Learn Growth Hacks for your business with Chioma Anozie!

Another interesting Thursday is here and it’s time to showcase someone awesome. Like I mentioned before, I love Thursdays because I get to talk about bloggers and their products.

I try as much as possible to touch bloggers allover the world, especially those reading my blog. I’m not charging any cent for this. I’m just excited that I’m able to give someone more exposure while helping my readers connect with awesome people.

Today, we are meeting someone coming up so strong. Adrienne Smith mentioned here on her Magical Monday post  and I think she has her place on that post.

Meet Chioma Anozie!

Chioma AnozieChioma Anozie is an engineering graduate with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering. Speaking on what led her into a male-dominated field, she said, “I have always loved maths and structural drawings. Plus my father is a structural engineer and right from a tender age, I knew I wanted to be an engineer like my dad.”

But engineering is not her only tuft.

“I love writing, whether its formal writing or creative writing. I have always enjoyed expressing myself on paper in ways I never could verbally. I can be such a shy tulip,” she says with a smile.

Interestingly she also has a business acumen, which she discovered when she started creating and selling her own products right from age 14. “I remember the first business I delved into. I was about 14. I created customized mini-notebooks and sold them to younger students. I designed the covers myself by drawing the images of famous cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Batman, the Flintstones. The mini-notebooks were a hot sell!”

After that, Chioma has been involved in catering and self-publishing. She then built a successful freelancing career while still maintaining her foothold in the Information Technology industry. Throughout these times she has learnt what works in business and what does not.

“Business is interesting. It’s not the bed of ‘thorn-free’ roses people envisage. It takes work, guts, dedication and being equipped with the right information to succeed.”

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It saddens Chioma when she sees rookie entrepreneurs making avoidable mistakes in their businesses. “There is no one-size-fits-all rule in business. But there are some standard guidelines that determine if your business will survive or not. I learnt this from my own failures.”

Chioma is not afraid to reveal that her entrepreneurial journey has not been all sunshine and rainbows. There had been difficult moments especially when she was starting her freelance career and when she delved into blogging for the first time. As she reveals in this article, her blogging journey was a crooked one filled with bumps.

“My failures did not deter me. Instead it made me realize that there are a lot of freelancers, newbie bloggers and entrepreneurs out there who do not know where to start and who were being misguided by sleazy fraudsters. This inspired me to create simplyquintessential.com”

But before starting her latest blog, she made sure to understudy and learn from the successful bloggers how to build a successful blog, then apply all she learnt in the new blog.

“Information is power. Without the right information, an entrepreneur is like a blind man trying to hit his target with a bow and arrow,” she believes.

According to her, Simply Quintessential is a project through which she can reach out to and help out new entrepreneurs, bloggers and freelancers. In this blog, she reveals everything she has learnt about setting up a new profitable business. As she makes strides in her other ventures, she will update the blog with strategies that worked for her and strategies to avoid.

“I want Simply Quintessential to be a watering hole for entrepreneurs. I want it to be a place you get inspired by the real-life success stories of achievers. I want it to be a place where you learn growth hacks I personally used that worked and how you can implement them to grow your business.”

When asked what plans she has for the future, Chioma smiles and says, “A lot. I intend to become a trailblazing serial entrepreneur and maybe an angel investor and am currently working on some interesting projects.”

Want to know what these projects are? Want to know if they succeed and what made them succeed? Want to know how you can apply those successful strategies to your business or blog? Then visit Chioma’s blog and sign-up for her newsletter. She promises to reveal exclusive, profit-making strategies/information to her subs. This exclusive information would not be revealed anywhere else, except to readers of her newsletter.

Click here to visit her blog

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Before you start chatting with Chioma, I recommend you check out one of her popular posts: How to drive traffic to your business blog.

Time to chat with Chioma

Drop her a comment and she’ll be around to chat with you. Don’t forget to check out her social media profiles.

26 thoughts on “Learn Growth Hacks for your business with Chioma Anozie!”

