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    Thank You Blog Commentators (101 authors with 199 comments)

    awesome readers

    The month of May was so engaging and I love it

    A huge Thank You to everyone that visited my blog. And my comment authors are just so awesome.

    In the month of April, there were 88 authors who made 161 comments. Here is the list generated by MyCommentAuthors. Get your free copy here. Read more about it here.

    There was an improvement in engagement and I’m happy with my commentators. So thank you guys. Here is the list. Continue reading


    How to Find the Best Freelance Websites for Your Business!

    There are tons of freelance platforms out there but finding the best freelance websites is not something that’s easy to deal with.

    In this post, I’m not going to give you a list of these platforms. I’ll give you checkpoints to help you find the best freelance service to function with.

    Choosing the wrong platform could simply mean the beginning of a broken business. That’s why you should not rush at this point. Following these simple tips will help you locate the most qualified talent for your job. Continue reading


    Free tool reveals blog commentators’ exact location (GDPR Radar)!

    Do you want to know the countries and cities of your blog commentators? Or you have just someone you want to know where he/she is commenting from.

    I will show you how to locate their cities so easily using free tools.

    There are a couple of tools out there that give you broader stats on where a percentage of your readers come from. Alexa, for instance will openly state: Continue reading


    How to create Pro Logos with Designhill Logo Maker (AI logo maker)

    Logo makers are popping up here and there. But what you really need is an artificially intelligent Logo Maker. Designhill AI Logo Maker got me hooked.


    Because this AI powered logo maker does the difficult part for you, leaving you with the most basic activities like filling forms, selecting from tons of creative designs and exporting to any format of your choice.

    Designhill AI Logo Maker will perform tasks normally requiring your intelligence. It allows you create a beautiful and professional logo for less than half the price in just 5 minutes. Continue reading


    Blog Commenting for Backlinks (Earn Editorial Backlinks Commenting)

    editorial backlinks

    Do you do blog commenting for backlinks?

    Do you want editorial backlinks? Can blog commenting help get them? How important are editorial backlinks in SEO? Let’s keep reading…

    Blog commenting is an exciting blogging exercise right? I know you all agree with me. It’s been one of the ways to expand and grow your sphere of influence as a blogger.

    There are of course a bunch of benefits but I’m not about to dwell on them. However, one of the reasons most people drop comments is to get backlinks.

    They focus on backlinks from the comment area on blogs using the traditional WordPress commenting system. Some go looking for CommentLuv enabled blogs just to drop comments and grab some backlinks. Continue reading