How to Use Infographics to Get Page One Rankings in Google Search

how to use infographics

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What if I told you that there was an easy way to achieve page one rankings in Google and you probably aren’t using it?

In today’s post, I am going to share with you how to use infographics to get page one rankings.

I am not only going to share how you can use infographics, I am going to show you exactly how I successfully used an infographic to get to page one in Google for a very competitive keyword.

If you are like most bloggers, you are beating your head against the wall trying to climb the Google rankings and start benefitting from organic traffic.

Day after day you check your traffic stats and nothing…


Chirp… Chirp…

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can enjoy first page rankings and the free traffic that follows by utilizing these simple steps!

How to Use Infographics Case Study

First a little background.

The site in the case study was less than a year old when the post was published. It was not on the first page of Google for any search terms.

Step 1.

As usual, the first step in the process was to do proper keyword research and find a keyword that we want to rank for.

I did this and came up with “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies”.

This keyword had a monthly search volume of 1000 and a keyword competitiveness score of 37 according to Long Tail Pro. The monthly search volume was verified using the Google Keyword Planner, before Google changed its policy on free use.

Long Tail Pro Results

You can see in the screenshot above that I am in the number 8 spot!

Step 2.

Now that we had a keyword to target, the next step was to create an epic post that was well optimized for our keyword and was higher quality and offered more value than the others that were ranking on page one.

I could write a long detailed article about how to use SEO to skyrocket your rankings.

Oh wait…

I have already written that post!

You can read it here…

Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers that Will Help Skyrocket your Google Rankings

Top 10 SEO Tips for Bloggers

This is as far as many bloggers get and they can’t understand why they aren’t on page one.

It takes more than just having the best content.

You need authority!

How do we get authority?

We build links, and that is where the magic happens using infographics!

Ok, we are going to move on to step 3 of How to Use Infographics, but please keep in mind that this process will not work if you do not properly complete steps 1 and 2.

Step 3.

Now we move on to the infographic. Before we discuss how to use infographics, we first have to create the infographic.

One word of advice that I would offer here is that if you are not an expert at creating infographics, then hire an expert to create yours.

The key to using infographics to your advantage is that they are of such high quality, that others share and use them as well.

For my infographics, I use the designer at AwesomeInfographics.com.

And here’s why…

All I did was contact them and tell them that I wanted an infographic designed for my article, Affiliate Marketing for Dummies.

That’s it…

They took the article that I had already written and published and created an awesome infographic with only my article.

No extra work…


I payed $200 for the infographic and it has been worth every penny.

Here is the Affiliate Marketing for Dummies infographic along with the proper attribution.

Please include attribution to www.jvanderlaan.com with this graphic.

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

Ok, we have our infographic.

Now what?

Step 4.

Now I will show you how to use infographics to build links and work your way up the Google ladder!

You are going to submit your infographic to as many infographic submission sites as you can find.

Submit your infographic to both free and paid submission sites.

I know what your thinking…

Google doesn’t like paid links, right?

Here is what I have found from my experience.

You will get some pretty good links from paid sites, but that is not the whole story.

Here’s the deal…

A lot of the paid infographic submission sites have a large following and also are featured in the Google rankings.

So when someone is looking for an infographic to use on their site, they may find yours and use it.

Along with a link to your original post, of course!

I have gotten many links from people using my infographic that they found on infographic submission sites.

It is vitally important to provide an original post and description of at least 300 – 500 words for each submission site.

Also, be sure to use different titles so that the submission sites do not outrank your post.

Below, I am going to share with you the exact infographic submission sites that I used as well as the ranking when they were published.

Some of the free infographic submission sites did not publish my infographic.

I included those sites here, but without a link.

I was very disappointed that they chose not to publish as I put a lot of work into writing an original post to accompany the infographic.

Infographic Submission Sites and Ranking

  1. MarketingInfographics.org – Free – Published on 5-26-16 and rank was 250+
  2. CoolInfographicsdotcom – Free – Did Not Publish

  3. Infographicpost.com – $10 – Published on 5-26-16 and rank was 250+

  4. Infographicarchive.com – $19.99 – Published on 5-26-16 and rank was 250+

  5. Infographicjournal.com – Free – Published on 6-1-16 and rank was 96!

  6. NerdGraphdotcom – Free – Did Not Publish

  7. InfographicReviewsdotcom – Free – Did Not Publish

  8. Submitinfographics.com – $10 – Published on 6-8-16 and rank was 23!

  9. Infographicsonly.com – $10 – Published on 6-14-16 and rank was 16!

  10. Infographixdirectory.com – $15 – Published on 7-1-16 and rank was 15!

  11. Awesomeinfographics.com – Free – Published on 8-18-16 and rank was 9!


First page of Google, baby!

