Create Video Course Websites: USCREEN is most recommended!

NB: In this post, we discuss in more details how to create video course websites to effectively sell your video programs to your customers

In today’s content age, video is playing a key role. However, video producer still face challenges during the distribution phase;

Limited Storage, bandwidth, Payment processing, systematic delivery, user management, copyright protection, exorbitant costs, etc, are some of the major menaces of today’s video content marketing.

Nevertheless, in this post, we are looking at Uscreen, the fun-filled, user-friendly, practical and feature-packed video distribution platform that allows content creators to distribute videos and course content to anyone globally, either as a subscription, one time purchase or rentals.

Uscreen provides video publishers (individuals and institutions) with the required tools and features to create branded video subscription websites.… Continue Reading …

CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015 – Up To 50% OFF!

Here is your special CommentLuv Black Friday Discount 2015 from Andy Baily, the guy behind commentluv blog commenting plugin.

Commentluv discount code special link here and the discount code is :


NB: This is only available on zaxaa market place. If you go straight to CommentLuv Premium home page, it will not work.

I have been using this plugin from my very first day of blogging and the results are awesome. Some top bloggers and friends have had reasons to take down this plugin from their blogs but what’s amazing is that they still strongly recommend it. My friend and top blogger, Adrienne Smith uses and recommends it.… Continue Reading …

Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015 – 80% Off Hosting

Hostgator Black Friday coupon 2015! Get up to 80% OFF ALL new hosting packages and $2.99 .net & .com domains.

It’s an exciting black Friday and Cyber Monday at Hostgator this year 2015. The WebHosting giant has decided to chop off a huge portion of its web hosting and domain name prices. Up to 80% discount for premium web hosting service is something that can make an old man shout.

Note however that this year,  the giant in the web hosting industry has decided to make it an interesting game. From Friday, November 27th to Monday November 30th, there will be both Surprise FLASH SALES (80% OFF) and Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales (67% OFF)

For the surprise Flash Sales, different discount codes have been generated to be active only during specific hours. I have published all the coupons here so you don’t miss out on any.… Continue Reading …

Result-Driven Tips for Using LinkedIn Groups for Your Business!

LinkedIn is a social media platform that was specifically designed for the use of businesses and business professionals. There are many businesses that have already taking advantage of the many marketing tools and opportunities that are offered by this platform.

However, in order for your LinkedIn site to be successful, learning to use LinkedIn Groups effectively is essential. When used properly, LinkedIn groups are able to be used to market products, enhance your reach, as well as evolve your strategic networking capabilities for your company. The purpose of social media is to engage consumers and build new relationships that are able to be used later for sales. In fact, building your LinkedIn groups strategy is important for B2B success.… Continue Reading …

Don’t Go Nuts: 7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Hitting the Publish Button!

In 2005, Technorati estimated 7.8 million weblogs. Fast forward a few years and there’s allegedly more than 170 million blogs

Sounds crazy?

Not yet.

What is crazy is how bloggers are spending hours and hours dealing with writer’s block and racking their brains on what to write next, without spending hours and hours promoting themselves and their business.

Build an optimized blog and Take content creation off your shoulders. Click here to get the Blog and Content Suite Package. Use “EMUKI27” to get an extra 20% off in the massively discounted package. Valid until November 27.

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PAYPAL.ME ~ a NEW way to collect money with Paypal! is here. Read below!

For those of us doing business online, we know Paypal is one of the most secured and flexible ways to collect or make payments on the Internet.

Though this payment platform is the most widely used, marketers and online businessmen in some developing countries (including Cameroon, my country) are still quite far from its benefits. Well, Cameroon and a few African countries are a step ahead.

At least, now we can safely make payments with Paypal. Check out details in this post. Paypal now allows us to create country accounts and verify them with Credit/Debit Cards issued by banks in Cameroon.… Continue Reading …