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Apetube video downloader software, free Youtube video downloader, Mac and Windows users

I know you want an excellent and free (Apetube video downloader) Youtube video downloader for both Mac and Windows computer users. Yes, you have been looking for ways to download Youtube Videos for free.  That’s why you are reading this article. Don’t worry! I’ve got you fully covered here.

As an online entrepreneur and money making blogger, I often have needs to grab videos from youtube too. Videos play a crucial part in online business today. The proof is that Youtube, being the biggest video platform online is also the biggest video search engine.

There are millions of video files on Youtube/apetube meant to be viewed online. However, it is not always comfortable streaming them and hanging on your PC for that long. There is always the need to download these videos and convert them to some other formats and make the viewing exercise exciting – watching them offline on PC or mobile device.

cashdonator-AdlinkMiddle It is overwhelming how people search for free Youtube video downloader. That’s a strong pointer to the fact that a lot of people find more solace watching these videos offline. With iSkysoft, you are able to download and save youtube videos right on your local Hard Drive. This is a perfect answer to the question on how to download youtube videos for free.


iSkysoft is 100% free and 100% safe solution allowing you to download any YouTube (YouTube VEVO) videos, and YouTube 4K HD videos to your computer and watch without ads, without waiting and without an Internet connection.

With settings like Shutdown, Sleep or Exit Program, you can leave your computer on to download all videos in a YouTube playlist, channel, or category.

iSkysoft has the capacity to automatically detect the video and popup a download button in your browser. Start your free download by simply clicking the button. Another option is to simply copy and paste the video’s URL to the program to start the free download.

iSkysoft is more than a Free ApeTube Video Downloader !

As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to get a you tube video downloader that goes beyond the limits of simply downloading video files.  While most of the software we find out there do just the single download function, iSkysoft breaks the bounds and offer extra ordinary features. Here are some of them;

Inbuilt Video Player

This inbuilt player lets you play both youtube donwloaded videos and any other video that’s on your desktop. Closely related to this is the built-in library. This makes it easy to manage your downloaded and existing videos. You don’t need to mess up your system with more than one video player.

Video quality not compromised!

Let me quickly point this out – Your videos downloaded  remain as they are. The quality is intact. I think this is a great quality that’s not found in some free Youtube video downloader. They download your videos while taking away the motion image qualities.

Supported video format

These are different file formats supported by the in-built video player:


For audio playing, the following formats are supported too:


iSkysoft Youtube, ApeTube Video Downloader software Full version

This free youtube video downloader has a fullsave youtube videos version that lets you convert video files to various format. For less than $20, you have the following benefits in this paid version;

  • Download videos from 1000+ sites.
  • Convert to MP3 and other popular formats and devices.
  • Automatically download/convert videos  in just 1 step.
  • Download youtube channels and user playlist videos with one easy click
  • Free technical supports.
  • Free upgrades.

What other users have to say about this ApeTube Video Downloader  software

download Youtube Videos

How to download youtube videos free with this software

The very first thing you have to do is download this video downloader for free. It is 100% free and all the functions available. No expiration date.


Download  for Windows          Download for MAC


Make sure you install the software.  After the installation, be sure to check the basic settings like the default folders where to save your downloaded videos and where to store the converted files.

Now, you can either use your in built browser to download your videos or use the web browser.  Each time you take your mouse pointer over the video player, iSkysoft Free Youtube video Downloader automatically detects the video and catches the video so you can simply click the popped up Download button.

Another option to download your video is copy the video url from youtube, open your free video downloader and click Paste URL. The video will automatically start downloading.

ApeTube Video Downloader(Free Youtube Video Downloader – Downloaded videos overview)

My Ratings!

I’m rating this free youtube video downloader 5/5 because it does perfectly what it represents. You get your videos downloaded without any loss in quality. That’s a whole big point I want to underline.

However, take note of the following limitations:

  • You cannot run more than one download at a time. You need the full version.
  • You also need the full version to convert the downloaded file to different formats.


This is an excellent free apetube video downloader if you ask me. My ratings for this app is 5/5.  With this, you don’t have to worry about what to do so as to save youtube videos and watch them even when the heavy rains and the wild storms have blown your Internet connection away.

Let me know what you think about this software in the comment box. Go grab your free copy too.

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  1. Hey Enstine, I think iSkysoft is best alternative to the youtube downloader which I am using in present. I would love to try this software. Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Enstine, thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with us! I did had one question though. Are you downloading from the direct source? The reason why I’m asking this.. For one of my websit I received a lot of product reviews online and I would like to add them to my own YT cannel. Is it possible to download them and put them back online without loosing pixels?

    • Hey Rachella,
      Downloading and re-uploading to your channels is not even the problem. If you don’t change the format, yo don’t lose the quality.

      The real problem should be the copyright issues. If you download someone’s protected videos and watch them on your PC, no one may be there to harass you but uploading them publicly may attract attention.

      Does that answer your question?

      • Yes, thank you for your reply. I’ve tried it and it works fantastic! Yes you are totally right about the copyright issue! I will never uploade something without any aprovel or something (treat others as you wanted to be treated:)).

  3. I am often to blogging and i really admire your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your website and keep checking for new information.
    Thanks For Sharing this 🙂

  4. Great tool for downloading Youtube videos. I have used it for more than 1 year and i am satisfied. Thanks for sharing this so it can benefit others like me. 🙂

  5. I just use video Download Helper Firefox Add-ons to download Youtube video or other video.
    Just download this software, if it will faster then I’ll use it because Video Download Helper add-ons have several limitations.
    Thanks for the nice review.

