1 Inspiring Characteristic of Successful Bloggers

I have a vision. This characteristic is something I picked up from all really successful bloggers. Top bloggers dream a vision of their life as they intend for it to be. Call it imagining your dreams. Maybe it feels like setting your goals.

At the end of the day, having a vision enables you to succeed online because you see past obstacles, resistance or current circumstances, toward your dreams. Dreams lead successful bloggers.

Right now, even though I’m in the States, I see myself blogging from the beaches of Thailand. I visited Thailand many times during the past nine years of my life. But I intend to return once international travel begins again. Why dream? Dreams lead you to be the person who eventually lives the dream. I see myself relaxing on a white sand, powdery beach.

Turquoise water looks like a calm pond in front of my eyes. I look left and right, seeing coconut trees and palm trees swaying in the wind. Doesn’t this sound peaceful? Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Visualizing these images allows the picture to become more real in my mind. The more real this image feels in my mind, the more I believe it’s coming true now. Point blank, the mental picture feels true because I practice visualizing. This is what it takes to develop a clear vision of your dreams.

As the dream feels more real to you, you take the steps that lead to you living this dream, in the physical world. We would call this watching your dreams come true. But you need to develop this characteristic common among pro bloggers of having a vision in order to energize yourself properly for your blogging journey.


Most bloggers quit when obstacles arise because they focus on the obstacle. Most bloggers do not have a vision to allow them to see above, around or through the obstacle. Most bloggers quit at the slightest sign of resistance because their vision does not pull them through the resistance. Circumstances slap around the majority of bloggers.


You know the reason by now; the majority of bloggers do not have a crystal clear vision of their dreams.

Bloggers who do create a vision of their dream life know the dream is coming true. Knowing that their vision is coming into form, these bloggers calmly, confidently and clearly begin taking blogging actions that lead them towards their dreams.

The visualizing faculty is that powerful. But most bloggers refuse to use it because they think dreams are airy, worthless, silly things, lacking any real power. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Visionaries change the world. People like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg all created world-renowned businesses and massive wealth along with being iconic in their own right because these titans built visions in their mind. All successful people build visions. All successful bloggers have a vision of their dream life.

Build a vision of your dreams. Have you ever wondered why so few bloggers follow proven advice from a generous, trusting energy? Most bloggers have no vision so they are not being the blogger who does successful, generous and trusting things. But the few who do visualize simply begin following practical, success promoting steps like generously helping people for free, networking with top bloggers and simply trusting completely both in themselves and in the blogging process.

This is not necessarily a comfortable practice at first because your ego believes work and not visualizing makes the difference. The reverse is true. Visualizing leads to calm, confident and relaxed work which leads to you living your dreams.

Set aside time every morning to see your dreams in detail. Taste your mental picture. Smell your mental picture. See your mental picture to make it come alive. Most importantly, feel your vision as being true in your mind’s eye. Use every one of your senses. Step into the picture. Generating these emotions energizes you to do the things that allow your dreams to come true down the road.

Have you noticed how successful bloggers generously help people, trust in themselves and trust in the process for many thousands of hours before hitting it big? Pro bloggers have a vision of themselves living their dream so deeply fixed in their minds that they can only do what successful bloggers do and will never do what failing bloggers do.

I recall seeing a top professional blogger explain how he made around $600 during his first year online. He had a vision. He would not be shaken by making $600 even though he published two to three content-rich, in-depth posts daily. He eventually became a multi-millionaire through blogging but only because his vision pulled him through circumstances, situations, obstacles and all forms of resistance.

Create a vision for your dream life. Do you want to circle the globe as a pro blogger like me? Imagine yourself blogging from the beaches of Fiji or from the jungles of Thailand. Feel the image as being real in your mind. Immediately, you begin to do what successful bloggers do.

Helping people for free and generously networking with top bloggers becomes routine for you because you visualize success regularly. All successful bloggers do these things from a relaxed, trusting energy. Visualizing your dreams helps you trust that the image is coming true a bit more everyday as you follow simple steps from an abundant energy.

See your vision as a preview of life’s coming attractions. Don’t worry; your dreams are on the way. Keep visualizing, get lost in helping people and trust in the blogging process. Success will be yours as long as you keep dreaming big dreams and seeing your most ideal life manifest in your mind’s eye.


Visualize more and more guys. Imagining your dream life is a secret that most successful bloggers don’t share because they do it unconsciously or naturally, being completely unaware of visualizing on a daily basis. Use this powerful mental faculty to energize yourself for your blogging journey.

Obstacles dissolve before your vision. Resistance vanishes. You see beyond problems because your vision goads you to do so. This is the perfect practice for doing the simple but successful things bloggers do for many years before living their dreams.



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