What Single Factor Heavily Influences Your Blogging Success?

Blogging is simple, fun, freeing and highly uncomfortable sometimes.

I know; I have blogged for the past decade. Through ups and downs, I identified a single factor that heavily influences – and increases – your blogging success. Bloggers with it, succeed. Bloggers without it, fail. What is the factor?

–> Blogging experience.

Gaining blogging experience gives you:

  • confidence
  • clarity
  • boldness
  • drive
  • proof of success
  • knowing
  • a sense of being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • motivation
  • a purer intent
  • knowledge of what works
  • knowledge of what does not work
  • emotional intelligence

Of course, most bloggers fail because most bloggers gain little experience. Most bloggers sit on the blogging sidelines. Check yourself up. When is the last time you blogged? When did you last write and publish a blog post? What did you do today, blogging-wise? Be straight with yourself.

Every time you blog, you gain critical experience for the present and future. Every time you do not blog, copping out, you lose the opportunity to gain critical experience for the present and future. Blog. Gain experience. Gain confidence.

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Bloggers Learn Lessons Best through Blogging

Imagine if I told you specifically how to get featured on world famous blogs. I even created a course for you, to do so. If you refuse to put my tips into action you never land the features because you gain zero experience in reaching the goal. Experience puts you over the top. Blogging experience teaches you the pain of disappointment, the sting of failure and the peace of success.

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Almost all of us need to feel deep fear, pain and grief before we stop doing what does not work and start doing what works, to set ourselves on a successful blogging path. Bloggers taught me to network generously but I only began gaining networking experience after failing horribly with my blog. The moment I began to observe how networking generously drove more traffic and profits to my blog, I was sold! I believed. I bought in.

This is why you need to gain crucial blogging experience; every successful entrepreneur needs to experience struggle, heartache, depression and failure, to become genuinely great at what they do. I only unearthed and developed talents after failing miserably and being disgusted with blogging. I had to fall flat on my blogging face to both change my blogging strategies and to learn how to pick myself up.

Nothing and No One Teaches You As Well As Your Personal Experience

Gaining experience in doing what yielded success convinced me to stick to the basics of generously creating content and building meaningful connections with top bloggers. Nobody could convince me to create and connect how I convinced myself after gaining critical creating and connecting experience, and experiencing success.

Wise people suggest not to trust them implicitly, but to try out their advice for yourself. Why? Sages know that experience is the best teacher that ever existed. Successful bloggers only succeed because successful bloggers:

  • work
  • test
  • tweak
  • fail
  • stumble
  • bounce back
  • inspire
  • develop patience
  • develop persistence
  • cultivate the habit of being generous

Get off of the blogging sidelines, guys! Gain blogging experience now. Develop confidence. Establish clarity. No thing and no one teaches you like your own intimate, personal blogging experience teaches you.

Getting experience introduces you to successful, shining examples like Enstine, who remind you to blog the right way to build your online business. I only met him because I dove into blogging, gained critical experience and learned what worked, what did not work, and how to persist blogging through thick and thin.

Nobody gains blogging experience while sitting on the cyber sidelines. Create content. Build connections. Grow your friend network daily by being generous. Be patient and persistent. Stack up important blogging experience to position yourself to succeed online.

7 thoughts on “What Single Factor Heavily Influences Your Blogging Success?”

  1. Ryan!

    Great article! I really appreciate your insights, it means a lot!

    I totally agree that personal experience is where it is at. How often do we think about how to walk? At one time that was a huge learning process for us.

    Other skills are exactly the same.

    Thanks again!

  2. Blogging is like my passion and I always enjoy my passion a lot. Because of blogging, I made some good blogger friends. By doing blogging, everyone can get financial freedom from their 9 to 5 jobs. Blogging changed many people’s lifestyles.

  3. Hi Ryan!

    This is a great advise ever. Nothing helps more than personal experience, consistency and perseverance as you have said not only in blogging but in every area of ones life. I could vividly remember last year when I started affiliate marketing as a novice, the very person that got me introduce to it left me at the very beginning because I could not afford money to his life seminar. But I told myself Favour, if others can do it well then you can do better. I took it upon myself to succeed and today i’m happy I did not quit even though there was a time it become tough on me but thank I conquered it. So you’re very right with all tips you’ve shared with us. Thank you Ryan and Enstine for sharing.

  4. Hi Ryan

    One of the things I love about being a blogger is the experience it brings along with it. Blogging brings out the new person inside of you.

    A person you never thought of yourself. And as you continue doing it, you gain valuable experience over time. The experience that’s not only useful for your online marketing but for living life itself.

    You get better intellectually.

    The more you blog consistently, the more it becomes easier to accomplish great things in online marketing.

    Thanks, Ryan, nice read.

  5. Hello Ryan & Enstine,

    When it comes to blogging, time is something you need a lot of. Starting a new blog takes a lot of time, commitment, and persistence.

    When I started on my blogging journey, the prominent thing on my mind was making friends and creating relationships with other bloggers.

    In blogging journey you can gain a lot of experience like how to work consistently or how to be patience in any situation etc.
    Thanks for your motivation pack.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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