SeedingUp ~ Sponsored Posts for your blog and Social Media profiles!

sponsored posts

It’s becoming increasingly less difficult for anyone with or without a blog to make money online these days with sponsored posts. Initially, you needed a fairly active blog to be paid to post content on it.

Recently, SeedingUp (Formerly known as Teliad) has introduced sponsored posts for social media to its line of services.

What this means is that you can get paid $50, $100, $200 and more for a post to your Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and/or YouTube profiles.

Before I give you some more details about monetizing your social media profiles with SeedingUp’s new Social Seeding service, let’s briefly see other ways you can make money with SeedingUp.… Continue Reading …

Cute Phone Cases for your smartphones with Glam Cases!

iphone cases

Won’t you also like to have a cute phone case? You know you are never going to have a smartphone shipped with additional phone cases. Generally, you will have different colors but what if you desire a more cut and sexy design that’s not available with the original creation?

Now, the beauty is that phone covers are not expensive so you can completely change the look of your phone without your bank account feeling the weight.… Continue Reading …

1000 BroadedNet credits per member ~ Huge gift!

BroadedNet has been doing pretty good these days though I have been slow in promotion. While I decided to sell it to someone so as to focus on the next project I’m working on (and of course my blog), I still see interesting activities going on.

NB: I have written quite much about broaded on this blog. Click here for more

I sent a mail to members about the sale and some of them got really interested. While I’m still in negotiation, I will still want to give a chance to my readers to acquire a wonderfully profitable platform.… Continue Reading …

How to make money from blogging ~ All you need to know!

how to make money by blogging.

I have written quite much on this blog on  how to generate income as a blogger. However I keep getting questions from readers who specifically want to know how to make money from blogging.

Just before I started this post, one of my readers during a conversation on Facebook asked  in his words “… how much do bloggers make”

You agree with me it’s a bit vague. Bloggers make anything between $0 and $900k and even more. It all depends on your objectives and how hard and smart you work on them.

I understand for the most part this question comes from beginners who have read some materials on the amount of money some bloggers make.… Continue Reading …

Payoneer Card ~ Get yours now for free!

us payment service

Payoneer card is a wonderful solution to International online businesses. It’s been around for years and Internet Marketers from all over the world have embraced it.

It’s fast and secure way to receive payment in your local currency from International businesses and marketplaces.

Online market places (Vacation Rentals, Freelancer Platforms, Affiliate Marketing & Ad Networks, E-commerce Marketplaces, Translation & Localization Services, Stock Photography & Digital Content, Direct Selling, Etc) have expanded their business due to the Payoneer Card’s flexibility and coverage.

-> Sign up now for free and earn $25

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Online graphic editor ~ Create ANY design easily!

Online graphic editor

Youzign is an easy-to-use online graphic editor and web based platform to easily design and create all kind of graphics.

It’s a revolutionary online graphics software that allows you to create amazing Facebook Covers, Video Graphics, Flyers, Infographics, Business Cards, Youtube Channel Art, Banners, Headers, etc.

Whatever design business you are into, this online design tool has you covered. It’s online so you don’t have to download and install anything. Online means you can access your graphics anywhere anytime.

It has no monthly charges so you can build a complete flourishing business on it. I’ll discuss this in more details below.… Continue Reading …