  1. So nice to meet her. She is a powerhouse. I love her blog. So glad I read the post, from her blog you recommended How to Drive Business to your Blog. Learned a few new tricks that I will be implementing this week. Love reading all your articles. Thank You

  2. Hi Chioma!

    Very nice entrepreneurial journey 🙂

    I also started young. I’ve had my own share of mistakes so I always enjoy reading stories like yours!

    Big shoutout to Enstine for featuring you here 🙂

    • Hi Dennis,

      Yes it has been quite an entrepreneurial journey. I still feel and hope there is much more to achieve.

      I am glad to know you started young too. I would love to know all about the mistakes you made and how you overcame them.

      I really am grateful to Enstine for featuring me on his blog. He is a man with a big heart.

  3. The fact is that I love the way Nigerian women are now becoming to love and appreciate blogging.

    My little saw this and she said she would love to learn how to blog. My reply was that blogging is passion, patient, love and care just as we have it in relationship (dating).

    Nice article. Thank You

    • Hi,

      Yes, more Nigerian women are beginning to enjoy blogging especially as an alternative source of revenue. I am glad that I inspired your little to learn how to blog. Though blogging demands patience, it can be very rewarding.

      Do have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi Chioma

    I see that you are making so much difference in the blogosphere. I am glad to know you more and I was quite inspired by your blogging challenges and how you were able to overcome it.

    I do like your blog and your message to all entrepreneurs.

    Hi Enstine

    Thanks for this review and for letting us know more about Chioma.

    • Hi ikechi,

      The pleasure of knowing each other is all mine. I am glad to have discovered you too as your blog has been a source of motivation to me. You do write incredible articles as well that lifts the spirit of anybody who reads them.

      Thanks for your encouraging words too.

  5. Hi Enstine

    Great introduction to Chioma here on your blog and glad that I am learning more about her. We recently got connected [latter part of June] and from what I have seen so far, you are so right to have her in the spotlight here where we meet so many great people.

    Chioma, I am happy that we have connected and I will continue to check out your blog and to gain from your wisdom and insights by what you share. Everyone is speaking of you highly and I am looking forward to interacting with you further and to develop a stronger bond of friendship.

    Have a blessed day/weekend

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for your kind words. You are right, we got connected in the latter part of June. Your blog has been a fount of motivation and inspiration to me and I do enjoy reading a lot of your articles. I am glad we are connected too as it is an opportunity for me to learn more from you.

      I do look forward to building a stronger bond of friendship with you as well.

      Do have a splendid new week, Yvonne.

      • Hi Chioma,

        Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

        Am a Nigerian, hope to have a one on one conversation someday.

  6. Hey Enstine,

    What a pleasant surprise that you’re featuring Chioma here this week. As you did mention, I just featured one of her fabulous posts on my Magical Monday post because what she writes has been so impressive to me. You know I’m all about helping my readers learn more so when I find posts that really stand out to me, I have to be sure and get them in front of my readers.

    Chioma, pleasure to learn more about you. My goodness, you started selling things at the age of 14 years old! That’s impressive and just goes to show that you are a true entrepreneur.

    The funny thing is that I just got off an hangout where Wade Harman interviewed Chris Brogan and he mentioned that we all have fear and we all fail. It’s just part of life, it’s part of the process but through all of that we can help others from what we learned from our own experiences. So I applaud you, and many others actually, who have taken their failures and learned from them. Who are sharing with us now how we can do better and hopefully avoid the mistakes that they made.

    Thank you both for sharing more with us and as you know Enstine, I’ve always loved this series because we get to meet more amazing people and learn more about them.

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you both.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Am I pleased to see you here? Thrilled even 🙂 . You pleasantly surprised me with a terrific Monday gift by including me in your weekly roundup. That really made my week and I am really thankful for that.

      Chris Brogan is right, failure is a part of life. No one is born with the blueprint that answers all questions and tells us what to do and what to avoid. We normally have to discover this ourselves.

      Thanks for your kind words. And yes, selling those mini-notebooks at 14 was my best entrepreneurial experience. Not because I made a million (I didnt but I made an awful lot for a young girl), but because I experienced absolutely no challenges. It was just me creating, then selling [just doing stuff I love without having to think of competition, traffic, SEO and a ton of other stuff 😉 ]. But I am enjoying overcoming the challenges I face in the blogosphere nonetheless.