Google Results

As I am writing this case study, my post is fluctuating between number 2 and number 8 on the first page!

Here are other sites that I have found that have used my infographic and provided a link back to my post.

In my opinion this is the most valuable aspect of submitting your infographic to submission sites.

These are unsolicited links that Google holds in high regard.

  1. Offervault.com – Published on 5-30-16
  2. Visualartdallas.org – Published on 6-20-16
  3. SEOjob.net – Published on 7-8-16
  4. Seoimpacts.com – Published on 7-8-16
  5. Linkbuildingservicescompany.co.uk – Published on 7-8-16
  6. Cybercashworldwide.com – Published on 7-11-16


I hope that you have gained some knowledge about How to Use Infographics to increase your Google rankings.

I spent $265 in order to reach the first page of Google for a keyword that gets 1000 searches per month.

I am currently getting a ton of free traffic from that keyword and making sales that I can attribute to that post.

I am very confident that if you follow the steps above, you can also see the kind of success that I have seen.

I’d love to hear about your experience with infographics!

Please leave your questions and comment about How to Use Infographics below.

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John VanDerLaan

John has a passion for making money online and sharing his knowledge with others. His #1 recommendation for anyone interested in getting started online is Wealthy Affiliate. You can follow him a www.jvanderlaan.com.

Karan Bhagat

Hey John and Enstine,

Seeing some fresh content here after a long time, may be Enstine is quite busy with Swisscoin πŸ˜›

Talking about the content then thanks John for this, I started using infographic but don’t know why I stopped practicing it, will try it again and this time won’t stop it. Thanks for that list also.


    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Karan,

    I replied in the wrong place.

    You can see my reply above.


Chiranjit Das

I am a new blogger and now I am collecting information from different site which is useful.But your article sir is very helpful for me. I will try infographics to rank my site.Amazing share.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Chiranjit!

    Thanks for the comment my friend!

    Using infographics is really an easy way to build links.



Great post, John and Enstine

Agree with your points, these days almost every Internet Marketer love to read info graphic instead of reading a page with bunch of writing. There has been a tremendous request of infographic plan in the year 2016 and I trust that it will stay engaging in 2017 moreover. An extensive sum private ventures and even corporate organizations embrace data realistic, with a specific end goal to exhibit incomprehensible measures of information or data, in a spotless, requested and coherent way.

    John VanDerLaan

    Thanks for the comment Mark, best of luck with your black friday sales.


Emenike Emmanuel

Thanks for sharing. I never knew that one can build backlinks using infographics. I’m happy reading this.

I remember someone telling me that there’s a site where one can use an already made template to craft an infographics without having to pay. Have you heard of it before?


    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Emenike,

    Yes, infographics are a great way to build links!

    I believe that you can use Canva to create infographics. Just make sure that your infographic is worthy of sharing.

    Thanks for the comment Emenike!


John VanDerLaan

Hey Karan,

Thanks for the comment!

You will be surprised at how much interaction you can create with just one infographic!



All things considered, I agree just what infographic really does when it comes to making your content marketing strategy works. But just like any other work out there, more work is needed to come up with one, and besides you’ll need facts and statistics to back up the things you state in there.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Yami!

    The great thing is that the infographic I used for this was created from my original post. There was no more work involved!

    Thanks for the comment Yami!


Nikhil Makwana

Hi John,

It’s my first visit on your blog. I like your writing style and all your eye cache points. I am really loving your article.

Great, Infographic is the best way to increase traffic. I am using Visme and Canva tools to create infographic for my blog post.



Yes, The keyword planning is the most important part. I mean we should know which keywords are going to rank soon with lesser efforts and are also highly searched by the targeted audience. Great Post !

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Arvind!

    Thanks for the awesome comment!

    Keyword planning is important, but without building links to establish authority, it is very difficult to rank anything but the easiest of keywords.

    Thanks again Arvind!


Anis Chity

That’s a good way to get free traffic from Google.

but I don’t think anyone would afford to spend $200 to get a first-page ranking,there are many free ways like targeting keywords with low competition and low traffic everytime you write a new post,you can easily make a full time income this way if you are patient.

