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Blogging for women ~ 24 best blogs women should read in 2020!

Blogging for women is quite challenging but these are female blogs I recently came across and most of them are killing it on Pinterest.

I’m a dad and I’m happily going to show you these interesting women’s blogs to follow in 2020.

Some of them are powered and run by stay-at-home mom bloggers who make $5000+ a month blogging.

NB: These are 15 ways bloggers make money blogging

If you are a woman, you can make it online like these great friends. They blog and teach other women how to blog and make money from home.

They have powerful courses to teach everyone (woman or not) how to succeed online. So be sure to check out their blogs, courses and follow them on their different social media platforms.

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SEO Strategies – Top 7 Strategies To Boost Your Rankings In 2020

Who else wants to bring more visitors from search engines following these top 7 SEO strategies?

Search engine traffic is the gasoline of content marketing.

Search traffic can literally make or break your blogging success. That being said, with millions of blog posts going live every single day, it’s getting harder to get into top search results.

If you’re struggling to boost your website rankings in search, I’ve 7 PROVEN SEO strategies for you which you’re going to discover in this post.
So let’s get started without further ado.


1 Important Blogging Distinction to Make

Some bloggers tell me they have blogged for 3 years. Claiming this experience, said bloggers consider themselves to be experienced bloggers.

But in some cases, said bloggers have only owned their domain and hosting for 3 years. How much blogging have they done during the 3 years? 100 hours. 200 hours. Maybe less than 100 hours.

How long you owned your domain and hosting has nothing to do with how many specific hours you spent blogging because blogging success finds bloggers who spend thousands of hours generously helping people.


How to Create Blog Posts Your Readers Will Love In 4 Easy Steps

Are you looking for practical blogging tips on how to create blog posts your readers and Google will love?

Do you want to write blogs that generate more clicks, engagement, and converts? Better still, does your content strategy include blogging?  If you said yes, then you’re in the right place.

Blogging is one of the best digital marketing tools that can help you connect with clients, would-be customers, and also strengthen your brand reputation. It is no wonder Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise indicated that blogging has several moving parts.


FAQ Pages- Boost Your SEO by Answering Questions!

FAQ pages.

A treasure trove waiting to be found and spent on your affiliate website’s, suddenly bright future. Or waiting to be forever missed to the endless despair of the webmaster.
Ok. I exaggerated. Quite a bit.
But FAQ pages truly can be a boon for your online business and in this guide, you will learn exactly why.

Plus you will learn how to get nifty FAQ pages for your site, for free.

Let’s go!


Blogging Is a Skill with Many Moving Parts

I intend to write a guest post beneficial to Enstine and his audience.

I also want to connect with readers intrigued by blogging tips. I run a blogging tips blog. Gotta make this post appealing to folks who’d dig Blogging From Paradise.

Where did I find the topic for this blog post? I researched Quora. Aspiring bloggers simplify questions. Some crave huge traffic. Others want big results, fast. Blogging is a skill with many moving parts.