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    $275 Designhill Contest – Cash straight to Paypal!

    Coming shortly after Thanksgiving, Designhill is thinking of  its customers and readers of EnstineMuki.com

    Designhill is one of the most outstanding Artificial Intelligence Logo creation platform and tools. I did a designhill review here so you may want to read more about it.

    I had a chat with them and we concluded to do a giveaway for you (my valued readers) to stand a chance of walking away with some awesome gifts.


    How I spent $103 for a 4 year premium hosting plan + free domain!

    This year’s Black Friday is getting out of hand and something must be done.

    We have crazy offers slashing huge junks off their regular prices.

    But remember the price tag is just a factor. Cheap doesn’t mean top quality service. But Hostinger’s cheap offer is definitely an attractive bargain.


    Being in the industry for about 14 years with tons of positive reviews, there is reason to give them a try.


    Top 09 Conversion Tools -> Grow your business with ThriveThemes Membership

    One area many entrepreneurs still don’t understand is conversion optimization.

    They focus on growing traffic which is great. I know how important targeted traffic is and the cornerstone rule it plays in profit.

    But conversion should be as important as driving relevant traffic. Whichever the traffic channels we focus on, our main objective should be to turn that traffic to some fulfillment.

    We are advertised tons of marketing tools every single day. But what we need actually is a set of conversion oriented online marketing tools to drive visitors to take the action we want.


    Make money blogging ~ 18 Top Bloggers reveal how they $1000,000+!

    So many of us want to make money blogging.

    As a matter of fact, I’m one of those making money with their blogs and if you are reading this post this moment, you are certainly interested in generating some earnings as a blogger.

    There are almost uncountable ways to make money as a blogger. In this post, I discussed 15 different ways bloggers (including me) make money. If you haven’t read that resourceful article, I recommend you check it out.

    Recently, I published another post on 5 options to monetize your blog. A pretty nice summary to get you going.

    I’m still on the look out for more ways to make money as a blogger. So I stepped out and contacted some top bloggers in the industry to share their secrets with us.  The good news is that most of them responded, sharing their most cherished secrets.


    Free .com domain for life – Also get free .net, .info, .biz, etc

    Getting a free .com domain for your website isn’t any longer a big deal. However, I know folks still find it puzzling.

    The truth is no one is just going to throw a free dot com domain at you for nothing. Often, you get it as a bonus for purchasing some service, usually a web hosting service.

    But it still is a good deal to have a free domain name and don’t get to pay for it for the first year. It’s not just the .com TLD. Usually, you are also going to be offered other extensions like .org, .net, .info, etc.


    06 sources of free traffic to keep your website very busy!

    Understanding the different sources of free traffic to your website/blog can make a huge difference to your business. Unfortunately, many bloggers and website owners are just throwing their feet in the dark.

    As a matter of fact, readers come to your blog from 2 major traffic sources. These are:

    1. Free sources
    2. Paid sources

    We want here to focus on 05 different channels that can be studied and developed to raise profit from current levels.

    Some channels are more targeted than others. Some can drive huge traffic within a short period of times. Some won’t just work in some cases despite the numbers.

    It’s therefore important to do some statistical studies and come out with data-driven results to maximize your online campaigns. Let’s now take a closer look at these 5 traffic channels.