems to establish a loyal base of consumers.

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