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Another interesting Thursday is here and it’s time to showcase someone awesome. Like I mentioned before, I love Thursdays because I get to talk about bloggers and their products.

I try as much as possible to touch bloggers allover the world, especially those reading my blog. I’m not charging any cent for this. I’m just excited that I’m able to give someone more exposure while helping my readers connect with awesome people.

Today, we are meeting someone coming up so strong. Adrienne Smith mentioned here on her Magical Monday post  and I think she has her place on that post.

Meet Chioma Anozie!

Chioma AnozieChioma Anozie is an engineering graduate with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering. Speaking on what led her into a male-dominated field, she said, “I have always loved maths and structural drawings. Plus my father is a structural engineer and right from a tender age, I knew I wanted to be an engineer like my dad.”

But engineering is not her only tuft.

“I love writing, whether its formal writing or creative writing. I have always enjoyed expressing myself on paper in ways I never could verbally. I can be such a shy tulip,” she says with a smile.

Interestingly she also has a business acumen, which she discovered when she started creating and selling her own products right from age 14. “I remember the first business I delved into. I was about 14. I created customized mini-notebooks and sold them to younger students. I designed the covers myself by drawing the images of famous cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Batman, the Flintstones. The mini-notebooks were a hot sell!”

After that, Chioma has been involved in catering and self-publishing. She then built a successful freelancing career while still maintaining her foothold in the Information Technology industry. Throughout these times she has learnt what works in business and what does not.

“Business is interesting. It’s not the bed of ‘thorn-free’ roses people envisage. It takes work, guts, dedication and being equipped with the right information to succeed.”

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It saddens Chioma when she sees rookie entrepreneurs making avoidable mistakes in their businesses. “There is no one-size-fits-all rule in business. But there are some standard guidelines that determine if your business will survive or not. I learnt this from my own failures.”

Chioma is not afraid to reveal that her entrepreneurial journey has not been all sunshine and rainbows. There had been difficult moments especially when she was starting her freelance career and when she delved into blogging for the first time. As she reveals in this article, her blogging journey was a crooked one filled with bumps.

“My failures did not deter me. Instead it made me realize that there are a lot of freelancers, newbie bloggers and entrepreneurs out there who do not know where to start and who were being misguided by sleazy fraudsters. This inspired me to create simplyquintessential.com”

But before starting her latest blog, she made sure to understudy and learn from the successful bloggers how to build a successful blog, then apply all she learnt in the new blog.

“Information is power. Without the right information, an entrepreneur is like a blind man trying to hit his target with a bow and arrow,” she believes.

According to her, Simply Quintessential is a project through which she can reach out to and help out new entrepreneurs, bloggers and freelancers. In this blog, she reveals everything she has learnt about setting up a new profitable business. As she makes strides in her other ventures, she will update the blog with strategies that worked for her and strategies to avoid.

“I want Simply Quintessential to be a watering hole for entrepreneurs. I want it to be a place you get inspired by the real-life success stories of achievers. I want it to be a place where you learn growth hacks I personally used that worked and how you can implement them to grow your business.”

When asked what plans she has for the future, Chioma smiles and says, “A lot. I intend to become a trailblazing serial entrepreneur and maybe an angel investor and am currently working on some interesting projects.”

Want to know what these projects are? Want to know if they succeed and what made them succeed? Want to know how you can apply those successful strategies to your business or blog? Then visit Chioma’s blog and sign-up for her newsletter. She promises to reveal exclusive, profit-making strategies/information to her subs. This exclusive information would not be revealed anywhere else, except to readers of her newsletter.

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