2 Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Traffic & Affiliate Income!

I found 2 free wordpress plugins that can help boost your traffic and increase your affiliate earnings. If you are interested in generating income from your blog, I think you’ll have to pay attention to this post.There are two serious issues I want to face today;

  1. Traffic to your blog on autopilote – From social media
  2. Generate more affiliate sales or sale more copies of your product.

Traffic to your blog on autopilote – From Social Media

One of the problems we have as bloggers, Internet Marketers and online entrepreneurs is traffic.  No matter how beautiful or useful your product is, without targeted traffic, it’s all as beautiful as shutting down your server.

There is absolutely no way you can generate sales without traffic. That’s because you make sales from human beings who visit your site not scripts or bots.

There are several ways to pull this most-needed factor of online business. A few of these are;

  • Search engines,
  • Social media,
  • Email list,
  • Direct,
  • Blogging communities,
  • Forums,
  • Etc

Traffic from Twittertwitter logo

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms that generate a considerable amount of traffic for users who know how to go about it.

As a blogger, there are so many plugins out there that have made it quite simplified to benefit from Twitter. While these plugins play a no-small role, you have your own drums to play too.

You must be able to create an account and grow your follower-base. Yes! You need targeted followers, without which, your links in tweets will never receive any clicks.

I’m not talking about how to get followers in this post. What I want to show you is a plugin that will keep tweeting your posts to your followers without you having to lift a finger. All you have to do is set it up and focus on other things while it does the tweeting automatically, following your schedule.

If you want to know more ways to get more followers, check out this post by buddy Reginald Chan

Traffic from Facebookfacebook logo

There is almost no social media without Facebook right? That’s the giant of going social. That means Facebook can drive huge traffic to your blogs, but that’s not easy. You have to create an account, look for friends, join groups, create and grow your fan pages, etc

That still won’t be enough.  You have to be able to post relevant content to your profile. So how do you do that automatically? from your WordPress blog dashboard?

Traffic From LinkedInlinkedin logo

This used to be a virtual curricula Vitae until recently when it grew up to be a hot social media player. The LinkedIn community is made more of adults and business profiles. Your kid of 12 years certainly will not find this professional network so interesting. So how do you post to LinkedIn automatically from WordPress dashboard?

Traffic from Google plus

google plus logoLeaving out Google plus will be an error right? This has grown to be the favorite on some lists of social media platforms. It’s the youngest in the industry but gaining more traction and growing at the speed of light. I use this often and it drives me crazy traffic and keeps me connected with so many savvy bloggers.

But how do you post your articles to social media automatically when you are away – on vacation, partying or even sleeping, etc?

Let’s talk about Revive Old Post

Yes! that’s the plugin. It helps you automate posting to three of the most used social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The free version which you can download here can only post to Twitter. Now, if you want more exposure on social media (including image posting) you have to go pro.

Free WordPress Plugins

You know once your posts are pushed down the list, chances of getting traffic to them are quite slim. If you failed to do proper SEO on these old posts, they may never get traffic again.

This is where this awesome plugin comes in. It will go fetch out those old and buried articles and post them to social media. This is surely a good way to keep them alive without sweating.

Revive old posts (Former Tweet Old Post) comes with a bunch of options so you can set it to get just what you want and when you want it. Get it installed and check out these beautiful features.

Now, let’s look at the second plugin. What this does is help you boost affiliate sales or increase sales of your own product.

WP Product Review

One of the most successful ways to make money online is Affiliate Marketing and there are so many ways to promote products and earn commissions.

If you are a blogger like me, it makes it even easier to talk to your readers about helpful products and earn commissions from sales. Note I said helpful products. That means you have to consider how the product can help your community. Don’t think money first. If you do that, you fail!

One of the best ways that have worked so well for me on this blog is product reviews. You can just go ahead and write your reviews like any other blog post, but I can tell you, using a specially coded plugin for professional reviews will increase sales. You can also use one of the best WordPress table plugins to create comparison tables between two or more products.

That’s why we are talking about WP Product Review in this post. It’s free so you can go download it this moment on WordPress.

WP Product Review

WP Product Review helps you to easily turn your basic posts into in-depth reviews with ratings, pros and cons and affiliate links. With its Rich snippets features, your review posts will stand out on SERP, thereby increasing your CTR while driving more search traffic to your blog.

Now you don’t have to wait to be paid by some advertiser to review his product. It’s time to move forward, sign up to their affiliate program, grab your affiliate links, download this plugin and start the money making journey.

