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    5 easy steps to create Billing/Order Forms in WordPress!

    We’ve gone over those days when it was tough to sit at home or in your office and create an order form on your WordPress website without making some calls or mailing someone for technical assistance.

    In this post, I want to show you how to easily create any billing or order form on your WordPress powered blog (without the help of any webmaster) to allow your visitors to buy your items or services.

    You may not want to deal with the complexity of Woocommerce or any other not-so-easy e-commerce tool for WordPress.

    All you need is


    How to capture partial data from abandoned form in WordPress in 4 steps!

    One of the serious threat to your online business success is form abandonment. This definitely happens to every website that collects some data from its visitors using a web form.

    The craziest thing is most of us marketers and bloggers don’t even know it’s happening and we are losing business minute by minute.

    Do you have a form on your website?

    • Order forms
    • Contact forms
    • Free quote forms
    • Support request forms
    • Etc

    Chances are some of your readers who click to fill your forms, for some reasons abandon and quit to never return. And what do you do about it?


    Electronic Signatures : How to create a signature form in WordPress!

    In the past couple of years, it was difficult to create an online form and allow people fill and sign electronically.

    Generally, they would have to download the form (in pdf format), fill, sign, scan and resend. This is tedious, time consuming and may have security issues.

    In our days’ content world powered by WordPress, allowing electronic signatures in online forms is a possibility. You are able to create a web form and allow your readers to sign using their mouse or touch screen.

    We are going to see how to add a signature box to your web forms easily with


    10 Tips to help you choose the right domain name ~ Part 2

    In Part I of this series on how to create a blog that generates incomes, we saw actionable tips on how to choose a topic to blog on. You may want to check that out so you don’t get confused where we are going. Be sure to join my list so you don’t miss a thing.

    In this Part 2, I thought it’s important I share some guides on how to choose a good domain name for your blog.

    Your domain name is your online identity. Its the way to your online presence. Without the domain name, it will be difficult to locate you online so choosing the right domain is crucial.

    – > Before we continue …

    Do you want a brand-able domain name – Your name, company name or unique word, or you want a keyword based domain name like bestwordpressthemes.com or seoconsultant.com?


    CrakRevenue Review 2019: 10 Years of Turning Traffic into Sales

    Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you don’t have to rely solely on your primary job to support yourself. Today, there are tons of side hustles you can do to earn additional income without having to exert too much effort—at least after establishing yourself.

    One of the most popular ways to earn some money on the Internet is setting up a blog website. Most newbies and those who are technologically challenged may find it skeptical. How do you earn money by writing your own thoughts and establishing a nice website? One of the secrets to that is affiliate marketing.


    Android Wifi Hotspot, USB and Bluetooth Tethering greyed out – FIXED

    I got my Android phone flashed. A couple of buttons switched.

    This led to my Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB and Bluetooth Tethering greyed and completely disabled. With these options unavailable, you won’t be able to share your Internet connection with other users.

    My phone has been my modem for the past couple of years and I have successfully used it to grow my online business. It was some embarrassment that I suddenly was locked out. So while looking for the solution, I found out a lot of users were in the same pot of soup. So I’m sharing the exact steps I used to resolve the issue in minutes