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SEMrush 20 tools to effortlessly manage your Content Marketing (SEO, PPC, SM)

I know you want to succeed online and you need the right set  of tools.

And you are facing different problems:

  1. You don’t even know the tools you need.
  2. These tools are too expensive.
  3. The tools are scattered on different platforms, meaning you have to deal with different login and security difficulties.

Creating an online business is one thing and many end at this point.  It’s a beautiful thing to come up with a thriving business idea, setup an attractive website, tell your friends about it and start sharing on social media.

But trust me failure will soon come visiting if you don’t connect the right tools to your startup to keep fueling it with the required energy.


How to Use Memes, Emoticons and Gifs in Your Marketing

If you spend any time on social media you’ll notice a lot of influencers, marketers and companies are using GIFs, emoticons, and memes in their digital marketing. It makes sense. Humans are visual communicators.

Images, especially moving images, catch your eye in a busy social media feed or crammed inbox. They also convey emotions far quicker and often more effectively than a paragraph of text.

In a recent survey on visual content, 69% of marketers said that visuals were very important to their marketing strategy. That said, only 4 percent of these marketers regularly used gifs and memes.


80 Free Social Media Banners To Stand Apart From The Crowd On The Social Media

Have you ever sat down to wonder the strange paradox of life?

You notice two or more people selling the same stuff or doing the same thing but one of them is unusually and amazingly successful. The reason is not far-fetched if you take well-detailed scrutiny at them. The answer is branding and packaging.

Branding makes your product stand out from other products. Branding is what gives your products more value than other products of the same quality.

Social media is an excellent platform for an advertisement for a whole lot of retail and wholesale outlets particularly photographers.


9 Guest Posting Services to build SEO backlinks in 2019

Guest Posting is an approved Content Marketing and contextual Link Building strategy. But in recent times, content marketers and bloggers are facing really tough times in the activity.

Everyone with a website is aiming at Google page #1 and as we are told backlinks are a top ranking factor, some irrational webmasters will stop at nothing to get them.

However, not developing a qualitative linking strategy is another way to hurt your entire SEO backlink profile.


Developing the Right Writing Habits for Bloggers

A blogger is a modern term for a storyteller.

It may all start with a few sentences that you post online, but to make your audience grow and become a successful author you need to work harder and develop yourself as a writer.

Whether you are writing a book or a blog, it is of great importance to make quality content. It will take time, for sure. Prepare for constant writing and frequent rewriting, figuring out the new ways of entertainment and experimenting.

In case you have no clue what it is better to start with, I have the right writing habits you need to develop and master. They are effective for those, who want to turn their blogging hobby into a business that brings money.


Semantic SEO – Google Page #1, No Additional Backlinks with Semantic web

In Semantic SEO, topic is the new keyword. Period!

Are many of your entries on Google results page #2 and beyond?

How do you get these to page #1 without sweating in getting another relevant backlink from a high DA domain?

Is it possible to tweak your OnPage SEO and gradually move your entries to page 1 and position 1 on SERPS?

Well, there are lots of search engine optimization options you could do on your posts to improve their search rankings and boost organic search.

But I want to specifically dwell on page Semantic SEO, which already gives some folks an edge in the digital marketing space.

I’m beginning an experiment with a piece of tool called textoptimizer for:

  1. keyword ideas
  2. Topically relevant words

I will monitor and report my progress with time.


I have been keeping an eye on SERP changes for some posts updated with Textoptimizer’s proposed LSI keywords and topical terms and phrases.

Here is the first report where SERP entry went from Google page #3 to page #1 and +240% CTR