I had a reader who sent me a mail asking for how to start attracting advertisers. Truth is, most advertisers want to see what you’ve done first.  You need to start by reviewing affiliate programs. That’s where you train yourself to be able to do more reviews and get paid.

So these are the 2 free wordpress plugins I wanted to talk about. One will help you get traffic from social media while the second will help you monetize your traffic the right way.

Go ahead, grab them for a test drive

Let me know what you think in the comment box 😉

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  1. I am doing just fine Enstine I actually use Revive Old Post and I love. It works great. I decided not to go Pro yet since I put more focus on Twitter and G+ since they drive the most traffic for me

  2. Hi
    thanks from me for sharing such a useful facts about these plugin.
    I really wants to make some benefit by using these two plugin. I hope it will give their best results for me.
    Thanks a lot

  3. Hi,

    Well you have shared really great tips for increasing blog traffic and I guess its time to implement on same on my blogs.


  4. Hi Enstine,
    A special thanks from me for sharing such a useful facts about these plugin.
    I really wants to make some benefit by using these two plugin. I hope it will give their best results for me.
    Thanks again..

    Reg. sultan

  5. Hi, I used to have the retweet old post plugin enabled on my site. Reading this post has made me realise that it’s gone! I’m guessing because it’s changed names. Thanks for the heads up, now I know why my Twitter referrals have dropped!

  6. Hi Enstine bro,

    Definitely a very useful article for every blogger and me too!
    Yes, by using various social media platforms we can drive more traffic to our site. The plugin you shared with us works greatly. I am going to download it soon!

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this informative post with us.

    Dear bro- you need to fix this issue. “check out this post by buddy Reginald Chan” not inter-linked properly.

  7. A special thanks for sharing such a useful facts about these plugin. I really liked your WP Product Review plugin. can u tell me more about this plugin?

  8. Hi enstine,

    Getting traffic to any blog is the key factor in making money. Specially if the blog is focused on affiliate products.

    You have mentioned about the plugin of WP Product Review. Surely its a great plugin to review the affiliate products. Revive old post is new plugin i see here.


  9. Hi Enstine,
    A special thanks from me for sharing such a useful facts about these plugin.
    I really wants to make some benefit by using these two plugin. I hope it will give their best results for me.
    Thanks again..


  10. Well , This article is so wonderful , I am not an affiliate marketer but I really liked the concept of the 2nd plugin , I already knew about the 1st plugin , Infact , I am using it on 2 of my wp sites as well.

  11. Hi Enstine,

    These plugins to increase traffic are amazing and I thank you for introducing them to me. I did hear a buzz about them, but didn’t know how they work, and now I do thanks to YOU!

    I know that Twitter is amazing when it comes to traffic, but it is one of those things that are on my to-do list because of all the marketing I have been doing lately. This looks like a pretty easy way to get things going on that platform.

    I will take a peek at WP Product review and see if it is a good fit for me.

    Many thanks!


  12. Great plugins indeed!

    I really liked the WP review plugin as I am very much in affiliate marketing. It works like a pro.
    Thanks buddy for sharing such useful stuff.

    Appreciate your efforts ! 🙂

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Great post as usual..I’ve been using WP product review on my amazon affiliate site and it’s an awesome plugin. It’s easy to use even for the newbies.

    I haven’t used Revive old post yet but I’m definitely going to give it a try. Seeing as you mentioned, old blog posts can easily get buried down there especially if not well optimized for search. I’ll put my old posts in there and see how it goes.

    Thanks and wish you an awesome week!

      • I went back to school and unfortunately found it tough to balance school work and my online activities.

        Thankfully I’m now through with my schooling and can now focus fully on my websites and writing biz.

        I’m implementing BroadedNet on my blog right now and I will let you know how it works out for me. That’s an innovative platform you’ve developed.


  14. Hey Enstine…

    As usual awesome stuff… I am glad to back inside this blogger world after a long absence and perfect time for Broadednet… 🙂

    I have installed MyCommentauthor this week I think you have noticed it… 🙂


    • Hey, welcome back sir
      I hope all is well!

      Well, I didn’t put in place any tracking system for MyCommentAuthors but I’ll be excited to see you use it to revive your blog
      Waiting to approve your campaigns on broadedNet too 😉

  15. It was first time that i was hearing about WP Product Review. So with this plugin, we can make serious amount of money from affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing details about this plugin. I will try this plugin.

  16. Hi Enstine,

    There are many plugins in the WordPress directory and many premium plugin but it’s hard to know about all of them.

    You have mentioned the two plugins above which can be beneficial for many bloggers. About the reviews WP product review may be proved as an effective plugin.

