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10 Silly Reasons Why Blogs Fail (The HeartBreaking Truth that Will Help You Succeed)

why blogs fail

It breaks my heart every single time someone types “why blogs fail” into the google search bar.

Want to know why?

Because that someone is just like you, a dreamer whose hardwork, longsuffering and faith has only been rewarded with disappointment and heartbreak.

You hear that starting a blog is a great way to make money online and so you start one.

6 months of pounding away at it and you come to a series of grim realizations:

  1. Blogging isn’t easy.
  2. Half your blogging peers already gave up.
  3. Another 45% are right where you are at, slugging it out in the dark.
  4. The other 5% succeeding seem to have super powers or an army of supporters far out of your reach.

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Why Trust Your Inner Blogging Critic?

“You need a big list to succeed online.”

“You need to dominate Google to succeed online.”

“You need to be connected as a newbie blogger to succeed online”

Every idea above flows to you courtesy of your inner blogging critic. You know him or her; that little annoying voice telling you what you cannot do, what is completely impossible and pretty much anything you should not even bother exploring. Your inner blogging critic handcuffs you. Re-read each statement above. Anyone with a small list – or no list – should expect to fail. Google-fools will fail. Newbie lone wolves? Why bother? Failure awaits.

All limiting beliefs projected by your inner blogging critic are not real. Pure illusions, these ideas are, because fear is not real. Love is real. Possibility is real. Opportunities are real. Inner blogging critics are not even real because the voice of fear speaks illusions or appearances, not truths.

Chatting Now

My inner blogging critic told me to watch Netflix and go to bed instead of writing this guest post. My negative voice told me to take it easy because taking care of self beats taking care of others…..according to my inner blogging critic. Every critics lies because critics project fear. I listened to the inner critic chatting and let that fool tire itself out after a few moments. Inner critics give up fast if you simply sit with the chatter versus trusting the chatter. Never listen to its lies. Never trust it. Be with it. Eventually, the chatter ends. Move in the opposite direction. Do the opposite.

Move in the Opposite Direction

The inner blogging critic told me to watch TV and to not write this guest post. I listened, relaxed and the voice tired itself out. I then did the opposite; I did not watch TV and wrote this guest post. Writing the guest post feels a little uncomfortable. I do feel tired. But writing the guest post also feels fun and quite freeing. I know I’m helping you. I know I’m helping myself. We both win. But only because I move in the opposite direction. I did not trust the negative voice because it lied. I honored my truth, wrote the guest post and here we are.

Successful People Dream Big Critic-Dissolving Dreams

I dream of circling the globe. I also dream of empowering you to follow my lead. Little critical voices do not bother me much because my love of freedom far outweighs by inner critic fueled fears. Dream big dreams. The negative voice becomes silent. Your inner blogging critic intends to keep you comfortable, unhappy and miserable. But dreaming big dreams moves you toward discomfort, happiness and freedom. Silence the inner negative voice. Dream big dreams. Move past the small, whiny voice. Never be pushed around by your problems. Be led by your freeing dreams.

Spend a good deal of time in quiet. Spread awareness around your thoughts and feelings. Most people seem to get bullied by their thoughts and feelings because most people identify with their thoughts and feelings. But you are awareness, attending to your thoughts and feelings. You are not your inner critic but you are awareness observing it chatter and letting it dissolve into who you really are: an unlimited being capable of amazing acts of service.

I enjoy meditating, doing various forms of yoga and power walking daily to spend time in quiet. Being in quiet lets me observe my inner blogging critic versus trusting its limiting lies. I suggest you do the same to silence your inner blogging critic for good.


Do you need help facing and profiting through blogging criticism? Buy my eBook:

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How to Tackle Data Privacy and Security Issues When Hiring Freelancers

Hiring freelancers is a very cost-effective way to scale a business, especially for startups and small businesses.

Not only does the booming gig economy allow companies to hire professionals at competitive rates, freelancers also cost significantly less to maintain than an in-house team. You don’t have to invest in a long-term office space, training, and benefits.

However, hiring freelancers to power your business does come with risks.

Since freelancers are most likely to work remotely, you can leave your organization vulnerable to a number of online threats. This includes digital eavesdropping, malware-infected devices, and unencrypted file sharing.

In this post, we will discuss the top cybersecurity tips that will help you address the risks associated with remote work.

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Do You Lose Freedom Bartering for Dollars?

I scanned my email moments ago.

A few folks replied to my emails with complaints about my price being expensive and being on a budget. But the folks reached out to me. People pitched me. I did not pitch them. Meaning they need to be on my blog more than I need them.

After quoting my fixed rates, the same people pitching me complained about my fixed rates. Some replied with rates 85% lower than my fixed price. Not only did the individuals ignore my fixed rate email; a few folks wished to get an 85% discount because of their budget. Continue reading


Backlink Building: 3 uncommon link building Techniques!

Is backlink building *really* hard?

The answer depends on your Strategy, But I have something entirely different for you.

As one of the highest value components of SEO, link building is a lot more critical than people imagine. The truth is – you can’t enjoy maximum organic traffic without quality backlinks.

The volume is high enough you can hear: Quality over Quantity, even if you are using powerful tools like SEMrush for SEO and Marketing

Linking building is hard, and that’s why it’s still a top-ranking factor. One of the greatest blogging mistakes you should avoid is not building backlinks.

To smooth the way for you, I would show you 3 unique link building techniques you can leverage even if you are a nobody. Continue reading


Pro Blogging Tip: Study the Tide

Miss me? I have been gone for a minute.

I took my foot off of the guest posting pedal recently.

My wife and I are selling the home. We’ve been busy with showings, prepping the house and all that good stuff. Home-prep-work eats into my blogging time a wee bit over the past 1-2 months. But I simply honored this down time. I see pro blogging like the tide. Have you spent time by the ocean? I lived in tropical paradises like Bali, Fiji and Thailand for months at a time. Every trip reminds me how life is similar to the ebb and flow of the tide. Continue reading