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Intelligent keyword research spreadsheet – Matthew Woodward

Intelligent Keyword Ressearch spreadsheet

Bloggers keep creating products to help each other succeed online.

We’ve seen some of those wonderful products. Here is the list.

In today’s bloggers’ product post, we are looking at what Matthew Woodward has come up with to help your SEO. In line with Anil’s keyword research eBook, we are looking at his free Intelligent keyword research spreadsheet. Continue reading


11 Serious Things Beginner Bloggers Don’t Realize!

beggining bloggers

Blogging is a little bit like a trip to Bangkok – it can be as dirt cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. That all depends on your style.

If you’re the sort of person who just wants to document your own personal memories, then blogging will be free, easy and you’ll probably get a lot of views from your family and friends. However, if your blogging goal is to build a larger audience and make money, then you’ll need to adopt a completely different strategy. Continue reading


How I Published Over 100 Guest Posts on 4 Blogs

I am fibbing a little bit. Soon, I will have published over 100 guest posts on 5 blogs. This marks guest post #96 for me on Enstine’s fabulous blog. I feel honored to help you.

I explained a while back about how I published over 1000 guest posts on Blogging Tips. I also published over 100 guest posts on Blog With VK Netty Feed and Make Blogging. 4 blogs, over 100 guest posts. Make that 5 in under a month as I know I’ll publish more guesties here. How did I do it? Continue reading


5 Instagram Stories Hacks For Beginners

instagram stories hacks

New to Instagram, or just the Story feature? No problem!

You’ve made your way to the right place for everything you need to know about Instagram stories for beginners. These five hacks will help you maximize the effectiveness of your Instagram stories and reach a wider audience.

Stories are the perfect marketing tool for small businesses or even influencers who are trying to reach new followers and get them engaged with unique content. If you’re not using the stories feature, you’re missing out on one of Instagram’s best tools! Continue reading


4 Tips to Keep Your Good Blogging Reputation


This gig weeds out dishonest folks fast.

The split second you lie outrageously, look out. Say “good-bye” to your good blogging reputation. Successful bloggers maintain a good blogging rep. Failing bloggers generally have a bad blogging reputation, at least from the aspect of consistently delivering value. Some highly successful bloggers lose their good name through a series of bad choices. Lose your good rep. Lose trust. Lose your success.

Follow these 4 tips to keep your good blogging reputation. Continue reading


How and why to start blogging in the gambling industry!

create a casino blog

The internet has changed quite a lot of the many industries that exist, especially service-based industries. These are some of the ways in which internet impacted businesses.

It is possible to get service online, without having to spend any time to actually travel to the destination where the service provider is located. Moreover, you can compare prices easily and get a better understating whether someone is providing a good service at a good price, or somebody is trying to rip you off.

In the early days of the internet, it was not easily predictable that the entertainment industry would also go online. Soon after, gaming became a great source of entertainment for many, not to mention that best place where you can find information about entertainment options and opportunities is the internet. Continue reading