    I will try the plugins when time will come.

    Thanks for the info.

    Enjoy your week.:)


  17. The over all explanation about 2 Free WordPress Plugins tell these are superb WordPress Plugins ! I think it’s time to use this free WordPress Plugins to let’s check out better result !

  18. Definitely going to look into the Revive Old Posts – not that I have any old posts since I am starting a new blog. I can think of a few clients who would benefit from it as well though so will try it there also!


  19. Hi Enstine,
    I am really thankful to you for the free wordpress themes which you have suggested, I am more likely to use it on my Blog now, but is it good to change the theme after some stage?

  20. Hello Enstine,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome plugins.

    I liked the 2nd one “WP Product Review” most. It is very useful for review kind of post. I will also try the 1st one soemtimes.

    Have a great day ahead!

  21. Hey Enstine,

    I actually use Revive Old Post and I love. It works great. I decided not to go Pro yet since I put more focus on Twitter and G+ since they drive the most traffic for me. But adding the image to my tweets are very appealing!

    WP Product Review looks pretty sweet. Giving your opinion that is laid out as the example shown above looks professional and is more visually appealing than a mostly text review. I will put that on my list of potential plugins for sure.

    I hope everything i going well for you man. Take care…

  22. Well a detailed and used guide about increasing blog traffic and sales as well. Enstine currently I am using All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets plugin which is best for boosting organic traffic and search engine rankings as well. From now I will also be going to utilize the another plugin about twitter mentioned by you in this post.

  23. Hi,
    Really nice post!!

    I am agree with your points and am sure very informative and helpful for lots of people.

    Keep posting have a good gay

  24. Hey! These two plugins are great, All we want to boost traffic and sales.

    Thanks! for knowing me awesome plugin “Revive Old Post”


  25. Thanks Enstine for sharing these two WordPress plugins with us. I haven’t used any one of them. I think it is a great way to revive our old posts. WP Product Review seems to be an awesome plugin for those bloggers who wants to generate revenue through affiliate marketing.

  26. Hi Muki, Thanks for the great post. Found new idea to generate more revenue from Affiliate Marketing. Hope this WP plugin will help me to increase my affiliate product sales as well as revenue.

  27. Hi Enstine

    I used Revive Old Post (incl Pro) for quite a while and agree it’s great.
    Not long ago I replaced it with “something else” that cost more money. Bad move I just removed that and put back Revive Old Post because I liked it so much better.

    It’s great when you go to an old post on your blog and see all those Tweets 🙂

    Not come across the other one, but will investigate.

    Thanks, Joy

    • Hey Joy,
      Good testimonial 😉 I think the Pro version is very interesting and can give real live to your old post.

      Please do investigate the other one and let me know what you think

  28. These are some awesome plugins for traffic generation. I am not familiar with them so I thank you very much. I especially like the WP product review plugin and I plan to download it asap. I can see how this can definitely allow my readers to get a more in depth understanding of the products I am reviewing. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Ahan! Traffic generation is usually the soul of your blog and without it your blog is nothing. Unfortunately getting traffic these days has become difficult for the newbies because of bad practices of some culprits but hard work always pays!

    I see, you are using a new rating plugin, Cool 😉

  30. Muki bro,
    I have read a lot blog of post on Twitter traffic but it seems not to be convert as such for me unlike other social media but the fact still remain it sustains some bloggers traffic and that fact is unarguable. These two plugins seems great from this review but I think I would have to pay more attention on revive old post since my blog is not that affiliate centered. I have been observing tremendous increase in my blog traffic this day which seems to be from search engine and I think if I could get such traffic as well from Twitter, things will seems to work perfect but not withstand, I’ll have to give revive my post a trial as to whether things might change or what do you think?

  31. Hi Muki, traffic generation is the heart cry of every blogger, therefore, every introduced method to achieve this great task is a welcome development, though this is for WordPress users, i am happy to read it. thanks for sharing.

  32. the 2 plugins are really useful. I am blogging on tech blog and i was looking for something review plugin but they all were paid but today you really helped me to get this wonderful plugin.
    WP Product Review is an awesome plugin for mobile and laptops review thanks for wonderful post

  33. Hi Enstine,
    I use evergreen post tweeter plugin to re tweet blog post regularly. But after read this post I immediately replace that plug-in with review old post plug-in. Re-sharing old blog post is the best way keep old blog post alive.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article with us.
    Hope you are having fun this week 

  34. Hello enstine,
    first of all thanks for such a wonderful article. Social media impact is very Helpful to everyone if he wants to generate Traffic in their blog. I really didn’t know about how to re tweet old post i always used to see harleena singh to post randomly tweeting post.
    Again thanks for the post!! =D

  35. Hey Enstine,

    Firstly, thanks for the kind mention. I really appreciate it! Yes, BIG TIME!

