FlipHTML5 Desktop Publishing Software Review and Giveaway!

Review of FlipHTML5, A helpful desktop publishing software with powerful, creative, and abundant professional templates to help you kick-start your projects.

In today’s digital world, desktop publishing is something that’s difficult to avoid in order to meet with market challenges. However, not everyone is a graphics designer with the required skills to create visual communications (brochures, business cards, greeting cards, Web pages, posters, etc.) for professional or desktop printing as well as for online or on-screen electronic publishing.

Whether you are a designer, advertiser, e-marketer, or trainer, FlipHTML5 animated publishing software can help you to convert PDF and Images to interactive HTML5 page flip eBook with extraordinary reading experience.

In just a few minutes, you can create stunning, animated brochures, magazines and catalogs which can be easily distributed via websites, mobile, email and social networks.

No coding and design skill is needed! You are able to create multimedia digital publications that will inspire your visitors and partners with its animated features and flawless performance. Start your masterpiece today and freely get the three months platium plan for FlipHTML5!

NB: More on this free offer below!

The top features of FlipHTML5, the desktop publishing software

1 – Convert PDF into Interactive Flipbookdesktop publishing software

FLIPHTML5 is an excellent app that allows you to convert your PDF, Word, Excel, PPT and image files into impressive page flipping book in minutes.

2 – Animation Editor

Digital Publishing Software

Enrich your digital publications by adding animations with FlipHTML5 animation editor. Bring life to the publication and engage more readers.

3 – Enrich the content with multimedia

FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Software

Easy and simple to add YouTube/Vimeo video, audio, images, photo slideshow, links, and button to your publication. With several clicks, you can make the flipbook more interactive.

4 – Mobile friendly – read on all devices


FlipHTML5 adopts advanced HTML5 digital publishing technology, ensuring the smooth reading experience on desktops, iPad, iPhone, smart phone. Anywhere, anytime, your readers can reach your online publications freely.

5 – Abundant templates and themes

features of FlipHTML5

Layouts are one of the best features of FlipHTML5, as it makes it possible to create beautiful and attractive flipbook interface in minutes. Hundreds of templates and themes pre-designed to simplify your job.

6 – Multiple publishing options

FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Software download

To meet the different needs of the users, FlipHTML5 desktop publishing software provides several options for publishing. Most people will choose publish HTML format and publish online. ZIP and EXE format is more convenient to store and share.

For online reading, you can directly email stunning flipbook to friends or publish to your website with FTP integrated. With the popularity of WordPress plug-in, you can also save it as WordPress & Joomla flipbook plug-in.

7 – Online Cloud Publishing

Online Cloud Publishing

If you do not have a website, you can publish your magazines, eBooks to FlipHTML5 online cloud publishing platform instantly. It is secured and you can manage, share and sell online interactive publications as you like. It is also available for you to know more about your readers from the access statistics.


The best desktop publishing software should be creative, powerful, capable and easy to use. FlipHTML5 helps publishers showcase responsive eBooks, magazines and catalogs online and offline, it is the ideal tool to help you make your publications outstanding.

Giveaway – Platinum Premium Plan for free

This time, FlipHTML5 offers three months platinum premium plan giveaway here

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Why not master this opportunity to convert your PDF to flip book and embed it into your website, or share it on your social network page, engage you readers and boost your revenue?

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  1. Hello Enstine Sir,Thanks for sharing this with us, nice software.I liked the multiple publishing options the most.

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks You Just gave needed publishing tool.I’m going to try all of these lets see which one works best for me.

  3. Hello Enstine Sir,
    Thanks for sharing this with us, nice software.
    I liked the multiple publishing options the most.

    Thank you,
    Akash Navi.

  4. Hi Enstine,

    As an author who is not always comfortable with outsourcing (and always aiming for perfection), I believe I’ll enjoy using FlipHTML5 – especially as regards creating awesome eBooks that are truly fluid, responsive and interactive.

    I’ll surely try this desktop publishing software at the next available chance I get.

    As always, my dear Enstine, your reviews rock and are straight to the point!

    Akaahan Terungwa

  5. Just downloaded the app and it is quite amazing. I love it Enstine. Thank you for sharing this because it has been part of what I have been meaning to try out on my project titled,Afronomy project.

  6. Awesome! 😀
    It’s A Nice Software Indeed .. Thanks Alot For Sharing These Kind Of Stuff!
    Again A Good Read-Up! 😀
    Hope To Come Again And Again And Got These Kind Of Stuffs!!!

  7. Hello Muki,
    Thanks for the share on Facebook 😉

    I think FlipHTML5 will be a new way of sharing files world wide. It seems really easy to create HTML files with this simple tool. I am thinking of creating landing pages with this desktop software 🙂

    Let me dig dipper. Have a nice day!

  8. Hi Enstine, thank you for your kind gesture. I applied the gift card code you gave me on fliphtml.com and was granted access to their site to use their platinum services free for 3 months.
    I am so excited and hope this suite of software will enable me jump start my online business. I can now not only work hard but also work smart.

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