How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Cheating among dating couples happens more often than you’d think. In one 2018 study, 44% of respondents admitted to having a clandestine affair. Learning to check for the telltale signs of a cheating boyfriend can provide clues as to whether your partner is seeing someone else.

Read on to learn how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating.


Signs He Is Cheating

If you’re wondering how to catch your cheating boyfriend, there are several signs you should look for. These include:

1. He locked his smartphone with a password

If your boyfriend recently set up an unlock passcode on his phone, then chances are he’s hiding something from you. Being over-protective of his phone could suggest that he is having an affair.

2. He deletes his messages

Men who delete their text or activate disappearing messages usually have a secret they’re keeping. Your boyfriend could be erasing his messages to prevent you from finding incriminating evidence of his infidelity.

3. He hides from you when making phone calls

Does your partner leave the room every time he receives a phone call? Chances are he’s conversing with a secret crush behind your back. Using a tracking app can help you discover whether or not he is cheating.

4. He doesn’t want to share your common photos on social media

If your boyfriend doesn’t post you on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking platforms, then he probably doesn’t want other people to see that you’re together. This behavior could be a strong signal of his unfaithfulness.

Methods to Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend

Learning how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating can help you to confront him confidently and expose him for breaking your trust. Let’s discuss a few techniques you can use to catch a cheating partner.

1. Try These Helpful mSpy Features

mSpy is not only great tracking app that allows users to see who someone is chatting with on whatsapp and monitor other people’s smartphones discreetly, but also it contains a variety of features that can come in handy if you want to unearth whether your boyfriend is cheating. These features include:

  • Social Media Monitor. This feature reveals your target user’s chats on WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, and other popular networking sites.
  • Screenrecorder. You can capture everything your boyfriend does on his phone using mSpy’s screen recorder, allowing you to view any secret love messages before he deletes them.
  • Keylogger. mSpy also allows you to capture and store your target’s keystrokes, revealing his sent messages, account passwords, and more.
  • SMS Tracker. You can also see his incoming and outgoing SMS messages using this app.
  • Hidden Camera/Mic. mSpy can conveniently gain access to your boyfriend’s device camera and microphone, allowing you to view everything that’s happening around him.

To install mSpy, simply visit and click “Try Now.” Next, create your account and choose a subscription plan. Once you’ve completed the payment process, follow the intuitive install wizard to set up mSpy on the target phone.

2. Check His WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp provides a web-based platform called WhatsApp Web that allows you to hack someone’s chat conversations and possibly catch your boyfriend cheating. To start, follow these instructions:

  • Open your preferred PC browser and visit
  • Get physical access to your boyfriend’s phone
  • Go to “Settings” and click WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the provided QR code and log into his WhatsApp account. Here’s how to scan QR code on iPhone.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to access his device and know his unlock passcode for this method to work. In addition, your boyfriend will immediately be notified when he is logged in somewhere else.

3. Unlock His Apps With Chrome’s Saved Passwords

Google Chrome has a helpful extension that allows users to save their account passwords. To access his login credentials, you’ll need to grab his computer, launch Chrome, and go to Settings > Passwords > Autofill.

Sadly, you’re not guaranteed to get all the information you need. This method is also risky since your boyfriend can easily catch you going through his private stuff.


4. Check His Uber Account

You could still be wondering: is my boyfriend cheating? Uber is a ride-hailing app that allows users to share their ride information with others. To catch your unfaithful man, simply grab their phone, launch Uber, click on “Settings,” go to Manage Trusted Contacts, and add yourself.

This way, you’ll get frequent alerts every time they book a ride. The major challenge lies in getting physical access to his device.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve learned to detect the revealing signs he’s cheating, we recommend using a trusted monitoring app such as mSpy to know for sure. The information you gather should provide you with ample clarity and subsequently help you to move on.