    I love the revive old post plugin and it looks great to be honest. I used it on some of my blog 🙂

    Oh yes, The WP Product review looks cool! Might test it out and keep you informed of the progress man.

    Thanks for sharing!

  36. Enstine always comes out with whats outstanding, from the nature of this post i can deduce that these free wordpress plugins can increase traffic.

    Geting Traffic ofcourse is everybloggers dream and what we want.

    Thanks for sharing these with us 🙂

  37. Revive Old Post is a great plugin. It works well when you are creating amazing content and need it to be shared periodically on Twitter. Another great free plugin is FB Comments for WordPress. I think Facebook comments are becoming more and more helpful to a blog’s traffic.

    • Hey Justin,
      Good to see you here and thanks for adding your voice.
      The FB comment is something I don’t see around so often. I remember it used to be very popular. The fact that it limits commenting only to FB users makes some blogger quite reluctant to install it. Not everyone that reads your blog is on FB. Same holds true with Googleplus comment.

      BTW, that’s just what I think bro.

      Thanks for sharing your views and hope to see you around again

  38. Hello Enstine,

    First of all, Thank You for sharing my latest article.

    I think that all of us completely agree about the importance of Social Media in terms of promotion. But frankly speaking, till now I did not have any idea about promoting my old post with the help of plugin. Thanks to you for letting us know about the plugin whose free version will help us to tweet the older post and paid version for the many social networking site. This is really cool plugin.

    And again thank for the “WP Product Review” plugin. Good Product review will help to attract more traffic at your blog. As a results money automatically comes to your pocket.

    All the best Sir and keep posting this kind of article with us.


    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for stopping by again and dropping a comment. It was good reading about Mi this morning on your blog. He’s a great guy.

      I’m glad this post is helpful. Give a try to those free plugins and if there is need, go pro

      Will be seeing you again bro

  39. Hey Enstine,

    It’s a good post overall. It’s nice that it’s available in free version too. We can see check it and then go for the paid version.Though it’s only available for twitter only. But still we can check it.

    Thank you for the share, I liked it.
    ~Mohd Arif Khan

      • Thanks for your reply.And I’m saying the same thing. May be You didn’t get my words,I feel sorry for that. I said, atleast it’s possible to check this with Twitter only. And after that we can use in full with paid one.
        ~Mohd Arif Khan

  40. Hi Enstine,
    I definitely agree with your points. Most of my visitors comes from Facebook. Though I haven’t tried LinkedIn yet, but am gonna try it out and see how it goes.

  41. OMG!!!! Now this is what I call too good!!! For the past 6 months, i’ve been using Author hReview plugin in reviews to boost my blog’s affiliate sales but didn’t see any improvement with it. Then I installed one of the 2 plugins you mentioned here. Both of your plugins look quite exciting and I hope they’ll make me an expert affiliate marketer.

    Also, the tips you mentioned here to drive traffic from Social Media is also too good!!!

    Keep rocking buddy!


  42. I liked the Revive Old Post plugin and i am going to use its free version now. I was looking for something like this already because its a big pain for me to share my old posts on Social Media’s as i’m even lazy to share my new posts though. 😛

    And as a young blog my main source of traffic is Social Media so i can’t risk my blog by not using this plugin. Thanks for sharing Enstine. 🙂

  43. Hi Enstine,
    Its true that once posts get old it gets harder to get traffic to them. SEO and internal linking are a couple of ways to get more and more reach to them.
    Anyway the plugins you mentioned are great. Specially the WP Affiliate Review. I have seen it in action on a couple of blogs though I haven’t used it myself. But will sure give it a thought.
    Affiliate marketing needs you to drive targeted traffic to the sales pitch or the review of the affiliate product and these plugins will sure go a long way on doing that.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Hey Vineet,
      So good to see you here and thanks for the quick reaction! I’ll be using the review plugin in one of my upcoming reviews. I really love the way it looks

      BTW how is your week going?

      • I am doing just fine Enstine. I am planning on some new content for my blog and working for it. How are you doing and how are things going?

    • Hi Vineet,

      You are right bro, this ‘Revive Old Post’ plugin going to be rock for all those older post who have lost their traffic . I just want to see the review for this plugin in near future.
      Have a nice day..


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