Top 5 Hootsuite Alternatives to Help You Manage Your Social Media Efficiently

In the last 20 years, the world has changed drastically. Social networks took over the world by storm and it helped people all around the globe, in one way or another. Some people found lost contacts, some used social networks to promote themselves or their business and some just felt less alone by being more connected.

Nowadays, there are more social networks that people use on a daily basis than ever. You have Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. So if you’re trying to promote your business or yourself, you need the power of social media, but it’s hard to keep track of what you’re posting and where.

Also, if you want to post the same content on different social media platforms, the process can be tiresome. But, there are ways to make that process easier, and Hootsuite is one of them.

What is Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a social media management app that helps you to keep track of what’s going on on your social media profiles. It is connected with over 35 popular social networks including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

The most important features of the Hootsuite platform are:

  • you can stay on top of discussions that are going on online just by typing in a keyword and you can also get real-time responses, so you don’t get lost in the conversation
  • you can measure, track and analyze your performance on every social media platform that you’re using
  • you can create and manage advertising campaigns
  • you can create, preview, and publish content on all platforms (at the same time, or make it scheduled)
  • you can monitor and manage your inbox so you can be more in touch with everyone that is interested in your business
  • it’s connected with 250 technology partners that created apps and extensions to make the Hootsuite experience simple and enjoyable

There is a 30-day trial period, and the prices of the Hootsuite plans go from 19$ per month to 599$ per month. So, the one (rather big) flaw is the price range. But, there are some alternatives that get the work done and their price won’t break the bank.

1. Sociamonials


Sociamonials is a platform that does the same things as Hootsuite, but in addition, it has many more features. You can get previews of how your posts are going to look like on different social networks and you can customize them accordingly, you can repost automatically, and they just got a new feature that allows you to post on Instagram directly.

You can add video testimonials for your product and post it directly on Youtube, you can also post photos and stories on different social media platforms.

Your social media campaign can get to a professional level by organizing giveaways, video, photo and essay contests, and sharing deals. All of their share button users are added to their social CRM and tracked. Plus there is a feature called revenue tracking using which you get reported revenue for each share button.

There is a 14-day trial for every deal, and the prices go from 19$ per month to 399$ per month, but their best value option costs just 49$ per month. So unless you run an enterprise, this is a great deal for you and your business.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another social media managing platform that works in the same way as Sociamonials. You can create, plan, manage and publish content and campaigns as a team, you get access to social data and analytics, you can monitor and engage with people through your social inbox and you can follow the trend and get valuable insight from social conversations to make a better marketing strategy.

Their pricing ranges from 99$ per month to 249$ dollars per month. Even though it sounds more affordable than the other tools we mentioned, the most popular option will set you back 149$ per month, and for that kind of money, you can get a better deal. And the other issue is that all of your platforms are integrated into just one “feed”.

3. Sendible


Like the others, Sendible is a managing platform for all of your social media accounts. You can expect the same treatment as you would get with Sprout Social, the only major difference is that Sendible has a mobile app so you can stay productive no matter where you are.

It offers the same principle as Sprout Social in the sense that all of your content from different social networks will be combined into one “feed”, but it is harder to distinguish what social networks is Sendible referring to.

The price range for Sendible starts from 29$ per month and goes up to 299$ per month. There is also a yearly subscription that saves you 15%.

4. Agorapulse


Same as the others, Agorapulse allows you to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. It has a social media inbox, which is basically an email inbox, but for all of your social media accounts which makes tracking your messages easier. You can also sync social media accounts in real-time to get notified instantly.

Monitoring your progress and the engagement of your audience is also a feature when it comes to Agorapulse.

The pricing goes from 99$ per month to 499$ per month, and the best thing about this site is the 100% no-questions-asked refund policy, so you can cancel at any time, and your money will be returned.

5. Buffer


Buffer is also a good alternative to Hootsuite, but it doesn’t offer as much as the others. The key features revolve around publishing and analytics, offering to plan, collaborate, and publish content that helps your brand grow.

The analytics part shows your social media performance, helps you create reports and it also gives you recommendations on how to make your brand evolve.

This simpler alternative is also the cheapest, with a price of 35$ per month for the ones just getting started to 50$ per month for the growing brands.


All of these alternative options are definitely worth checking out, but the one that you should pay attention to the most is Sociamonials. With all of the features that it offers, plus the pricing, which is a lot less than Hootsuite, it gives you the same amount of quality service for a lot less money. Plus, it is the only alternative that doesn’t have a “communal feed”, so it is easier to keep track of individual social networks that don’t have the same user interface.

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