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How to improve your blog writing skills from beginner to expert!

To be a successful money making blogger in our times, you have to constantly seek to be better at writing.

Content creation has remarkably improved. Change is constant and any blogger who doesn’t strive to improve will gradually be relegated.

There are different types of blog posts to create. However, in this post, I will give you tips on how to write wake-up call posts and how to move from a complete beginner to a seasoned prolific writer.


How Do You Deal with Blogging Rejection? (Answered!)

My latest post was published on Positively Positive today.

You can read it here:

How to Gracefully Handle Rejection

Many bloggers believe I am lucky, gifted or talented, the recipient of good fortune. But what if I told you my first blogging course – see the image below – registered 8,000 page views before someone bought it? 8,000 rejections.

What if I told you my first eBook – before I created Blogging From Paradise – sold 4 copies in 4 months? Talk about rejections. I promoted the eBook tirelessly.


Top 6 Tools that Every Small Business Should Know About

Many new Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) are generally limited by two factors : –

  1. A small staff
  2. A small budget

However, you can stop the lack of capital and resources from coming in the way of your success. This is because the Internet is replete with all kinds of tools and services that can not only make your job as an entrepreneur a lot easier but also help you to scale without breaking the bank.

The following are some of the best online tools that every small business owner should check out today:


Your All-in-One Introduction to Small Business SEO & SEO Agency

So, you’ve finally done it huh?

You finally took one big leap forward and begun the introduction to your soon-to-be success story. Well, no worries. I’m with you every step of the way. And even if we have just gotten to this point, let me tell you that you have already made the world proud.

You have made something of yourself. You went beyond your own expectations and overcame your biggest adversary – yourself.

I’ll tell you one thing I’m very sure about: Not everyone has the guts to start their own business.


Postpartum Blogging – 6 ways to keep your blog booming after childbirth!

Postpartum is sometimes a difficult period for many moms. But I’m not here to give you medical tips.

Let’s see how to keep your blogging business booming during your postnatal days. This is certainly going to happen at some point to most of you ladies.

If you are a dad blogger don’t say this isn’t for me. The tips I’m sharing here will help you in moments when you are off your blog for some other reasons.

We all have days in our lives when we turn away from our regular duties. But we must always plan to keep the wheels turning.

Child bearing and becoming a mummy is a blessing. But trust me taking care of newborns demands a lot of unusual attention.


1 Surefire Way to Succeed with Blogging

Enstine recently published a fabulous guest post on my blog.

I suggest you read it here:

How I Build Backlinks to My Blog and Boost My SEO

Within the first few hundred words he did 2 things that promote *his* ever-expanding success: he suggested to buy my eBook and he suggested to buy my blogging course.

Wait a second; rewind. How does HE become more successful by referring business to me, another blogger? Enstine mastered the surefire way to succeed with blogging: shine the spotlight on other bloggers.