How to Create a Viral Giveaway on Your Website and Show Your Visitors Some Appreciation

If you are looking for an easy way to gain visitors on your website, look no further. Giveaways are one of the easiest ways to attract viewers onto your website, but they mostly come with a price, so have that in mind.

Now, you might be asking yourself if this way of gaining visitors is legit, or if it has a catch, but the real truth is – it’s all 100% legal, and easy to do. No shady bots or buying followers.

If we’ve got your attention and now you want to know how to run a giveaway on your own website, keep on reading, we’ll show you everything. There’s a couple of steps you have to do to make sure everything goes smoothly, so let’s start:

Step 1: Find a Good Prize That Will Attract Viewers

Gift box with red ribbon

Every giveaway needs an attractive prize, so your first step should be finding the right prize.

This step will depend on the type of website you run, so for example:

  • If you run your website as a teacher, give away free lessons for your new students
  • If you are running an eCommerce website, give away free products
  • If you have a website that is dedicated to a restaurant, give out free coupons

You don’t have to spend lots of money when running a giveaway, but don’t be too cheap either because by doing that, you won’t attract many visitors. Aim for an item or a service that is worth at least $50, otherwise, it’ll make no sense to start a giveaway at all.

There are lots of different prizes you can give away, so think wisely before starting this process.

Step 2: Set up Your Giveaway

For this step, you won’t have to do much work yourself since we’ve found the perfect tool that will create a giveaway for you in minutes, and that tool is called KingSumo.

First, head to the KingSumo website and enter your email there to start your giveaway.


After entering your email, you’ll be forwarded to a page where you’ll have to enter all the needed info for your giveaway, so make sure you fill everything out properly.

When you fill out all the info that was needed, hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Creating giveaway

You’ll have the option to share your giveaway on social media right from the same page. Also, you are able to add bonus entries which will help you with gaining followers quite a lot, so I would make sure to do that.

Step 3: Building a Foundation for Growth

Since this is one of the most important things when creating a giveaway, KingSumo made it easy for us to configure bonus entries.

Bonus entries

As you can see, there are a bunch of options available, and you should use as many as you can because it will greatly help you with gaining visitors.

But before doing this step, it would be best to use the “Sharing” feature so you can pass on the word about the giveaway to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

KingSumo social media

The first five “Add Entry Action(s)” you get will greatly help you with getting followers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, which means you will be getting active followers, and we all know how much they help when running a website.

On the other end, the last three “Add Entry Action(s)” all do different things:

  • “Daily Entries” gives your visitors a better chance to win the giveaway by visiting your website every day while the giveaway lasts, meaning that you’ll be having more visitors every day that your giveaway is up.
  • “Click a Link” option offers your contestants a chance to increase their winning chance by clicking a link which will lead either to a page on your website or another social media platform.
  • “Watch a Youtube Video” is pretty straight forward – your viewers will have a bigger chance of winning the giveaway by watching a YouTube video of your choice.

Besides the options that are offered by KingSumo, there are other ways to make your giveaway reach more users, so I’ll name a few.

Gaining Visitors Using Twitter

Twitter icon on laptop

A nice and easy way to get more visitors and more entries for your giveaway is using different hashtags on Twitter.

There are multiple ways to find fitting hashtags such as using a hashtag generator or simply looking through the most trending hashtags, so feel free to use Google in that case.

Reaching Out to Your Subscriber List

Another thing that will greatly help you gain entries is sending out an email to your email subscriber list if you have one. You can do that either manually in the case your list is a small one, or use a tool which helps if you have a bigger list of subscribers.

Facebook Groups

FB login page

There are tons of different Facebook groups that are made specifically for giveaways, and they all usually have lots of members, so posting your giveaway in one of those groups will always be a good thing to do.

Link With Other Bloggers

If you have been running your website for a long time now, chances are that you already made friends with other bloggers, so don’t be afraid to send them a nice message and ask them to promote your giveaway – you’ll expand your relationship and you’ll also gain new visitors.