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    What are the 4 Differences Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

    The top 4 Differences Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

    Cryptocurrency as an industry is massively growing.

    While new coins are coming up, existing coins are getting forked. That’s what happened with Bitcoin (BTC) some few months back -> Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

    Bitcoin Cash was first released on August 1, 2017, at a block height of 478 559 as a product of the hard fork, or branching out from the main Bitcoin network. It was originally created by Roger Ver and other members of the Bitcoin community in an attempt to solve the worsening scalability issues of the original Bitcoin developed by an individual (or a group) under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto back in January 2009. Continue reading


    Wealthy Affiliate University ~ 8 reasons I’m moving my business to WAU!

    I have been online for the past couple of years and have had quite some success. As a matter of fact, I started with Wealthy Affiliate University. It worked out for three months.

    I quit mainly because I was unable to meet with the tech and financial demands. That was back in 2009. But now is time to completely move my business back to the platform.

    Is WAU worth it? How much money can you make with wealthy affiliate?

    I will answer shortly. And you’ll see why you too should join the Wealthy Affiliate University. Continue reading


    June 2018 Blog Commenting Report: 137 Authors,415 comments!

    June 2018 was an awesome month. We had 415 approved comments from 137 readers. These exclude my replies.

    I want to thank everyone that made it happen. I must also thank my ghost readers. You are all awesome. You make my blogging business a success. Without you readers, this blog would be a graveyard.

    I’m using MyCommentAuthors to generate this list. It’s one of the lightest and most useful plugins for WordPress bloggers who care about engagement and repeat visitors. Continue reading


    5 Benefits of mining for Bitcoin


    Most of us online consumers today may have already heard about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology at one point or another.

    Some of us may have grown our interest in these revolutionary digital assets and have invested our time doing research as well as our money on buying cryptocurrencies that we believe in.

    However, there are still many of us who are still clueless about Bitcoin, the technology behind it, and its advantages. Continue reading


    Keyword Anticipation ~ What is it and how to effectively use it!

    Keyword anticipation is a new SEO technique to grab the first position on Google page one within a very short period. It is different from Keyword research and I will be helping you understand this very shortly.

    My experience as an SEO blogger brought about me phrasing this technique. As a matter of fact, it is made up of two words:

    1. Keyword
    2. Anticipation


    In the business of SEO, a keyword is a word that searchers type in the search engine form each time they want some information. It’s like the key that opens the door to the information being searched. You can also refer to them as “search queries” Continue reading


    5 Tips to Trading Cryptocurrency on a Secure Mobile App!

    trade cryptocurrency on mobile

    There is a belief that cryptocurrencies are the next game changer in the financial marketplace due to their decentralized nature.

    However, this notion has been regarded as a fallacy for the better part of a half a decade after the first virtual currency, Bitcoin, was launched. Interestingly, it seems that the cryptos are here to stay, having immensely experienced growth to the point of being traded on different exchanges.

    Investors can now capitalize on their gains from crypto trading ventures right from their different Android and iOS-powered mobile phones, courtesy of secure cryptocurrency trading mobile apps. Some of the ways that you could leverage these apps and maximize or protect your gains include: Continue reading