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    Commenting Report January 2019 with free traffic and Engagement plugin!

    The month of January has been quite busy here.

    143 of my readers engaged, leaving a total of 235 comments, excluding my replies.

    This is quite important to me and I’m excited about it.

    So I have generated this list of comment authors to say thank you for making the first month of the year awesome. I’m using MyCommentAuthors, a plugin I created some few years back just for this purpose.

    If you are running a WordPress blog, you may want to give the plugin a try. It absolutely has no front-end load impact on your blog. What it does is generate a TEXT list of your comment authors for a given month. So you just copy and past in your blog post.


    How important are Pinterest Followers? (A Very Important Discovery)

    Are Pinterest followers important?

    On Pinterest, we have both Board and Account following and people can choose to simply follow your account or just follow one or more of your boards.

    Boards are like your account segments and each board is further broken into Sections.

    Your home feed (Smart Feed) shows Pins from people and boards that you follow, plus Pins inspired by your boards and recent activity.

    But is it that important to care about your number of followers?

    It’s two months today I have been pinning more consistently. I have created pins for some old evergreen posts and seen them breathe more healthily.


    EaseUS Free Data Recovery Wizard for Mac ~ Recover your lost files easily!

    If you are Mac user, you are going to find this app very interesting.


    Because it helps you recover your lost data so easily and I’m going to show you how it’s done.

    In this post, we looked at EaseUS features to recover lost data on Windows Operating System. But the application isn’t just for Windows users. Mac users too are fully covered as well.

    There are quite many occasions where we find ourselves struggling to recover some lost (deleted, formatted,etc) vital information from our PC or external device.


    #1 stupid error money making bloggers make (How to correct it)

    Some bloggers don’t care about making money from blogging and that’s fine. But most of us blog as a business. So generating income from the activity is a reason we cannot deny.

    The need to make money blogging is driving some money making bloggers crazy.  And I see many of us make this avoidable error. Most often, we don’t even see it as an error.

    But it’s costing us a lot. It’s killing the very reason we blog.

    What’s that’s stupid error though?

    We focus on making money

    That’s it.

    I know it sounds like I’m making an error by calling this an error. But allow me explain.


    How to add Widget Area Above and Below Post Content in WordPress and make more money.

    How do you add a widget area above your post content. How do you add a widget below your post title? How do you add a widget below your post content?

    Recently, I did some changes on my blog that got many asking me questions.

    I did some technical updates after doing some research and these allow me to easily add anything (text, banner, video, etc) below post titles (above post content) on my blog and of course make money money.

    Not only that…

    I’m also able to add same elements just below any post content on this blog.


    3 Steps to Earn a Full-Time Income Teaching Others Online

    There are many ways to earn a full-time income and one of these is teaching others online. In today’s featured post, I’m bringing someone to help you with 3 steps to establish yourself as the go-to online instructor.

    Just so you should know, every Thursday, I bring savvy bloggers and business persons allover the world on my blog here to share with us several different success tips.

    You can see a list of those featured in the past here. Definitely something to learn from them. If you want to be featured, see these details.

    This time, we have someone you’re certainly going to find exciting and worth hearing.