  6. I often download videos from youtube and I love the software that makes it possible, but a better one doesn’t hurt.

    Based upon your review, I just downloaded it, if it is faster and bug free then I will stick to it and spread the word out.

    I believe in giving exposure to the deserving. Thanks for reviewing this and sharing it.

    Anyway, I found this on kingged.

  7. Well, what will you guys say if I say that you can download any YouTube video (even YouTube Movies too) without any software tool in just one click !

    That’s true and very easy too. Here I am sharing the tip for downloading almost every kind of videos from YouTube in one click.

    1) Browse any video on YouTube that you want to download.
    2) Replace the text before “”youtube.com”” in URL with “”ss””. This will make the URL as “”ssyoutube.com/views…””.
    3) Hit enter and you will be redirected to savefrom.net site where you will get download links in just couple of seconds.
    4) Now you can download your video in MP4, 3GP, or even in HD quality too.

    Although the review made in the post is really good. Still, I would prefer to use this tip for downloading videos instead of using those special downloaders.

    This way you can download videos from almost every popular site such as Vimeo, Facebook, dailymotion, metacafe etc.
    I found the post shared on Kingged.com.

    Have fun with downloading YouTube videos without any software.

  8. Hi Enstine,

    I actually use IDM to download all types of videos and it really work great. I’m the tool you reviewed here is useful but I will continue to use IDM unless there is any problem.

  9. Mr. Enstine,
    This is another great guide from you. Some times I watch You Tube Video, and accepted as it is. Now after reading your review only, could know that some more developed system is available. Thanks for your introduction.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    I previously used to download YouTube downloads from 3rd party apps, with the fear of getting my phone and PC infected by virus.

    Now, I can download any type of youtube videos safely and securely.


  11. There are many programmes like this on the net but since this is coming from you, would certainly try it. Looks like a great product for downloading youtube videos, thanks for the mention Enstine.

    • Hey Shalu,
      Good to see you here today and thanks for the trust. I’m sure you’ll love it. That’s actually what I’m using to download videos 😉

  12. Wow,
    Frankly speaking! i’ve been using IDM so far to download the videos from youtube.
    But yes i must add that there are other effective tools as well that provide better results then IDM.
    Thank You for the update you provided in your article. I’ll definitely give this tool a try now.

    I found this article on Kingged

  13. I love when you read my articles and drop comments on my blog because your comments motivate me to write more, i’m glad you liked that article.

    You are working incessantly to convert your blog into a helpful community.

  14. Hey Enstine,

    Wow! Another awesome review by you Enstine. I browse different blogs on daily basis and mostly every blogger do reviews for the sake of increasing there articles, they don’t even think that the product useful or not.

    You are not like average bloggers, when you post reviews you make sure that the product is useful that’s what you’ve done in this article.

    Keep posting such useful reviews.


    • Hi Siraj,
      While you were on my blog, I was reading your article how you changed your theme… Great stuff bro

      Yes, I care about what can help my readers. I don’t only blog to blog. I blog to build a helpful community. So many of us need to be able to download youtube videos right? That’s why I brought this to my blog. Hope you grab your copy too 😉

  15. I have tried Firefox extensions it did work good for me but some features stated above are missing thanks sir for this video downloader

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Sounds awesome! I agree, downloading videos from YouTube is a long process and if the videos are long, we tend to postpone the downloading or viewing for later and sometimes that slips our mind because of the work at hand. I am glad you came up with this review, and now I think after downloading this, you can watch what you want at your own time, that’s the best part.

    I am surely going to do this, but a little later, so bookmarking this page to come back to. Definitely a 5/5 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,
      Yeah this app is really big time saver. I can even program it to shutdown my computer after downloading. What I love is the fact that the quality of the videos is maintain. That’s quite important.

      hope you enjoy your free copy too. Do have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by

  17. Hello Enstine Sir,

    Thanks for reviewing this great tool. I’m a youtube content creator (I used to make video tutorials) and for that purpose sometime I need to download my favorite videos to get some effects ideas.

    Before that I was using 4K downloader but from now I’ll surely use this great tool.

    Specially I like that this tool also provide the facility to download complete playlist in just single click. Now I can download my favorite playlists to enjoy watching them anytime even without having the internet connection.


  18. Hey Enstine,

    Downloading Youtube vidoes was a difficult job for me.But now Its solved I think! Seriously its time to download this software and solve my problems 🙂



  19. This seems to be a great product Enstine judging by your review,
    You know, downloading youtube videos can be a very tedious task sometimes and people have been looking for answers as to how to easily do this and I think you’ve gotten the perfect answer now.

    I will give this one a try and see how it works.

    Thanks for sharing :).

  20. Hey Enstine,
    Back to your blog after some months and I can see you are on with full force. A lot of more beautiful things you have shared here with time.

    You just make my day Enstine by sharing this free software. Just yesterday I decided I was going to look for some app to download youtube. Didn’t know there is such an excellent choice for free. I’m downloading it right away man. I feel like buying you some hamburger 😉

    • Oh wow! Thanks for the quick comment Marcus. I’m glad this is coming just at the right time. I have this software on my PC and it’s super excellent. Grab your copy bro and don’t forget to buy my hamburger.

      BTW, welcome back 😉

      • Hi Enstine..

        As usual great review post… 🙂

        Going ahead to try this one… 🙂

        By the way.. Today I have completed my 1 year as blogger… I have survived 1 year.. ohhpheww…. 🙂

        By seeing my CommentLuv link post title you can guess what I have created on my 1st birth day as a blogger…
        Let me know what you think about it?



        • Happy anniversary my friend. I have visited that post and it’s a wonderful idea. I love the approach and it’s great to see you in the video and hear your voice.

          I’ll be back on that post 😉

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