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Monstroid Giveaway: Win a Bestselling WordPress Theme!

Today we are happy to present to you Monstroid – one of those multipurpose themes that are able to turn your website into literally anything.

What’s so special about this theme? It has been crafted to meet the requirements of just about any WordPress user – a blogger, a business owner or a freelance web designer. Its integration with such major WordPress plugins as WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress will allow you to build a multi-function website,  and powerful and intuitive customization options will take care of its appearance.

And today you can win one for yourself by leaving a specific comment under this post. This will be discussed a little later, and now, let’s dig deeper into Monstroid’s capabilities and see how you can benefit from it.… Continue Reading …

WordPress Vs Blogger ~ Choosing a blogging platform!

Welcome to part III in the “How to create a money making blog” series. In part I, we saw how to choose a blogging topic. In part II, we were looking at 10 tips to choose the right domain name and how to register it cheap. In this part III, we are looking at points to help us  choose the more appropriate Content Managing System (CMS) or blogging platform from amongst the top 2.

It’s important you choose the right blogging script right from this beginning so as to avoid the hassle of moving from one platform to the other in the future. Each of these CMSs has its list of pros and cons. That means non is perfect. However, considering some points will help you in making the right choice.… Continue Reading …

Bloggers Forum Douala ~ Reloading blogging in Cameroon

It was a beautiful experience on the 3rd of October 2015 at Star Land hotel in Douala, with over 150 bloggers, company executives and journalists.

Simply put, blogging is being reloaded in Cameroon!

This was the first bloggers forum in Cameroon that brought together both French and English speaking Cameroonian bloggers residing in Cameroon.

For my friends and loyal readers who are all over the world, Cameroon is one of the few bilingual countries in the world where French and English are official languages. 

The event was colorful and I want to recognize the effort of Elodie and her collaborators in making this a remarkable success. Of course, some of the corporate sponsors and partners of the event were Les Brasseries du Cameroun, Nexttel, Nescafe and Star Land Hotel.

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Affiliate Marketing Partnership generates $16,000 in commission!

I think Affiliate Marketing Partnership for bloggers is full of awesomeness. This is simple! Two or more bloggers coming together, trusting each other and promoting one product on the same affiliate link.

What this means is more traffic, more sales and more money.

I’m inspire to write this post by 

Both of them came together, agreed on certain terms and promoted a single product from one affiliate account. These generated more sales and these guys walked away with more money -> $16,000+Continue Reading …

Let Multi-Gifted Lorraine Reguly Help YOU in 4 Different Ways!

Sometimes you meet a person who simply stops you in your tracks.

This is what happened when I met Lorraine Reguly.

The more I learned about her, the more awed by her I was!

I was impressed with her many abilities,floored when I read about some of the things she has to overcome in her life, and totally stunned at the amount of success she has experienced in less than three years online.

I thought, “This is definitely someone who I’d love to have in MY corner!”

Naturally, I wanted to feature her on my site so that YOU could meet her, too, as she has a LOT to offer, both personally and professionally and before we get into her details, check out the awesome bloggers I have featured in the past here.Continue Reading …

5 Actionable Tips to Explode Blog Growth and Revenue + Examples

In the world of blogging, it’s easy to get distracted or lose interest in your blog if it’s not getting enough traffic or making as much money as you like. What most people don’t realize about blogging, is that it’s a very long journey before you actually start seeing big traffic and financial success.

With over 300 million blogs in the world today, that’s a lot of sites you are going to have to compete against while also standing out from the crowd.

Whether you are finding a lack of interest in your blog or simply can’t figure out how to bring in more traffic and revenue, I have some great methods and resources to help you along the way.

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