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Blog Engagement – 5 ways to get your visitors highly engaged!

blog engagement

One of the things every website owner strives for every single minute is traffic – targeted traffic. Once we have visitors on our site, the next thing we want is engagement. What is engagement by the way?

I hear bloggers talk about engagement on blogs so often but a few of us can venture into its meaning. If we have an accurate understanding of the meaning of the word in our industry, we shall be able apply it with wisdom.

Blog engagement is simply an action taken by the visitor on your blog in favor of the blog. It can also be considered as action that keeps the visitor stuck to your blog.… Continue Reading …

Nexttel Cameroon ~ Celebrating TWO Million Subscribers!

nexttel cameroon

It was a colorful event this Friday 28th of August 2015 at Akwa Douala, when Etongo Ondobo André walked away with a brand New Toyota Yaris after spending just XAF200 (about $0.34 US Dollars) a couple of weeks back on Nexttel Cameroon call credit refill.

Nexttel ( The commercial name of Viettel Cameroon S.A.), setup in Cameroon since September 2014, is the network providing 3G mobile Internet in Cameroon. With innovative products and an outstanding national coverage, Nexttel is positioning itself as a real challenge to existing mobile phone operators.… Continue Reading …

Affiliate Marketing: Host1Plus pays up to $115 per referral!

host1plus affiliate program banners

Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest ways to make money online even without having your own products. As a blogger, it is one of the ways to make money blogging, promoting products in your niche and earning commissions.

Affiliate marketing (AM) is a money making model in which you promote others’ products and earn a percentage of the sales generated through your promotions. You don’t worry about after sales services (The product creator handles shipping and product delivery, training, customer support, etc). All you have to do is drive traffic, convert to sales and get paid.

Many bloggers have failed in Affiliate Marketing simply because they were unable to select the right products for their audience. It’s generally not easy to pick and promote an affiliate product that converts quite well.… Continue Reading …

How to Sell Online with Kurt Kummerer!

Kurt Kummerer

It’s Thursday and I’m here again with someone you certainly have seen on this blog a couple of times. Beside being an excellent writer, this blogger’s frequent visit to my blog and his skills of networking could not just keep me away from noticing him.

His blog recently has become one of the top on my list and I’m absolutely excited to talk about him today. Well, before we get into some personal details, check out the list of those I have featured in the past here. Let’s meet out blogger for the week.… Continue Reading …

If content is KING, where is the KINGDOM? A must-read post!

content is king

The whole idea of blogging and content marketing is like a kingdom and we know the 3 main components of a complete kingdom The KING, the KINGDOM and the RULED or the subjects.

That’s exactly what blogging is. If any of this lacks or has a deficiency, the whole kingdom is sick.

If content is King, where therefore is the kingdom? What about the ruled? In content marketing, we have laid so much emphasis on the content being the king. There can never be in king without a kingdom and the ruled. Let’s look at these parties differently and see how they relate to blogging. … Continue Reading …

Please Help Me! This is urgent and I count on you!

please help me

I really need help and you have to do something!

Every day I get lots and lots of questions and I’m under the obligation to provide accurate answers. I don’t have any other option and I can’t stop these folks from asking me these questions.

I have questions coming from all over the world in every area of life. Anything you can think of, people asking me questions about it. No one wants to understand that I have too much work trying to answer everyone’s questions.

A few seconds ago, a guy from India wanted to know from me how to create a popular blog. While I was thinking and trying to get his question answered, many more questions were coming in. One from Canada and a lady wanted to know how to lose weight after birth. Can you imagine this! I get so many questions about weight loss. How did they come about gaining weight in the first place? … Continue Reading …