How I Published Over 100 Guest Posts on 4 Blogs

I am fibbing a little bit. Soon, I will have published over 100 guest posts on 5 blogs. This marks guest post #96 for me on Enstine’s fabulous blog. I feel honored to help you.

I explained a while back about how I published over 1000 guest posts on Blogging Tips. I also published over 100 guest posts on Blog With VK Netty Feed and Make Blogging. 4 blogs, over 100 guest posts. Make that 5 in under a month as I know I’ll publish more guesties here. How did I do it?

1: Seek Freedom More than Avoiding Fear

Seriously prolific bloggers intend to blog for freedom more than these folks try to avoid fear. Imagine; you write and publish one post daily. Comfort settles in. As does feeling complacent. At that moment, 99% of bloggers may think about writing and placing a second guest post but FEAR instantly invades their minds. Bloggers fear facing writer’s block, fear pushing it, fear giving away too much content for free, fear not being paid enough and fear not giving enough time to their blogs. Fear, fear, fear. Most bloggers try to avoid this fear more than blogging for fun and freedom. Hence, a guy like me, who makes freedom first, and dives into fear, writes and publishes 4-5 guest posts daily for months on end. Make freedom #1. Make your love of freedom greater than your fears. I did it, and published over 100 guest posts on 4 blogs.

2: Give Yourself Little Time to Get the Job Done

Work expands to fill the time allotted for the work. I only give myself 20-25 minutes to write and place a guest post. Anything more and I get lazy, ceasing to be prolific. Writing slowly and calmly, I hit the mark in 25 minutes and have written and placed at least 4 guest posts daily for many months. Life became easier the moment I blogged off of the clock. Time yourself; err on the side of not giving yourself enough time to guest post. Write slowly, and calmly, but keep writing during the 25 minute time frame. Allow words to flow. You will become hyper prolific.

3: Be Ruthless in Seizing Opportunities

When Zac, Enstine, Mudassir, Nazim and Vishwajeet invited me to guest post on their blogs, I did not play around. I began guest posting daily on 4 of these blogs for months at a time. I ruthlessly, aggressively seize opportunities for growth. Never playing around, I have fun guest posting so I have guest posted thousands upon thousands of times. This is how I guest posted over 100 times on 4 different blogs. Soon to be 5 blogs. Plus I published thousands of blog posts on Blogging From Paradise. You only become prolific by being all over opportunities to guest post. Do not wait on the sidelines. Never hesitate. Write the guest post! Publish that sucker! Be all over these opportunities. Gobble them up. Be hungry for guest posting opportunities.

4: See the Journey through

See the journey through. No way will you guest post 100 times on a single blog in under 4 months as a newbie or struggling blogger. Nobody writes *that* well, off the bat. I spent quite a while practicing my writing to be clear, confident and skilled enough, to write and guest post 4-5 times daily every single day for months on end. I blogged for 15,000 hours over the past decade. 10 years of blogging, folks, went into me being this prolific. Seemingly eye-popping results requires an eye-popping commitment to blogging.


I believe in you. I know you can and will be hyper prolific. Feast on my inspiration. You can do it! But doing awesome things feels scary sometimes. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Seek your freedom. Focus on your dreams. Concentrate on your fun to get past your fears. Become super prolific.


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