Dangers of not having a Backup & Recovery Solution! [infographic]

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Here is an infographic from SingleHop, a cloud computing company, showing that while the cost of not using a backup service could seriously damage your company, many business owners are not taking deliberate measures to protect themselves by moving their data to cloud hosting.

Only a shocking 50% of enterprises backup their employees computers!  When downtime happens, which it most assuredly will, there are a whole variety of negative effects that can take place.  On average, sites have 13 instances of downtime each year.

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Maximize Your Email Marketing Results with Brent Jones

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It’s another beautiful Thursday and I’m here with another awesome blogger and Internet Marketer. What’s so exciting on Thursdays is that I get to talk about someone special (or a special product). In the past, I have featured incredibly awesome bloggers you shouldn’t fail to connect with.

Check them out here!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Brent Jones, a rising star in the world of freelancing and internet marketing.… Continue Reading …

Writing Jobs for bloggers – BlogExpose Sneak Peak!

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It’s been 2 weeks and 3 days since I started my new platform – BlogExpose.com

My idea is to put in place a job board for bloggers (Where to easily find Writing Jobs for bloggers). It’s becoming increasingly popular that companies need the services of bloggers – either to hire bloggers for their business blogging needs or simply want them to write about their product or services.

BlogExpose is therefore a platform where bloggers looking for writing jobs can meet with companies looking to hire bloggers for their writing needs.… Continue Reading …

How I turned Rejection into $234+ recurring Payment!

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This is going to be perhaps one of the shortest posts I have ever written. The reason simply is that I have written details about this topic on my friend’s blog.

With time, I’m getting some practical results so I want to discuss this with you. I know those of you my friends making money online will have to rethink  your strategies after reading this post.

On Barabara Charle’s blog, I discussed a topic that’s beginning to shed some light on the minds of many money making bloggers.


We have known that one of the interesting ways to make money online is by accepting paid posts.  I have known blogs that charge up to $5000 per post and companies are paying for it.… Continue Reading …

Small business web site hosting ~ SiteGround from $3.95/month, Free Domain Name For Life


If you are looking for a Small business web site hosting service, SiteGround stands out with easy to use solutions that are specifically designed to meet your need.

From Share hosting through Cloud Hosting to dedicated Severs, SiteGround has been its users’ choice with top safe and faster servers and an excellent customer service. With advanced expertise in WordPress Hosting and Joomla Hosting, Siteground has grown to position itself as a leader in the industry, recommended by top bloggers and institutions.

Siteground prices are friendly. With Premium WordPressPremium Joomla hosting (and FREE domain name for life) starting from $3.95/month, this hosting service is definitely worth trying. … Continue Reading …

This product will help you succeed in blogging. Period!


Adrienne Smith is the engagement superstar of blogging. She knows how to connect the dots and bring people to liking what she does. She has just published her product on how to grow your blog community and be a popular blogger.

Don’t buy this product yet! Read this post completely before you take any engagement!

I have known and worked with Adrienne so closely. She has shared a lot of tips on her blog how to be popular. Personally, I have had tips from her through emails that have refined my blogging.… Continue Reading …