Blogging Profits: Study Wealthy People Even if You Have Little Money Right Now

Poverty begins in mind.

Do you have little money right now? Having little money indicates your mindset, your emotions and your actions manifested this little amount of money.

Do you make virtually no money blogging? Look within. Face, feel and release money fears. I know this feels scary because I had to do it myself. I grew up in New Jersey in the USA. For most of the world, I grew up rich.

But in New Jersey, I likely lived a middle class standard. But most kids I went to school with grew up in wealthy families. Some of their parents ran million dollar businesses. I felt poor compared to them and developed limiting, poverty conscious money beliefs dripping in shame, fear, embarrassment and envy. Guess what? I blogged like a poor person for many years. Struggled horribly.

But everything turned the moment I began closely studying, observing and analyzing wealthy people. Even during my broke joke blogging days of having little cash, I paid close attention to how billionaires handled themselves.

I also noted how some owned little money during their early entrepreneur days. We call it the “Ramen diet” days of eating super cheap Ramen noodles for calories and for saving money.

Anyway, if you have little money now, immediately study billionaires. Pay close attention to Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Even if you do not agree with all of their business practices, study how each icon worked generously, passionately and diligently for free well before earning a hundred thousand dollars, let alone, millions of dollars.

Each icon maintained posture. Mark did not sell Facebook to venture capitalists for millions because he knew he had a billion dollar idea. Warren Buffet never tried to get rich quick; while other investors flamed out and vanished, he has been one of the richest men on earth for decades. Gates’ work ethic and tireless analytical mind helped make him a fortune.

Studying these pros helped – and helps – me do the right thing, the simple thing and the generous thing, blogging-wise. I pulled myself out of the endless cycle of poverty by studying wealthy people and by following their example.

The toughest part is following their lead right into and through your money fears. Every blogger nods at helping people generously – for free – to increase skills, exposure and to gain credibility. But what happens when bills arrive each month and you have little money to pay bills? Be with your fears. Ride out temporary conditions. Have posture. Act like a wealthy blogger and help people for free – as you promote yourself – even though acting like a wealthy blogger scares you, because you temporarily have little money. Little money grows into more money if you keep blogging like a wealthy blogger and if you keep studying wealthy folks and following their lead.

Charge like a wealthy person. Raise your rates and prices to face fears, to release fears and to move into higher blogging circles, leaving your poverty behind. Money circulates more freely and easily among wealthy folks but you never catch their attention by charging $5 for your online services.

Raise your rates. Increase your prices. Catch the attention of prospering clients and customers. Do as wealthy bloggers do to leave money problems behind and to move into a new, freeing, fun, prospering way of blogging and living.

Surround yourself with happy, powerful bloggers. Learn their ways. Follow their lead. Study those billionaire icons too to get a better idea of how to build wealth. All financial shortages are temporary if you make an honest, genuine move toward wealth.


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