2 Free WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Traffic & Affiliate Income!

I found 2 free wordpress plugins that can help boost your traffic and increase your affiliate earnings. If you are interested in generating income from your blog, I think you’ll have to pay attention to this post.There are two serious issues I want to face today;

  1. Traffic to your blog on autopilote – From social media
  2. Generate more affiliate sales or sale more copies of your product.

Traffic to your blog on autopilote – From Social Media

One of the problems we have as bloggers, Internet Marketers and online entrepreneurs is traffic.  No matter how beautiful or useful your product is, without targeted traffic, it’s all as beautiful as shutting down your server.

There is absolutely no way you can generate sales without traffic. That’s because you make sales from human beings who visit your site not scripts or bots.

There are several ways to pull this most-needed factor of online business. A few of these are;

  • Search engines,
  • Social media,
  • Email list,
  • Direct,
  • Blogging communities,
  • Forums,
  • Etc

Traffic from Twittertwitter logo

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms that generate a considerable amount of traffic for users who know how to go about it.

As a blogger, there are so many plugins out there that have made it quite simplified to benefit from Twitter. While these plugins play a no-small role, you have your own drums to play too.

You must be able to create an account and grow your follower-base. Yes! You need targeted followers, without which, your links in tweets will never receive any clicks.

I’m not talking about how to get followers in this post. What I want to show you is a plugin that will keep tweeting your posts to your followers without you having to lift a finger. All you have to do is set it up and focus on other things while it does the tweeting automatically, following your schedule.

If you want to know more ways to get more followers, check out this post by buddy Reginald Chan

Traffic from Facebookfacebook logo

There is almost no social media without Facebook right? That’s the giant of going social. That means Facebook can drive huge traffic to your blogs, but that’s not easy. You have to create an account, look for friends, join groups, create and grow your fan pages, etc

That still won’t be enough.  You have to be able to post relevant content to your profile. So how do you do that automatically? from your WordPress blog dashboard?

Traffic From LinkedInlinkedin logo

This used to be a virtual curricula Vitae until recently when it grew up to be a hot social media player. The LinkedIn community is made more of adults and business profiles. Your kid of 12 years certainly will not find this professional network so interesting. So how do you post to LinkedIn automatically from WordPress dashboard?

Traffic from Google plus

google plus logoLeaving out Google plus will be an error right? This has grown to be the favorite on some lists of social media platforms. It’s the youngest in the industry but gaining more traction and growing at the speed of light. I use this often and it drives me crazy traffic and keeps me connected with so many savvy bloggers.

But how do you post your articles to social media automatically when you are away – on vacation, partying or even sleeping, etc?

Let’s talk about Revive Old Post

Yes! that’s the plugin. It helps you automate posting to three of the most used social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The free version which you can download here can only post to Twitter. Now, if you want more exposure on social media (including image posting) you have to go pro.

Free WordPress Plugins

You know once your posts are pushed down the list, chances of getting traffic to them are quite slim. If you failed to do proper SEO on these old posts, they may never get traffic again.

This is where this awesome plugin comes in. It will go fetch out those old and buried articles and post them to social media. This is surely a good way to keep them alive without sweating.

Revive old posts (Former Tweet Old Post) comes with a bunch of options so you can set it to get just what you want and when you want it. Get it installed and check out these beautiful features.

Now, let’s look at the second plugin. What this does is help you boost affiliate sales or increase sales of your own product.

WP Product Review

One of the most successful ways to make money online is Affiliate Marketing and there are so many ways to promote products and earn commissions.

If you are a blogger like me, it makes it even easier to talk to your readers about helpful products and earn commissions from sales. Note I said helpful products. That means you have to consider how the product can help your community. Don’t think money first. If you do that, you fail!

One of the best ways that have worked so well for me on this blog is product reviews. You can just go ahead and write your reviews like any other blog post, but I can tell you, using a specially coded plugin for professional reviews will increase sales. You can also use one of the best WordPress table plugins to create comparison tables between two or more products.

That’s why we are talking about WP Product Review in this post. It’s free so you can go download it this moment on WordPress.

WP Product Review

WP Product Review helps you to easily turn your basic posts into in-depth reviews with ratings, pros and cons and affiliate links. With its Rich snippets features, your review posts will stand out on SERP, thereby increasing your CTR while driving more search traffic to your blog.

Now you don’t have to wait to be paid by some advertiser to review his product. It’s time to move forward, sign up to their affiliate program, grab your affiliate links, download this plugin and start the money making journey.

I had a reader who sent me a mail asking for how to start attracting advertisers. Truth is, most advertisers want to see what you’ve done first.  You need to start by reviewing affiliate programs. That’s where you train yourself to be able to do more reviews and get paid.

So these are the 2 free wordpress plugins I wanted to talk about. One will help you get traffic from social media while the second will help you monetize your traffic the right way.

Go ahead, grab them for a test drive

Let me know what you think in the comment box 😉

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