Thank you so much for this post and have a great day ahead πŸ˜€

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Anis,

    You would have to be pretty patient to get to the first page without building links. I’ve been in this game since 2007 and I will spend $200 to make $2000 every time. I’m running a business and that means investing and seeing a return and scaling.

    It’s not the only way, but it is my way.

    Thanks for the comment my friend!


      Shamsudeen Adeshokan

      Hi John,

      I found this line in your reply to Anis above more powerful than everything I have read today,

      “I’m running a business and that means investing and seeing a return and scaling.”

      A lot of people fail to understand that just because you can start marketing online with a laptop and an internet connection does not mean you’re not running a real business.

      Internet marketing is no different from any serious business in the offline world.

      Investment is what has been missing in my marketing tools since. I have come to understand that without investment, I might have to continue waiting for the big G to have mercy.

      Thanks John, you made my day.

Joseph Chikeleze

Wow, this post made my day. Using infographics to rank first page? Sounds funny but works.

I like the way you updated all the steps, I will sure give this a try and see the outcome.

Thanks and do have a nice day

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Joseph,

    Thanks for sharing my friend!

    Yes, using infographics does work, but the steps must be followed. I have learned this through trial and error.

    Thanks again Joseph!


Ravi Chahar

Hey John,

You rocked it.

Finding the keyword and creating the infographics requires some work. People need to know about the perfect keyword score and the place to create the infographics.

Getting the post on the first page can be really tricky. I like the idea of using the submission websites.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Ravi,

    Good to see you here my friend!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Yes, every step in the process is important and must be completed. If you skip a step, this method will not work as planned.

    Thanks again Ravi!


LH Louis

Hi JV, Brian told me exactly what kind of post that get backlinks and it is Guestographic. But the most important part is the outreach to the right people, love your post.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi LH Louis,

    Thanks for commenting!

    I have had better success with submission sites than with outreach and with far less work.

    What I have found is that bloggers will find my infographic on the submission sites and use it in their post without any outreach required!

    Thanks again LH Louis!


Vijay Kumar

Hi John,
Thanks for this interesting and useful post, you have very beautifully described the use infographic. Really it’s very useful for higher search engine because we got backlinks from infographic.

Infographic is a great and a leading Infographic submissions site.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Vijay,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here on Enstine’s blog!

    I am very pleased that you found my post useful and thank you for the compliment!


Mansoor Bhanpurawala

I am a new blogger and now I am collecting information from the different site which is useful.But your article sir is very helpful for me. I will try infographics to rank my site.Amazing share.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Mansoor!

    Thanks for commenting here!

    I am glad that you found the article helpful and hopefully you learned some tips and tricks for how to use infographics to boost your rankings!

    Thanks again Mansoor!


Shamsudeen Adeshokan

Hi John,

Though I haven’t try Infographics before, but I have read some good information about the benefit and value it present.

Marketers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean have both used Infographics to rock SEO and achieve Google page one results.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Shamsudeen,

    Nice to see you here on Enstine’s blog!

    I am happy to share my experience with you and Enstine’s many readers and thank you for including two of my favorite marketers in your comment!

    Cheers to Google page one results!


Amit Samra

Hi John! This is really a good guide to use inforgraphics for getting high-quality traffic and rank 1 on google.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Amit!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    I appreciate your thoughts and your opinion!

    Thanks again Amit!



Hi John VanDerLaan,

This is really awesome post and loved the case studies you shared here. I guess I was also looking for infographics submission will surely follow your guide.


    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    I’m very pleased that you found my post useful.

    Thanks again Barry!


Narinder Kumar

Thanks Muki to provide us a valuable post for infographic i think infographics its realy a awesome techniques to explain our post content with the help of infographic pictures.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Narinder,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Abdul Samad

Hey John and Enstine too,

Well, Info-graphics is something that give your post a power and boost in SERPs. πŸ™‚

Nice Write-up though!

Keep it up John!

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Abdul,

    Thanks for the comment my friend.



I’ve never try infographic yet but it seems this strategy is a good and worth to follow. However, spending $260 for a designed infographic is too much money.

I would recommend you try Canvas, which allow you to do a customize graphic follow the way you want. It’s better and also available to use for FREE.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Tony,

    I didn’t spend $260 for a designed infographic. That was my total cost which included the money that I spent on submission sites.

