$5,000 BroadedNet Sales – Your share of the cake!

broadednet sales

I successful sold broadedNet to a buyer on Flippa. Though that was 50% down from what I initially thought the value was, I was not worried giving it out to the current owner.

I admit I still have a lot to learn in site flipping. Though this is my fourth site I’m selling in 5 years, I have not taken site flipping a serious business.

The first site I ever sold was back in 2010. It was really a business in the dark. While it generated $400 in sales, it was such an excitement.… Continue Reading …

How to get Quality Blog Traffic From Twitter with ZERO Followers!

quality traffic twitter

In today’s post, we are about to see how to effectively get quality traffic from Twitter to your blog posts even if you have ZERO followers.

Naturally, the more followers you have on Twitter, the more traffic. If this is true, then it’s common sense to think that zero followers means zero traffic. But what’s the unexplained trick behind having more traffic with zero followers?

Well, it’s not about using tools like JustRetweet, EasyRetweet, etc (which of course are great tools) The issue though with such tools is people tweet or retweet your text for the sake of the reward attached to it.… Continue Reading …

Udemy Coupon Code ~ Up to 95% OFF or $10 per course!

udemy discount code

Udemy coupon code! Get any course for $10 this Summer. That’s up to 96% Off!

Udemy is an awesome training center where you learn everything from programming, painting, yoga, and more!

Keep cool this summer with over 10,000+ online courses for only $10! Promotion ends 7/30 at midnight.

Get professional training and become an expert in a few months. All courses are video walk-through. Meet great authors like Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Alun Hill, etcContinue Reading …

How to share unpublished posts (drafts) with the Public!

post draft preview feat

As bloggers, there are many cases that oblige us to allow someone else read unpublished blog posts on our blogs before they get finally published.

If you are writing for a client or reviewing a product, the client may demand to read through the post before you make it public.

You may be writing a post with the help of someone who doesn’t have access to your blog’s admin and you absolutely need to give that person a way to read through your post before publication.… Continue Reading …

GetResponse Vs Aweber ~ Top Email Marketing Platforms

GetResponse Vs Aweber

GetResponse and Aweber are top email marketing tools and leaders in the industry. Though we have a plethora of these marketing platform in today’s online business, these two have won the interest of many marketers because of a number of factors.

The money is in the list…

Before we get into examining their uniqueness, permit me to mention here that as bloggers and online marketers, Autoresponders and email marketing tools are essential if you really want to create a booming online business.… Continue Reading …

Be Inspired, Empowered And Be Transformed With Yvonne I. Wilson


Welcome to my Thursday series and today, someone very inspiring is on board. By the time you check out 2 or 3 articles on her blog, you’ll be convinced 😉

I’m excited and this is because I’m able to share details about individual bloggers and business people. On my blog, you are going to be reading and knowing things you’ve never known even about your very intimate blogging and business friends.

So many of them have been listed in the past. Check out the list here. Now, let’s talk more about this charming lady!… Continue Reading …