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    SEO Marketing Services for Cosmetic Surgeons (5 tips to boost SEO)

    If you are a plastic surgeon then you might probably understand that it is quite difficult to attract new clients.

    Most probably the best advertising of your service you have is through word of mouth from clients whom you had successfully performed procedures with. But many potential patients or clients would prefer self-refer.

    When things like that happen and with the progress technology nowadays, the prospective patients will usually use the internet to search for plastic surgeons near them or the best plastic surgeons – or whatever their search would be like.


    I fired my BOSS to blog full time!

    I fired him! Yeah!

    Well, that guy was not really my boss. However, he took a greater portion of my offline time. We all called him BOSS.

    He didn’t fully employ me though! I simply had a software maintenance contract with his company. It turned out to be more work than foresaw. A few things transpired and I decided to send a termination note.


    EaseUS Todo PCTrans – Free PC-to-PC File and Apps transfer

    One of the issues computer users face is to move files and applications from one PC to the other or from one storage unit to another on the same PC.

    It may not really be a problem moving smaller files. But when it comes to transferring huge files from one logical location to another, it becomes a real problem.

    What about moving an app you’ve installed on one PC to another?

    A hard nut isn’t it?

    In most cases, you’ll have to reinstall on the next PC. Needless to mention this is pain in the leg.


    How does Payoneer send your card to Cameroon? (Answered!)

    One of the good things freelancers and bloggers in Cameroon have is the fact that the Payoneer free cards are being sent straight to them.

    Though Paypal is fractured in Cameroon, Payoneer is here to resolve the issue of receiving funds from online business. I have this post on Paypal Cameroon so you may want to check it out.

    Few days ago, I had a quick question from one of my students. As a matter of fact, she got ahead of the classes and wanted to know how the Payoneer card got to me in Cameroon.


    Free Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card for online payments worldwide (2020)

    Have you tried out Payoneer Payment Gateway for online payments as a company or solopreneur?

    If you are blogger or Internet Marketer not living in areas covered by Paypal, you certainly have gone through some pains receiving money from individual clients, companies or affiliate marketing platforms.

    In my personal experience, living in a country where Paypal is not an option, it has always been with tough times and frustration seeing my affiliate earnings in my ClickBank or CJ account and not knowing how to cash out.