How to change the default WordPress Gravatar and give your blog a personal touch


Have you changed the default gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) of your WordPress blog? Sometimes we just are lazy and refuse to think. That makes us look like others.

Trying as much as possible to give our blogs a custom and personal look is what bloggers should consider to do today. It doesn’t feel well to look like every other blog that runs on the same premium  or free template as yours.

There are, as a matter of fact many things to do to look different and stand out. One of the things I recommend is change the default wordpress gravatar to something more personal and unique.

Many of your readers and commentators will always not have a gravatar. So I think having your own image, possibly your logo show up is a step towards making your blog look pro.


Doing this is quite simple but if after reading this post you think it’s still not your thing to mess around your WordPress blog function file, contact me so we see how it can be done.

Steps to change your Wordpress default gravatar

  • Get the image you want to use ready (png,gif,jpg). I got mind set to 82×82 in pixels. I don’t know if there is any specific size requirement but this worked for me. Avoid using your picture. This will conflict between your own comments and those of the faceless visiting commentators
  •  Smush It! What this does is ‘losslessly’ reduce the size of your image. I do recommend you do this so this image will not add more weight to your blog. Go to SmushIt.com and upload the file to compress.
  • smush wordpress gravatar image
  • Using an ftp application or your cPanel, uploaded the compressed image to the image directory of your template.

    FTP applications and computer programs that help you upload files to your server. Commonly used free ftp apps are FileZilla and fireftp, a Firefox browser addon. These are all very easy to us

  • Now you have your image ready on your blog. The next thing to do is get it on the gravatar list and marked as default. Just copy the following PHP Code to the functions.php file of your active template. Don’t worry! I’ll show you how and where it is located…

add_filter( ‘avatar_defaults’, ‘newgravatar’ );

function newgravatar ($avatar_defaults) {
$myavatar = get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’) . ‘/images/gravatarfilename.jpg’;
$avatar_defaults[$myavatar] = “GravatarName”;
return $avatar_defaults;

Where is the function file located?

  1. Point to “Appearance
  2. Click “Editor

change wordpress gravatar

In the image below!

  1. Be sure to select the right theme in the list. This should be the active theme of your blog
  2. Click the function.php file
  3. Copy the php code above and past preferably at the bottom of the file
  4. Click ‘Update File’ to save changes.
  5. That’s it

update gravatar

Editing the PHP snippet

There are two things you must do to get this piece of code to work

1 – Change the file name from gravatarfilename.jpg to your own file name. This file must be uploaded to the image folder of your active theme.

NB: For those running on Genesis Framework and child theme, I have found this to work uploading the image to the genesis theme folder. That means, which ever child you are using, upload the image file to the ‘image’ sub-folder of  ‘genesis’ . Don’t upload to the child theme.*

2 – Change the $avatar_defaults[$myavatar] value from GravatarName to any name of your choice. That’s the name that shows up on the gravatar list on your Settings->Discussion page.

If you are still not sure how to go about with this, contact me to set it up for you. Think of giving your blog a personal touch as a factor in distinguishing your blog from others.

That’s it! Let me hear what you think in the comment box. Do share this post on social media to help others too.

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Hill Elelliot

Thanks for a great tip, Enstine.
I am looking for this in an hour when I find yours. Personal touch will make a good change to my blog


Hello Enstine,
I just want to say that Excellent tutorial about custom gravatar. From a long time I’m seeing this on your blog and want to create same custom gravatar for me too. This time your tutorial has helped me. I’m going to implement this on my blog.
Thanks for such informative post.


Hi Enstine!

This is an awesome idea! I loike the idea of adding a custom avatar, especially my brand logo, for use with that who don’t have a Gravatar! I’m looking forward to putting your fab tutorial to use this weekend! Thank you for sharing this!


Hi Enstine,

Nice tutorial and good to know that you are a PHP developer :). This tutorial is very useful even for non-programmer.

Though I also a programmer but I simple this https://en.gravatar.com to change the gravatar.

Raspal Seni

Hi Enstine,

Is this about using a local avatar for use only on our blog? I had published a post somewhere about using custom local avatars, about 2 years ago, but can’t find the link right now.

Even though I’ve been using gravatar since I started my own blogs, I didn’t know or cared to know what GRAvatar meant. Never thought it had a meaning.

If you get lots of comments, like you do on this blog, each commenter’s avatar loads from gravatar.com and this slows down the loading of the post page. So, I’d highly recommend using the a plugin to cache these avatars.

For the ones who don’t have an avatar at gravatar, I agree, creating a custom avatar and using it, rather than the default one in WordPress. I use the gravatar one.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Raspal,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment man 😉
    Yes these instructions are about hosting the gravatar file locally.
    Didn’t you publish the post on your blog?

    I have a caching plugin and I think that takes care of it and thanks for mentioning. However, I think loading comments doesn’t really affect the load speed that much. I haven’t seen that reported in speed test tools. Maybe I should do some more findings 😉

    Hope you are having a great week


thanks Muki sir, this is really great and informative and i think personal touch will encourage more people to get engage with comments and feedbacks.


