How to boost revenue by 50 – 100 % with Ezoic Google Certified Publishing Partner!

increase revenue

Generating income online these days is increasingly becoming difficult. Traditional money making methods are more and more becoming a disappointment. But there is still a growing need to make that money. That's why Ezoic, a Google Certified Publishing Partner is here to help online entrepeneurs scientifically analyze, test and improve their sites.

With myriads of Ad Networks jumping on the scene every single moment, we constantly get overwhelmed and often confused. There is need for some intelligent tool to get all put together in one place for improved performance.


Whether you are selling direct ads or running ads from networks like Google Adsense, Outbrain, OpenX, Tabools, Criteo, Media.NET, Infolinks, etc, you agree with me that the pain to manage your business at this time is immeasurable.

So how does Ezoic help?​

​Ezoic helps you increase your revenue 50% to 100% by utilizing its inbuilt advanced ad tester tool to find the best ad locations,sizes and colors for your properties.

And there is more to that...​

If you've been working with ads from different networks, you certainly have understood how enormous and head-aching it goes trying to test to find out which network performs best, which position should I fit what, which color goes where and which size to use.

These unfortunately are unavoidable exercises you need to perform frequently to grow your business and maximize profit.​

But you need a tool that's certified to lift the load off your back, do the complete testing job, choose for you which network performs best for your audience, increase your revenue while you focus on other areas to grow your business.

Ezoic Website Performance improvement platform

Maximize your website's revenue without negatively affecting your users. Most sites see revenue increases of 50 - 200%!


  • Integrate your site
  • Setup Ad Testing
  • Apply for Google Ad Exchange
  • Turn on the system

Once you add your site to the platform, you should see the Integrate Your Site link​;

Google Certified Publishing Partner

Clicking this link takes you to the next page where you are presented with two options to activate Ezoic on your site.

Google Certified Publishing Partner integration

You take any of the integration methods. But I think the CDN methods adds some more security to your site. If you ain't on any CDN, this will be highly recommended.

NB: Check this post where I shared how a CDN network helped kick over 500 attacks away from my blog in 24 hours​.

If you have any difficulties at this level, it will be good thing to contact the Ezoic help team. They are often very available and answer so quick.​

Once you have your site well integrated, you should return to dashboard and click "Setup Ad Testing" This step will allow you place Ezoic ad units on your properties.

On the page that follows, just click "Continue to step 2"​

Ezoic intelligence will now scan your site to locate ad codes from different Ad Networks. After running this on my blog, here is what I found:

Google Certified Publishing Partner ad code

The Google ad code was found at the bottom of  the content zone on my blog. There are a couple of other elements you are going to see on this page. These essentially are;

  • The devices to display this ad
  • The different sizes to choose from
Google Certified Publishing Partner device

Once you are through with these settings, click "Convert Ad". Don't panic! This will not send any signals to your website.

What Ezoic does is just generate a new piece of code for you to replace the old code on your website. Here is what it looks like: ​

Google Certified Publishing Partner replace code

What you do now is just copy the new code over to your blog. If you have an ad management plugin, you should still be fine with it.

You should repeat this process to generate and replace different ad codes on your blog.​

Google Certified Publishing Partner replace skip

If Ezoic scans your site and finds some ad code you would like to maintain, just click the "Skip" button​:

Wrapping Your Ads

If you are not comfortable with completely replacing your ad network code, Ezoic allows you to maintain it and still have your site optimized using their code wrapping feature.

For complete, step-by-step instructions on how to wrap your ad code, check out this post on Ezoic blog​

Is Ezoic Mobile Friendly?

ezoic mobile

It is absolutely a terrible thing for any online business to pay less attention to mobile friendliness in today's world where mobile technology is setting the pace.

As a matter of face, more of my traffic comes from mobile visitors so I won't dare to mention something that's not a perfect fit here.​

Besides, while almost everyone is carrying some sort of a smartphone connected to the Internet, Google is hitting badly hard on websites that are not responsive.​

Ezoic understood this earlier and created a platform that does not mess up your website on mobile devices​.

Ezoic automatically creates tablet and mobile versions of your site.​ According to stats:

  • The average Ezoic mobile site earns 2.6x more from mobile visitors.
  • Visitors are 79% more likely to stay on Ezoic mobile sites.
  • Users spend 45% more time on Ezoic mobile sites


  • Being a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic has access to the Google Ad Exchange as well as premium CPM advertisers that most competing platforms don't
  • Ezoic is in partnership with more than 100 other premium ad companies such as Outbrain, OpenX, Tabools, Criteo, Media.NET, Infolinks and more. These all compete for your inventory automatically.
  • The highly advanced machine learning ad system will manage bid floors, network competition and header bidding for you automatically


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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur


Hi Enstine,
Really love this article. Here I learnt lots of new and fresh point which can I use in my blog. Can’t wait for your next article. I am adding it a bookmark. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Hezal,
    I know you can boost income with this platform so go ahead and implement it on your site.

    good luck bro

Arbaz Khan

Hey Enstine,
I have used Ezoic in the past and the one feature that I really like is that you can have as many ads on one page and you are not limited to just 3 ads like Google Adsense.
However, Ezoic doesn’t have “Link Ads” like Adsense and that is something I would like to see in the future as it gives the best CTR in certain niches.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Arbaz,
    With the code wrapping feature, don’t you think you can use the Adsense Link Ads? Well, I’m just thinking that is possible. However, I recommend you find out from them and confirm if it’s possible.