      My sincere thanks goes to Enstine for featuring me on his blog this week. I was all of shocked and ecstatic when he approached me to be featured on his blog.

      Really nice of you to stop by. Do have a fantastic day, Adrienne.

  7. Hey Enstine and Chioma,

    What a great introduction to Chioma!

    I met Chioma a few weeks back through I believe Andrew Warner’s blog and I’m very glad I did. She offers a wealth of great information on growing a successful blog and business. So she’ll be another blogger I will definitely follow.

    I see that we have a few thing in common. I too work in IT and my goals are quite similar. I do want to offer the right information to newbies and those that have been struggling through the ups and downs I’ve been going through. So knowing this about Chioma would be great for me.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great werkend!

    • Hi Sherman,

      I am thrilled to know you work in I.T too. We do have a lot in common; from our native work backgrounds to how we are passionate about helping new entrepreneurs. Discovering these things about you is wonderful and an added motive to keep stalking you and reading your posts, lol. 😉

      Thanks for the nice things you said. I really appreciate them as this is an added motivation to keep doing what I love doing.

      Do have a great week, Sherman.

  8. Hi Chioma,

    I’ve run into you twice this week from Adrienne’s blog and now here on Enstine’s. You sure are a born entrepreneur! I like what you did as a 14 year old. Somehow it is something within us that makes us entrepreneurs isn’t it?

    You are one gal after my own heart. Now I’m off to your blog and it is so great to connect with you and know more of your background.

    To your success!


    • Hi Donna,

      You do say the nicest things :). thank you.

      I believe anyone can be an entrepreneur, if you are willing to work your heart out to achieve your dreams. Its never going to be easy at first, but it gets easier with the right combination of good ol’ work and information.

      You are a mentor after my own heart, Donna. I am often renewed after visiting your blog. I enjoy how you interact with everyone and reach out to help as well.

      To your success too.

  9. Good to see Chioma featured here.

    I’ve been reading her blog for some time and got good stuff to learn.

    I’m going to sign up for her newsletter right away.

    Her blog is really in a class of it’s own – quintessential.

    I hopefully believe it’ll grow to become a watering hole for entrepreneurs

    • Hi Adesoji,

      Thanks for your kind words. I have also been reading your blog and I must commend you because it is back with great advice for bloggers (new and seasoned alike).

      Quintessential. I knew it was quite different for the niche I am into but that uniqueness is one of the reasons I selected that name. I always knew I wanted to stand out. I am not yet there but every day, that name reminds me what I am striving for. Its difficult being an entrepreneur. A lot of people congratulate you when you get a new job, but people tend to act weird or even laugh at you when you say you want to start a new business. That is why I created SQ- to offer support, knowledge and inspiration to entrepreneurs. I also do hope it will grow to its full potential.

    • Hi Rachit,

      Its nice to meet you here too. Thanks for your kind words too 🙂 .

      Do have a splendid day.

  10. Hi Enstine,

    Its so wonderful of you to feature me this week. I am thrilled and honored all at the same time.

    I have to say that I have learnt a lot from you too and met a lot of wonderful friends through you. Do keep up the good work!


    • Thanks for accepting to be featured here Chioma. You are a well of inspiration for most of us. You, your content and interactions make the blogging journey more exciting.

      Have fun!

  11. Hi Enstine,

    Is that time of the week again and another amazing blogger, entrepreneur and talented freelancer in the house.

    I have been to Chioma’s blog and could testify to her top quality in excellent creativity writing. She has lot of values in her to offer, and good to read she that entrepreneur skill right from age 14.

    That’s something that is rare, I wish you more blazing years of success, Chioma.

    Thanks Enstine for featuring yet, another talented blogger.

    • Hi Shamsudeen,

      Thanks for your kind words. I have been over to your blog and enjoyed reading your articles. It is nice to know you started all this from nothing and yet keep growing strong. I do wish you more blazing years of success too.

      Do have a wonderful day dear.

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