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Blogging Profits: Study Wealthy People Even if You Have Little Money Right Now

blogging profit

Poverty begins in mind.

Do you have little money right now? Having little money indicates your mindset, your emotions and your actions manifested this little amount of money.

Do you make virtually no money blogging? Look within. Face, feel and release money fears. I know this feels scary because I had to do it myself. I grew up in New Jersey in the USA. For most of the world, I grew up rich.

But in New Jersey, I likely lived a middle class standard. But most kids I went to school with grew up in wealthy families. Some of their parents ran million dollar businesses. I felt poor compared to them and developed limiting, poverty conscious money beliefs dripping in shame, fear, embarrassment and envy. Guess what? I blogged like a poor person for many years. Struggled horribly. Continue reading


4 ways to write blog posts that make money for life!

If you want to #makemoneyblogging, you must be able to create articles that make money. Some articles can make you money forever. These are 4 ideas to create articles that make money day in day out, for a long period of time

Being able to write blog posts that make money consistently is a strong point in transforming your blog into a money generating machine.

Many bloggers depend on direct advertising, sponsored posts, Adsense, etc, but in this post, I want to reveal the secret of the pros that can transform your blog into heavy money machine gun.

There is no exaggeration in the statement I just made above. I have studied income reports of some successful money making bloggers like Pat Flynn and Matthew Woodward and there is powerful money making post types these guys create that constantly generate huge amounts for them even while they are away. Continue reading


How to create a Food Blog that makes money with Food Blogger Pro

creating a food blog to make money

Food Blogger Pro  – Create a food blog that generates income online!

Enrollment Open! Click here for more

In the past few weeks, I have met with a couple of people who desire to start a food blog and make money out of it.

Each time someone talks to me about blogging and showing readers how to cook, I think of my friends of PinchOfYum.

The simple reason is that these food bloggers have succeeded in creating an awesome food blog that generates thousands of dollars every month. Continue reading


10 Tips to help you choose the right domain name ~ Part 2

In Part I of this series on how to create a blog that generates incomes, we saw actionable tips on how to choose a topic to blog on. You may want to check that out so you don’t get confused where we are going. Be sure to join my list so you don’t miss a thing.

In this Part 2, I thought it’s important I share some guides on how to choose a good domain name for your blog.

Your domain name is your online identity. Its the way to your online presence. Without the domain name, it will be difficult to locate you online so choosing the right domain is crucial.

– > Before we continue …

Do you want a brand-able domain name – Your name, company name or unique word, or you want a keyword based domain name like bestwordpressthemes.com or seoconsultant.com? Continue reading


How to Handle a Bad Review online!


A few moments ago, I scanned an audio book review. Simply peep the featured image for this post.

An individual going by the handle of “pat” posted a 1 star review. I immediately realized that:

  • pat is unhappy
  • pat being unhappy guarantees that he feels bad
  • when you feel bad, you cannot see the truth
  • when you feel bad, you complain
  • when you feel bad, you leave a bad review because in your mind, even though the author or eBook or audio book triggers YOUR fear and pain, your ego blames the author or the eBook or audio book, for the fear, versus owning your fear and pain

Continue reading


Are readers using your blog’s search box? How to see the keywords used

Are Readers Using Your Search Box

You have a search box on your website and you are wondering if your readers are really using it. What are the keywords they are using and how do they engage with the search results. Is it even important to worry about the local search data?

Many of us throw the search box on our website but never worry about measuring its effectiveness. The truth is that if your website has visitors, a fraction of them are surely hitting the search button on your site.

It has occurred to me several times to use this local search engine on many websites I visit and when I throw an eye on my local search data, I realize I’m not alone. Continue reading