    Also, I have tried Canva and I cannot design an infographic as well as the professionals, which is the key to getting your infographic shared.

    Thanks for the comment Tony!



Hey John, Infographic simple does wonder. I have tried it on my blog. I have created it as a simple post only and got good response. People love to share infographics on their blogs because still a few only know or share infographics on their blogs.

Soon I will use it for the niche site. Thanks for commendable case study.. I know the power of infographic. The message is – do something different to get noticed and grow faster,

Thanks a ton

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Using infographics will work with niche sites and blogs. It is simply a matter of getting backlinks.

    The key to the whole process of using infographics is to have a high quality infographic that others want to use on their sites.

    Thanks again Nikhil!


Sehar Khan

Hy John,
I can’t wait to try this for my niche sites. Your backlink strategies have always worked well with my sites. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Regards, Sehar Khan

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Sehar!

    I am glad that you have had success using my strategies!

    I look forward to hearing how you do with using infographics.

    Thanks again Sehar!


Sathish Arumugam

Infographics are the simplest way to express our idea in a creative manner. I too have tried this in many of my blog posts. Most of my blog post with infographics has the right impact in the internet market. So I love to share my infographics. But the map part I have suffered is to create the infographics designs. Though many online tools are available for models, I’m not satisfied with the device, so I am developing my skills in infographic designs. After reading your post, I have gained some more knowledge on how to use of infographics. So I thankful to you to release this kind of knowledge information.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Sathish,

    Thank you for adding value to this post with your comment!

    One of the most important parts of the whole process is to have an infographic that is so good people can’t help but use it in their own posts.

    I have found that it is better for me to hire others to create my infographic while I focus on the tasks that I excel at.

    Thanks again Satish for the awesome comment!


Thomas Baruah

Fantastic Tips, thanks for sharing this amazing content. I also believe that infographic can boost Google ranking.

Thanks for sharing John! Be sure to write more article like this πŸ™‚

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Thomas,

    I’m glad that you liked my post and hopefully you found it useful and you were able to learn the infographic strategy to improve your Google rankings.

    Thanks again Thomas!


hafiz junaid

Hi dear,
Great post indeed!
i am new blogger and master students.i happy when your read post.
I agree just what infographic really does when it comes to making your content marketing strategy works.
your also steps is correct and provide many information about Use Infographics to Get Page One Rankings in Google Search.
thank sharing for this great post.
hafiz junaid

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Hafiz!

    Thank you for sharing thoughts here on Enstine’s blog!

    I am glad that you found the post the post helpful and I look forward to seeing the awesome things that you will do in the future!

    Thanks again Hafiz!


Hemant Kumar

That was mind blowing man….!!!
I have never ever read a post like this. All my doubts about infograpcs are now cleared.
So thanks a lot for helping me…
Have a great day πŸ™‚

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Hemant!

    Thanks for the awesome words man!

    I am thrilled that you found how to use infographics helpful!

    Thanks again Hemant!



I’m new blog writer and fast visit on your site.
Its a new experience for me with infographics.
Now i trying to vismeand Canva tools to create infographic for my blog post.

Thanks a lot for sharing a good article.


Hi John, this is a brilliant step-by-step tutorial that’s proven by your experience! When I first saw your infographic I HAD TO display it in my little website, but now I know how I can do it myself, I’d better give it a try.

As someone else has mentioned here, I’ve tried Visme.co but it seems what you can do is limited as a free member. Pay and have it done professionally sounds like much better idea. $200 doesn’t seem much, as long as it pays off as you suggest.

Thanks John for great article!

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Ray!

    Great to see you here my friend!

    I want to thank you for sharing my infographic!

    The link from your site helped to push my post onto the first page of Google!

    For those that don’t know, this is Ray from https://cybercashworldwide.com/.

    He is one of the guys that found my infographic and shared it on his site along with a link back to my post.

    Ray shares a lot of great stuff over on his site and I highly suggest you take a look and spend some time learning over there!

    Thanks again Ray!


Larry Frank

Hey John,
It’s nice to see you here on Enstine’s blog. This article is awesome. I agree with the whole points. Myself I am an infographic lover as it is more fun that reading from page to page.
Thanks for sharing, hope to see more from you.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Larry,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

    Many people prefer to read infographics as they can take some relatively boring information and present in an easily consumable, visually attractive way.

