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    Blogging Money Update – Monetize your blog with Jasmine Watts

    blogging money update

    Do you want sponsored posts opportunities sent regularly to your email?

    We are meeting someone here whose duty is to find and send to you offers paying up to $5000. To be more organized and productive, she bundled it into a product called Blogging Money Update.

    I mentioned it here as one of the ways to land sponsored posts offers regularly and steadily. So Jasmine Watts (in this series of bloggers’s products) will be telling us more about her money making product and her blog. Continue reading


    How to make $1,550 from Guest Posting!

    If you ever believed anyone who told you guest posting isn’t working, this post is meant to correct that information you received.

    It’s the best way to leverage someone’s marketplace and if you’ve got value in your articles, you’ll get for yourself nice returns.

    The month of January 2020 wasn’t a bad one at all as I submitted quite a number of guest articles to some authority blogs.

    Yes it matters where you publish your articles for any reason. Authority blogs are blogs that command attention. For the most part, it’s not bread and butter to go through the requirements to feature on these websites. Continue reading


    Business Growth Club Giveaway!

    Giveaway Business Growth Club

    Hey guys, I’m happy to be introducing a buddy of mine by name Dan Ewah to you.

    He was active with me in the Blogging space and on this blog in 2014/2015; he has even written a guest post on this blog.

    At the time, he was only making Money from Product Reviews, Affiliate Marketing, and Ads; he wanted more because he believed there has to be a better way to leverage his knowledge.

    This quest made him leave Blogging.

    He got into Cryptocurrency in May 2016, and by November of the same year, he had made $500,000+ by leveraging Digital Marketing and the skills he acquired while Blogging. Continue reading


    10 Best Small Business Website Builders in 2020 – Recommendations

    Best Small Business Website Builders

    A small business owner might find website creation a challenging task in 2020.

    Apart from budgetary and time constraints, there is the added stress of maintaining a website.

    Thankfully, drag-and-drop website builders make it easy to design and launch a good business website quickly and efficiently. It all depends on choosing a suitable website builder that meets the needs of your small business.

    Find a list of 201’s best website builders for small business below. Continue reading


    How to find profitable keywords – eBook by problogger Anil Agarwal

    There is no successful SEO campaign without keyword research. But this happens to be one of the toughest phases in the process of driving natural traffic.

    Not every keyword drives profit. So how do you find profitable keywords to generate search engine traffic that converts to sales?

    In today’s Bloggers’ product post, we are meeting pro blogger and SEO expert, Anil Agarwal of Bloggers Passion. He will be talking to us about his first ever ebook. Continue reading


    2 profitable online business ideas for 2020 ~ $100 investment or less!

    Online Business Ideas feat

    Today I want us to discuss some lucrative online business ideas as we know the Internet has opened up new profitable businesses for everyone connected round the world.

    The truth is must of us want to be able to create a successful online business without breaking the bank. The good news is that tech development has made  it quite easy to start today and make a handsome profit in the next couple of weeks. And all you need is a miserable sum under $100.

    Well, you can scale up and do something more with 10x that investment. I just want to share with you two highly lucrative business ideas that can give you a real business in the next few weeks. Continue reading