Hey thanks Enstine for this great article… i always think that one should change the default setting and add a bit of personal flavor to your blog for creating a friendly atmosphere and attract more genuine readers….

Sherman Smith

Hey Enstine,

Now this was an easy step to step tutorial that I believe that anyone can do. I’m in IT and sometimes I can go overboard myself with my techie talk to my users. I can tell you had that experience and it’s why you worded this tutorial the way you did! Great share Enstine! Have a great weekend!

Himanshu Sethi

I had always wanted to do this and ran across some instructions a few years ago showing me how this is done but the coding didn’t work with Thesis. I’ve run into this issue a few times actually that their instructions just doesn’t work with this theme.

Brenda Lee

Hi Enstine!

This is an awesome idea! I love the idea of adding a custom avatar, especially my brand logo, for use with those who don’t have a Gravatar! I’m looking forward to putting your fab tutorial to use this weekend! Thank you for sharing this!


Juliana Onwumere

This is great. The only question I have is if it is going to work in the Google customized template as mine. I guess you are talking about word Press Blogs.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Juliana,
    This is for WordPress. However, there should be a walk around in blogger. You may have to find out from blogger developers

Jasmeet Singh

This is awesome Enstine. I will definately try this for sure but after some time. There is some problem occur with mine blog. I am trying to fix it.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Jasmeet,
    Do fix that problem quick 😉
    Not good to get problems around especially if your blog is a hot spot 😉

Renard Moreau

[ Smiles ] Setting up a Gravatar is easy (It is quite intuitive actually).

A nice-looking picture added to your Gravatar gives it a personal touch.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Renard,
    Thanks for leaving a comment man. 😉

Edi Dominic

Wonderful Tutorial Mr. Enstine. I do not like seeing those Ugly Avatars used as default pics for Commenters who don’t have a Gravatar picture.
Although I am yet to move to WordPress, I believe I will come back for this post soon.
This will also open the eyes of many WP Bloggers, I will tell my friends about it.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Edi,
    You can always count on me to help as soon as you move to WP
    Do have a wonderful week bro 😉


Another fabulous step by step tutorial Enstine!

Honestly, I had no idea this type of thing could be done! And secondly, I typically run fast in the other direction, whenever I see or hear any of this techie talk. But even I can understand about 70% of what you explained!

And that’s a giant leap forward for me! Thanks to your always articulate information, I always leave more informed then when I arrived! Thanks!

    Enstine Muki

    lol you run fast in the other direction 😉
    Let me know if I can help you set this up

Sylviane Nuccio

Hi Enstine,

Wow, that’s great, and your steps seem easy enough. I guess I will give it a try.

Just have to add this on my list of things to do. I had no idea that this could be done.

Those default gravatars are pretty ugly, so who wouldn’t give this a try.

Thanks for this tutorial


    Enstine Muki

    Hi Sylviane,
    I’m glad this has been useful.
    Be very sure that I can help you get this running so don’t waste any time to get to me should you need assistance.

    Do have a wonderful day

Fabhres Holidays

Hi Enstine,

Great information!
Thanks for the wonderful solution for this important issue! Your instruction makes my job very easy! Gotta get it done on my blog ASAP!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Enstine.
Do have a wonderful week ahead.

    Enstine Muki

    Good luck on trying this out 😉
    I’m sure it will work out for you too

Nanda Rahmanius

Hi Enstine,

Great information!
Well, I am weak in programming languages. However, I will try it out first.
Although I do not quite understand about this, I’m sure a lot of people looking for this information. Since many people are using WordPress as their platform. I’ll share this post 🙂

Thanks for sharing this with us, Enstine.
Do have a wonderful week ahead.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Nanda,
    Be very sure I can help in this anytime so don’t hesitate 😉

Ammar Zeb

Oh My GOD!!!

I am still unable to believe that you really have wrote it. Because I recently at the end of December, 2014 have shifted my blog to WordPress and that was one of the most annoying problem I was facing and I am very happy that you wrote.

Offcourse, I am going to apply it immediately …

Thanks my friend, Keep writing 😉

    Enstine Muki

    Wow! Good to know you moved to WP
    It’s a flexible platform with its challenges too. Don’t forgot I have some pretty cool plugins 😉

    I’ll like to know how setting your custom gravatar works for you. I’ll be glad to help should you have any problems

Adeel Sami

Hello Enstine,

Thanks for the wonderful solution for this important issue! Your instruction makes my job very easy! Gotta get it done on my blog ASAP!

Thanks!! 🙂


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Adeel,
    Good to know this is a solution man 😉
    Good luck as you go ahead to implement it


I was also not aware that the default wordpress image could be changed, thanks for sharing this post – going to use my logo as default.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Rob,
    Wordpress is quite flexible with a lot of things you can change. Check out if this piece of code will work for you

    Good luck man and thanks for stopping by today

MSI Sakib

Hello Muki bro,
It’s a mind blowing idea to set my own avatar for all random commentators. This process will definitely increase the beauty of my blog.
Although I have noticed that almost all the commentators of your blog have image in gravatar, for which your comment section looks very nice. I need to use your trick to make my comment section nice like yours.