    Thanks again Larry!


usman sarwer

Hi, John VanDerLaan

I just visit first time your blog and you have shared some awesome tips that really help newbie I just want to say thanks for this post you make my day Becuase I learn something new today thanks again for the brilliant post will be back soon for learn more awesome tips from you πŸ™‚

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Usman,

    Thank you for the kind words my friend!

    I was a newbie once too and I remember how thankful I was when I found someone willing to share their knowledge and help me to learn.

    That is the reason that I try to help as many people as I can in an honest manner so that the`y can take that knowledge and act on it.

    Thanks again Usman!


Adeel Sami

Hello, John!

So great reading your secret! πŸ™‚

I had just an idea that infographics do good but you proved it that they do even more than good in terms of ranking for the competitive keywords! πŸ™‚

I will definitely looking closely on the infographics for my future blog posts and revise the process.

Thanks for putting this up for us on Enstine’s place!

~ Adeel

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Adeel,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

    Using infographics is not really a secret, but a strategy for establishing authority through link building, and it works!

    If you decide to put this strategy to work on your blog, be sure to share the results with us here.

    Thanks again Adeel!


Monika Sharma

Great post to better understand about Infographics post, Basically Infographics don’t have much content & content is always king so due to this reason I don’t think Infographics can help much but after reading this post. I understand Infographics is also good & can help much more…

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Monika,

    Thanks for your awesome comment!

    While I agree that content is king, it is the backlinks to your content that establishes your authority in Google’s eyes.

    Without that authority, very few people will ever see your content.

    That is where using infographics comes into play.

    Thanks again Monika!


Joy Healey

Hi John and Enstine,

That was a really informative post.

I’ve only ever used infographics by sharing images that other bloggers published. They’ve always been popular on my site, but I don’t have the skill to create them myself. Must confess I’d used them myself as a lazy option when I was short of time / ideas for a post πŸ™‚

But you opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond that. Thanks.

Joy – Blogging After Dark

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    I am happy that I have helped to open your eyes to how to use infographics.

    They are a great way to build backlinks to your blog and establish authority in your niche.

    Thanks again Joy!



HI John VanDerLaan,

This the great post. its helps more me.

Thanks for sharing!


Hello John,

Good to see a detail post on how to easily rank your infograph on Google first page.

I haven’t thought of creating an infograph before but with your method, it will rank any blog post as well.

Thanks for dropping such an amazing post and do have a good week ahead…

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adding value to this post!


Sherman Smith

Hey John,

I have used infographics in the past. Mainly from Visual.ly where I embedded the infographics in a couple of my blog posts. I’ve also used visme. I created my own but it was basic.

I never thought about submitting infographics to infographic sites based off of keywords, but it does make a lot of sense to do so. Most people are visual learners and using infographics would be idea to attract the right visitors to your site.

Thanks for sharing John! Have a great week!

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Sherman,

    Thanks for sharing your comment my friend!

    Infographics are a great way to get backlinks to your post,

    Thanks agin Sherman!



Enstine, thanks for this helpful article.
Do have a nice week ahead!

Katty Fielf

Hello John,

Well, Infographics over the last few years has gained a lot of popularity and people are using it to get lots of Backlinks.

Although, I haven’t tried it myself as I am a affiliate marketer and i do not usually get time for these things, but hope so I will try this soon.


    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Katty!

    I don’t have a lot of time for infographics either which is why I outsource the creation instead of learning to do it myself.

    I have learned to delegate the tasks that I am not that good at to those who are good at it and focus my time and attention on the things that i do well.

    Thanks for the comment Katty!


Sophia Martin

Thanks for listing these places where we can share infographics for more exposure. Highly appreciated!

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Sophia,

    You are more than welcome!

    Keep in mind that these are not the only infographic submission sites out there. They are just the one`s that I have had good luck with.


Harry Uppal

Hi John,
It was read the worthy post. I didn’t know that with help of infographics we can reach to the first page of Google.
Thanks fro the share.
Have a great day.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Harry,

    Thanks for the comment my friend!

    I am glad that you have taken away some knowledge from my post.

    Thanks again Harry!



Dear John VanDerLaan -,

Thanks for the awesome post. I am very happy to have learned some new tricks today and will start implementing right away. Really wish to have someone like you as a mentor! once again, thanks for sharing such great insights.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Davis,

    Thanks for the awesome comment!

    I am constantly building backlinks and I have found that the easiest way is to use infographics in your marketing.