Pranay Khatri

Hi Enstine,
Amazing article, from this I learnt many things. I will try Ezoic, hope I’ll also monetize my blog with this.
Thanks for sharing with us 🙂
Pranay Khatri recently posted…Host1Plus Review: One of the Powerful VPS HostingMy Profile

    Enstine Muki

    Yes give it a try. I’m sure you will boost your income 😉

Saminu Eedris

This is great Ensine.

I tried Ezoic on one of my blogs last month and everything was perfect and smooth but took me a lot of time because i placed my Ads code manually, and which I am going to do again because I changed the blog’s template last week.
I must say, Ezoic is a great tool to use because it has a lot of features you’ll love.

Have a nice day.


Hey,I just found your website link from facebook & read this article.How to bioost revenue with Ezoic Google Certified Publishing Partner!.Found really interesting.Thanks for sharing this.I will surely try this method.

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for following up and dropping a comment Pritam. Good luck to you on trying this on your blog as well

Alex Gadd

A great post, thanks for sharing your info on Google Ezoic. What you say is so true with regards to it becoming harder to make decent money online. In my opinion, this is in part to all the scammers of the past ruining the Google searches and subsequently Google having to tighten up their policies and algorithium, (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc).
Thanks again for sharing.

Adeel Sami

Hey Enstine,

An excellent introduction to Ezoic!

Let me get a hold of this ad. network and I am sure I will find it working for me at least as I have not tried any of the monetization methods in history! 🙂

Thanks again, buddy! And happy to share it on my social life! 🙂

~ Adeel

Mohinder Paul Verma

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing this information and I have already implemented this on one of my blog but it is not showing ads even after I have tested ads as per the ads code implementation guide of EZOIC.

Also I have contacted 3 times with the support team but they are unable to resolve the issue on Blogger Blog.

Can you help me in this.

Mohinder Paul Verma
BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers


Thank you Enstine for clarifying everything. I heard about ezoic, but I wasn’t too sure about them until now. Procrastination was the reason I didn’t try it out , but I’m checking it out for my blog. Thanks again.

Peter Mesu

Hi, nice for the intro of Ezoic, actually I haven’t heard before until today. I will definitely check it out!

Kim Willis

Hi Enstine

Well this is interesting

But I have to confess I don’t know much about ad networks.

I guess the suitability of this form of advertising will depend on the type of site we’re wanting to add the code to.

My experience in the past with Google Adsense was that it works, but unless you have massive traffic volumes, the income generated is minuscule.

Thanks for bringing another interesting idea to your loyal and attentive audience, Enstine

Kim Willis recently posted…Blogging Nightmares and Other Horror StoriesMy Profile

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Enstine,

Nice tutorial here, once again.

Always helpful to diversify those income streams. Boosting cash flow 50 to 100 percent thru any 1 channel works for me.

I’d also say to go the CDN route. Added security rocks in this blogging day and age.

Thanks for the share bro.

Signing off from not too too sunny New York City.

Blogging From Paradise

Muhammad Tabish

This is Interested Tutorial Yes Ezoic is Great Publishing partner I’m Already using, Boos My income Increase Adsense An excellent introduction to Ezoic! Thanks For Update, Keep Sharing
Muhammad Tabish recently posted…Complete Step By Step Guide: AdSense Page Level Ads Monetization For Mobile SiteMy Profile

Shaik Ameer

Good information provided about ezoic comprehensively. Is there any traffic criteria to implement ezoic.

Amit Deb

Ezoic is really a nice tool and very useful. Thanks for introducing it here.
And Great post.

Sourav Saha

Hi, Enstine.
Thanks again for this beautiful description.
Great job man.

Emmanuel Uzoezie

Hello Enstine,
ONE thing I noticed is that you are creating this post using Thrive Content Builder which is incredible. And as such, you are also promoting the product which is cool. Good work, and a nice promotion strategy.
Emmanuel Uzoezie recently posted…Webinar JEO Review and SUPER HOT BonusMy Profile


Hi Enstine!

That amazing to know about another google certified publishing network. But You haven’t mentioned whether this goes along with adsense? A little update regarding this info would suffice.

Maqbool Azam

Hi Enstine,

Another great post indeed.Ezoic is a great certified publishing partner.
Which help you to increase your income 50% to 100%.
There is no limited of ads.Display your ads where to want to add.
suitable for every device.
Maqbool Azam

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