Thanks again Muki bro. Cheers!
MSI Sakib

    Enstine Muki

    Hey MSI,
    Good to see you around and thanks for the reaction.
    I’ve however got a few readers without gravatar image so I think this handles the issue 😉

    Let me know how it goes with you trying this out.

    Happy Week bro


Hey Enstine,

I had always wanted to do this and ran across some instructions a few years ago showing me how this is done but the coding didn’t work with Thesis. I’ve run into this issue a few times actually that their instructions just doesn’t work with this theme.

Since I don’t allow any comments on my blog now without a gravatar I’m not that worried about setting it up now.

Thanks though for walking us through how to do this, it’s something I think a lot of people would love to learn how to do. Great tutorial on this my friend.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week.


    Enstine Muki

    Hey Adrienne,
    I think your solution to not allow contributions from faceless readers is one of the ways forward. In my case however, I get some really beautiful comments from some readers who come to my blog from search engines. Such comments somethings I just think I should publish them and given the solution I have, it makes me feel ok 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point on this Adrienne. Always excited to see you around.

    Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

Victor Ome Umukoro

Hi Sir Enstine,

Thank You Very Much For The Tips


Not working for my blog and stopped it trying. also dont want to use plugin for it. rather i use plugin to cache gravatar image.

    Enstine Muki

    What’s your theme Shemul?

Abid Omar

Hi Enstine,

I tried to do this on my blog, abcdblogging.com. But, it feel something hard to do it. Then, i searched google and find this plugin, ‘Add New Default Avatar’. It is very easy to setup a default avatar on wordpress blog. Here is the link to that plugin : https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-new-default-avatar/

Abid Omar


Hey mate,

Great share and liked it. I might be changing this in the future but not now due to certain reasons. Lovely and VERY detailed guide indeed!

Thanks for this and stumbled 😀

Have a great weekend mate.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey let me know if you need some assistance in doing this
    Have a wonderful weekend

isaiah Joseph

Hello, this is extra welcomed post, and this is my first comment here anyway, please do you have a tutorial regarding this for genesis child themes?

I would love to change my default avater

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Isaiah,
    Welcome here man!
    This is actually for genesis’ Prose child theme. I think it answers your question 😉


Hi Enstine,
I have to say that you have done a great job in explaining the stuff so easily.
The wordpress gravatar can be changed with so much ease!
Thanks for sharing.

    Enstine Muki

    Yes Yogesh!
    Try it and let me know if you face any difficulties


Hey Enstine,

I think I read how to do this some time back over at Babanature’s blog but it just seemed way too confusing at the time or either he didn’t explain it as well. It’s been awhile so I probably just didn’t understand it and was too nervous to attempt it but boy I so love this idea.

I would love to get rid of that monster and have me attached to that logo. They’ll regret not getting that set up when they visit me after that so maybe I’ll get the nerve to give this a go. It seems simple enough and when you explain it like this, step by step, I have no trouble at all going for it. See, I may not know code but I can certainly follow directions.

Thank you so much and be on the lookout for something different over at my place soon. 😉 You the man!

Hey, Happy Halloween!


    Enstine Muki

    Hi Adrienne,
    It’s a pleasure to see you on this new blog, just about 48 hours old and thanks for leaving a comment.

    I’m glad this short tutorial was helpful. I’ll be so excited to see something different at your place. Don’t fail to let me know should you need some help.

    It’s almost weekend! Do have a wonderful time you and family 😉


Nice tute on changing the default WP gravatar. I was looking for a tute like this to change default gravatar to my blog’s logo

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Salman,
    I’m glad this was helpful to you.
    Do have a nice day 😉


This is a nice tutorial Enstine !
I didn’t know that default WordPress gravatar is changeable . Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us .. I’ll try this out for sure .

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the comment and participation Pramod.
    Let me know if I can help in setting this up for you

Kharim Tomlinson

Hey Enstine,

I have done this to my blog over the past 6 months now and I love having it on my blog instead of some mystery man.

Great tutorial.

    Enstine Muki

    Oh yes I took note of that some weeks back. It’s actually cool to have it done

    thanks for the comment on my new blog. Hope to have you around often

Siddharth Sharma


Nice Tutioral,for WordPress.

I’m Glad to see this New Blog of your. This Is also a Awesome , Look like a Glass Theme.

Hope i will Get More about Your experiance.

please Help me To send Ebook related to SEO .


Siddharth Sharma

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment
    The theme is prose on Genesis Framework. I did some tweaking myself

    I do not have any SEO ebook for now but If I do, I’ll upload it for you

    Do have a wonderful weeke

Sam Adeyinka

Hey Enstine,

What a great tutorial you’ve got here! I will try it out soon when I’m sure I can tweak.

Thanks for the share, mate! 🙂


    Enstine Muki

    It’s quite straight forward bro. Let me know if I can help

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