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    Is DT Coin the Bitcoin volatility corrector?

    Bitcoin is the master of Cryptocurrencies but volatility is its biggest drawback. The bitcoin value can change rapidly and unpredictably. That’s one of the reasons Bitcoin is not considered money by some expects.

    One of the characteristics of Money is stability over time.  That means with respect to other currencies, the value of anything that’s considered money must be stable to encourage businesses to invest and accept it in exchange for their good and services.

    While Bitcoin has attracted a huge attention from around the world, businesses are still reticent. The problem is not with Blockchain, the technology backing the crypto giant. Continue reading


    Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program ~ The best affiliate platform for bloggers?

    wealthy affiliate affiliate program

    Wealthy affiliate is the platform that trains you on how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. It’s only but normal for them to have the best of what they teach

    If you are in the Internet Marketing niche, the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is one of the top programs I recommend. I will show you why in a moment.

    I have tested different ways to make money online. From creating your own products, running a coaching business, selling ads space on your blog, doing sponsored post to Affiliate marketing.

    These and many more methods work a great deal to help you make money. But Affiliate Marketing seems to be the best.

    Looking at income reports of may top bloggers, you will discover that Affiliate Marketing takes the lead. In this post, I asked some top bloggers how they make money blogging. Affiliate Marketing happens to cut across the board. Continue reading


    American Consumer Panels Review – See why it is scam!

    I’m doing this American Consumer Panels review post following a thorough research I made after a friend on Facebook asked me if they are legit or scam.

    Is American Consumer Panels legit or scam? Any BBB rating or Business Entity Database entry?

    After a few hours of digging and  making some phone calls, I was not really confident. So I just told my friend to be extremely careful and check out this post if he wants to create a lucrative business online with no capital and no skills.

    Before you trust any service that’s online, make sure there is a corresponding offline verifiable presence and unarguable authenticity in the quality of their services. Continue reading


    Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it? Success Stories and Earning Proofs!

    Is Wealthy Affiliate worth your investment?

    $49/month ?

    What do you get for your monthly payments? 

    What do they offer?

    What is the worth of what they offer?

    I want to put some elements together to help you make an informed decision. Weather you are signing up or completely moving away from it, you shouldn’t do it out of ignorance.

    By the end of this post, you should know with a huge dose of certainty what you gain by giving it a try  or what you lose by walking away.

    Continue reading

    5 eCommerce software to create an online marketplace!

    ecommerce software to create an online marketplace

    Do you want to create an online marketplace? 

    You probably see sites like Amazon, Ebay, Alibba, ThemeForest, etc and you think you need to employ Bill Gate to code for you from scratch.

    You are wrong!


    Because today, we have turn-key eCommerce software that allow you to create full-blown online marketplace without even typing a single code line.

    There are many of these software online but I'm going to pick just 5 of them and help you see how they help, what you get from each of them.

    Continue reading

    How to start a small business online with $68 and no skills!

    How to start a small business online with wealthy affiliate unversity

    Many people want to know how to start a small business online with $100 or less and having no skills.

    The truth is that the Internet has opened new incredible doors nowadays. With just $68, you can start a thriving business online even if you can’t do anything but watch TV.

    I will discuss with you in this post how you can start your own profitable business online if you can just get $68 from your mom, dad or friend.

    If you have Internet access and are ready to follow simple steps, there is no reason to be broke in the next five months.

    There are people who are computer programmers, graphics designers, legal advisers, translators, freelance writers, etc who can simply signup to freelance platforms and be hired. Continue reading