How to Publish 1000 Guest Posts on a Single Blog!

I published my 1000th post on Blogging Tips Dot Com a few days ago.

I want to share my thinking – and action – process with you to help you be more prolific.

Blogging is simple but sometimes scary. Why? We bloggers face our fears daily. Either you turn around or keep going. Writing and publishing 1000 guest posts on a single blog challenged me many times. I feared running out of ideas, losing profits and wasting my time. After conquering these mental blocks I intend to inspire you to be prolific as well.

1: Build a Bond with the Blogger to Gain an Invite to Guest Post

I commented genuinely on Blogging Tips to add value and to build a friendship with Zac Johnson. He is a blogging icon who sits at the top of the blogging tips niche. I also promoted his blog via Twitter, Facebook and Blogging From Paradise and asked for nothing in return. He invited me to guest post on his blog. Note; I practice writing diligently. Zac invited me to guest post because I write clearly, confidently and skillfully in some blogger’s eyes, at least 🙂

2: Be Detached About Outcomes

I feel mostly detached about outcomes. I do not care much about getting traffic or profits through any one post. Focus on helping people. Being detached makes you prolific because if you love the process you keep doing what you love doing. I wrote and published 1000 guest posts on one blog because I love the writing process and care little of outcomes. Certainly, I drive traffic and profits through guest posting on the site but helping people motivates me to blog daily for many years consecutively.

3: Commit 100% to a Long Term Approach

I committed 100% to a long term approach in order to publish a high volume of quality guest posts. Bloggers often think short term in all matters guest posting. Publish one post. Scan metrics. Analyze your return on investment from a single post. I visualized myself guest posting frequently on the site for years. As within, so without; your vision dictates your life. Think long term. I never imagined I would publish 1000 guest posts on Blogging Tips but I knew something special seemed in the works.

4: Keep It Simple

I write short, sweet, simple posts to volume publish helpful guest posts. My guest posts usually span 500 to 600 words. I could not be prolific if I SEO optimized each post to the tune of 1000 words or longer. Keep it simple. Get to the point. Respect your time. Respect your reader’s time. Be prolific.

5: Make It About People Not Numbers

Although the blog post title caught your attention, focus on people to be prolific. Never reach for a number goal because people, not numbers, inspire you to do amazing things. My passion for blogging and love for human beings goaded me to guest post when I felt exhausted, worn out and fatigued. I guest posted well outside of my comfort zone more than once during the past 1000 guesties because I had readers in mind.

6: Write In Quiet

I write best in quiet. Some claim to find writing inspiration in music. Do what works for you. Being prolific seems to work best in silence because distractions dissolve in quiet, and create ideas flow from mind, to fingers, to laptop to WordPress backoffice.

7: Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Hands down, far and away, following this tip became critical in publishing 1000 posts on a single blog. Being prolific never seems to be robotic, logical or a straight-line achievement. Learning how to face, feel and release raw, deep, pulsating fears, and proceeding, makes the difference between blogging daily for years in a row or not blogging daily for years in a row. Most bloggers seem so filled with fear and limiting beliefs that publishing 10 guest posts on one blog feels impossible. Reaching 1000 guest posts on a single blog seems inhuman to most bloggers. Why? Most people never leave their comfort zone to face fear habitually. I face fear daily. I trained myself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Do the same to become prolific.

8: Manage Your Energy

I spend 3 or more hours daily:

  • meditating
  • praying
  • doing yin yoga
  • doing Kriya yoga
  • exercising

to expand my awareness, to manage my energy and to maintain a peaceful, calm, prolific vibe. I credit my daily energy management campaign with cool feats like writing and self-publishing over 100 eBooks, guest posting 1000 times on Blogging Tips and creating thousands of videos too. Fear blocks you from doing fun, freeing, inspired things. Managing your energy helps you build an intimate relationship with fear. Instead of ducking fear, you face it, feel it, release it and proceed in a prolific, creative direction.


As you can see, guest posting 1000 times on one blog seems to be between the ears. Most of you can write well but training your mind and nudging out of your comfort zone makes the difference between being prolific or complaining about writer’s block. Strengthen your mental muscle, commit to guest posting and you will do amazing things.


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