    Even since publishing this article, I have had many more people share my infographic on their website and give me a link in return.

    I don’t even have to reach out and ask for these links. They happen automatically and I only find out about them when they begin referring traffic or they appear in Google Search Console.

    Thanks again Davis!



This is really great article on use of infographics. John I loved this case study and I would say Yes! Infographic works like charm. If you make a proper plan and create high quality infographic then you are good to go.

Brian dean is also recommend infographic for getting high quality backlinks.

Looking forward to see much more case studies from you.

Thank you
Kevin Shumaker

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to use infographics!

    I am a big fan of Brian Dean and have found that he is usually spot on with his recommendations.

    The key to the whole process is to take action! That is what sets the successful people apart from the unsuccessful ones!

    Thanks again Kevin!



Hi John,

This article is worth reading. It’s good to see how Infographics can help ranking. And also thanks for sharing the sources of sharing infographics.

Thanks again for this helpful article.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Rabin,

    Thank you for the kind words my friend!

    Those are only the infographic submission sites that I used, there are many more that you can find with a little research.

    Good luck in your endeavors Rabin!


Taufeeq Umar

Its really amazing blog with very much helpful information, so thank you so much for writing this great blog here for us.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Taufeeq,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



Wow. Very nice, John. I started reading expecting some general information about how to make infographics rank well, but this is seriously useful and you have proved it works. Thanks for sharing such actionable information in a step-by-step manner. I’m going to try to do it, and hope it works as well as it did for you. Thanks again.

    John VanDerLaan

    Hey Anand,

    Thanks for the awesome comment my friend!

    I try to go above and beyond every time I publish an article.

    This method will work for you if you follow all of the steps.

    Thanks again Anand!


Jelina Roy

Hey John

Great Post Indeed !

I believe that Infographics is the future, but I myself haven’t tried it as I do not generally get time from marketing, but In future, I will practice this method as Infographics can certainly reach larger reader base.

~ Jelina

    John VanDerLaan

    Hi Jelina,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to use infographics!

    One thing you should always make time for is marketing and infographics are a great tool to use in marketing.

    Thanks again Jelina!


Anirudh Singh

This is really a nice article. I got to know a lot of things which will help me to improve my blog’s rankings on Google.

Abhinav Adithya

Hi John,
Infographic is new for me because I don’t know before. From your great post, I understand the importance and how to use the infographic. Thanks for sharing the useful post.

KumKum Bhagya

Ok. Now i will make use of infographics in my new website to start getting rankings in google. Hope your way will work for me. you have awesome blog and blog Posts. thanks

Hemant Kumar

Hey John,
Thanks for such an amazing post, you really rocked it.
This is the guide which every newbie blogger should read right now. Gladly shared on my social media.
Using Infographics in our post is really the best way to grab attention and to grab some awesome quality backlinks. So overall spending an hour to make an infographic wort it πŸ™‚
Thanks once again for this awesome post πŸ™‚

Vinit Patil

Thanks a lot,
Help me for getting my blog’s SEO rankings better.

Vinit Patil

Areesha Noor

Hi John,

Great post indeed!
But I can’t afford too much spend on infographics. this is a great way to promote but how can we get infographics.

Anyway thanks for sharing such valuable information with us.

Areesha Noor!


Hello John,
That was a very informative stuff you got up there…
It really explained the impact that an Infographics can have.
And you have provided a detailed idea of how to use & apply the Infographics in a real world…
Great Stuff …
Cheers ..

Gautam Kumar

Infographics were in trend around 2-3 years ago and really did help blogs get in search results but I have not been seeing much of Infographics these days..


I’m a big fan of infographics and I have got great results using them. Though I haven’t tried most of the sites listed here. I will certainly promote my infographics on those sites.



Thank you! This is very in-depth and interesting. People clearly love infographics these days. I’ve been told about Piktochart which I might give a try to create infographics, but I like your recommendations too. Many articles talk about how to make them, but not how to rank them and have them get trafic so that’s valuable advice. πŸ™‚

Hussain Omar

Hey John,

Great case study!

I see that you invested an amount and it paid off. Infographics are a great way to attract valuable backlinks and skyrocket your pages, just like what you did.




All matters taken into consideration, I agree just what infographic definitely does on the subject of making your content material advertising method works. but just like any other paintings out there, extra work is wanted to give you one, and besides you’ll need records and records to returned up the things you state in there.

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