Unsure of How to Leverage the Power of SEO in Your Videos? Here’s A Detailed Guide

The rule of thumb of search engine optimization (or SEO) states that one must create high-quality content and incorporate keywords into it. That way, it will attract a high number of viewers, and with appropriate shares and engagement (in the form of likes and comments), its popularity will only increase.

The benefits of SEO have led brands to come up with unique ways to leverage the power of SEO in their digital content. However, even today, SEO remains under-utilized in the world of video.

Clearly defining your SEO goals and working on them side-by-side as you create your video content will help you get a good return on investment on your video making efforts. In this article, we will throw light on the different ways you can generate social shares and increase conversions by focusing on video SEO techniques.

Have a Video Transcript

You will be amazed to learn that a good fraction of social media users have their devices on silent while browsing Facebook or Instagram. In such a situation, if a video that has subtitles turns up in their feed, they are more likely to watch it. Moreover, having a transcript expands the reach of your video to people who do not speak the language your video is in or are hearing impaired.

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From an SEO perspective, having a transcript to your video makes it more accessible to search bots. This is especially important in situations where you have a long-form video that is the central attraction of the webpage. You can use a YouTube intro maker like InVideo to come up with a transcript or subtitles for your promotional video.

Have an Engaging Thumbnail

Once a video is indexed in one’s search results, the first thing that they see is the thumbnail. Considering that the thumbnail is a deciding factor on whether one will watch a video, you need to be especially careful in choosing this.

Start by ensuring that the image is high-quality and is relevant to the context of your video. Thumbnails will make a human figure rank significantly high in search engines and have a 30% higher pay rate. If the picture has some textual content, make sure that it is clearly readable when viewed as a thumbnail.

Work on Your Title and Video Description

With the easy availability of intuitive tools like InVideo, these days, most brands are coming up with poignant video content. To have your video catch the attention of the public, you need to pay due attention to the title and description of your videos. Start by initiating detailed keyword research to find out what your target group is looking for.

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Then come up with a title and meta description that uses these keywords to talk about the video. Ensure that there is no unnecessary stuffing of keywords. Compromising on the human readability of your text to make it readable by search bots will not work in your favor.

Have Your Video in a Page That is Relevant to It

To ensure proper optimization of your video, you need to ensure its appropriate placement. Start by making sure that the video is on a page whose content is relevant to that of the video. Next, have the page SEO optimized will all adequate keywords that improve its rankings. Try to avoid the usage of the same set of keywords on the page and in the video description.

Focus on Embedding the Video of Your Choice

These days many brands are leveraging the power of video content and coming up with videos for anything that they need to convey. While this is a good idea, you need to be cautious about SEO if you have multiple videos on a page. Understand that most search engines give up on crawling after the first video.

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That is why you need to be extra cautious and embed the most important video of a page to ensure maximum reach. Having too many videos on a page will cause some of them to be hidden or embedded far below. Users will have to scroll a lot to land on such videos, and that will reduce your chances of having a good SEO ranking. It is a good idea to restrict a page to having one or two videos only.

Make Video the Focus of Your Page

Having established that you need not have multiple videos on a page, you need to realize that making the video in question the focus of your page will yield good results. An average individual prefers video content over textual matter and is more likely to spend time on a page that shows a video.

Having a video hidden will result in low play rates as the potential customer will just scroll past the page upon not finding a video. Most search engines will not go out of their way to index a hidden video. That way, the page, and video will not show up in search results, thereby affecting your web visibility.

Avoid Embedding A Video in Multiple Places

Understandably, you had put in your efforts to use a promo video maker such as this here and came up with a high-quality video. However, this does not give you the liberty to post the video in every possible place.

For example, if you create a video that is relevant to a particular webpage of yours, then embedding the video on any other page will not make sense. If a customer visits your page only to find the same video everywhere, it will disappoint them, making them less likely to visit you the next time.

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Having a video on a page that is relevant to it will suffice in ensuring that the video and the page both get ranked well.

The power of SEO is enough to make or break any website. By utilizing video SEO to its full potential, you will be opening the doors to a new era of web traffic. This will give your brand the business you had always hoped for and usher in a new era of rapid growth and business expansion.

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