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    Warning! Toxic Backlinks are ruining your SEO. How to remove them easily.

    One fatal SEO (Search engine optimization) mistake we make is building backlinks and moving forward without looking back to clean up.

    Not all the links pointing to your blog will add to your search ranking. Some are toxic and that’s what we want to deal with in this post.

    But what is a toxic or dangerous backlinks ?

    At the moment of writing, there is no universal definition of a toxic backlink. However, this generally refers to links from private blog networks, websites that violate Google’s guidelines, or sites with major security flaws.

    Toxic inbound links are the unnatural links that can negatively impact the SERP rankings of your website.


    SEO is EASY but you are making it HARD! Here is what to do instead!

    Trust me SEO is easy!

    No. Search Engine Optimization is hard.

    What am I even saying ? You got me confused 😉

    The real thing is “SEO is easy” but you are making it hard. You are the reason your SEO is difficult. Just give me a few minutes to explain. I will also show you how to start ranking and celebrating search traffic.

    Very quickly, the best source of traffic I have had is search engine. I have experimented with Email list traffic, social media traffic, referral traffic, etc.

    And please note I’m talking about free traffic and SEO is the king when it comes to:

    • Conversion
    • Dwell Time
    • Bounce Rate


    How to attract more comments on your blog – Not what you think!

    When I got into blogging in August of 2012, commenting was (and is still) one of my favorite blogging activities. I have been able to connect with many exciting (I mean very exciting) folks in the industry.

    If you are just new to blogging, trust me commenting on blogs in your niche will quickly drive your business forward.

    You don’t just comment for the sake of it. Comment for relationships. Don’t even comment for backlinks. Add value in your comments and watch what happens.

    From the point of view of blog owners, I was thinking about things to do to say Thank You to my comment authors.


    [ Zest.is ] How to drive free traffic with Zest Content Curation tool

    I recently came across a free traffic and content sharing tool and it’s beginning to get me addicted.

    We have many of these curation platforms out there but what makes zest.is stand out is the team behind it.

    I have said a couple of time that the strength of a platform isn’t in its coding. It lies almost completely on the team that runs it and Zest may soon take over leadership in the industry.

    Many content gathering tools have disappointed curators and consumers. They focus on volumes and let anything in. But Zest is all about quality that goes through manual approval.


    ATTENTION!!! These TWO things will drastically increase (OR KILL) traffic to your blog. Period!!!

    Everyday we work on strategies to increase traffic to our blogs and websites and you are reading this article because you need that traffic. That’s right!

    I don’t need to mention here that without traffic, you’ll be as good as not having an online presence.

    Whether you are working on paid or free traffic sources, if you fail in these two things I want to discuss here, your traffic strategies will be a complete waste.


    Blogging for business ~ 6 Content ideas for your business blog!

    In today’s competitive and digital world, if you aren’t blogging for business, you are simply putting yourself at the back of the queue.

    Whether you are small business owner, running an eCommerce website or a simple business presentation website, blogging for your business will incredibly open up new customer acquisition channels.

    It’s a flat-out mistake to not integrate content marketing in your business development strategies. I know blogging is just part of it. But it accounts for a massive chunk of the rush.

    In a recent post by Neil Patel following a content marketing survey conducted, 24% of customers first found out about the company through their blog: