Why not buying DT COIN Maybe an error!

The Cryptocurrency industry is really sick and bloody right this moment. But there is hope!

However, Volatility is the biggest killer.

Institutions, the media and whales manipulate the market, create panic for their own profit. The masses in the industry are the ones suffering huge losses.

A friend asked me what are the reasons for the crash?

The answer is simple:

Cryptocurrency is new with more than 90% of Blockchain projects still being developed and experimented.

Investors still don’t find the need to hold to digital assets for long term. The only reason is speculation. That’s why the market is being manipulated.

If the https://www.powerledger.io/ project (for instance) is complete and marketable, investors will find economic reasons to buy and hold more of the coins. Once this and many other projects are still be tested, people will keep swinging in and out. That leads to price surging.

Demand and supply affecting coin value

The two factors that affect cryptocurrency prices are Demand and Supply.

For the most part, the supply is fixed from the onset. Bitcoin for instance has 21m coins. This will never change. But the demand is expected to grow, thus stretching the price upward.

As the demand for it falls, the value depreciates. This brings losses, panics, fears, etc leading to more depreciation in value.

DT COIN (Data Coin) introduces a third value factor

One of the characteristics of money is relative stability. The presence of volatility (which is the absence of stability)  in cryptocurrency is the big reason some folks think Bitcoin is NOT money.

I was thinking to myself why FIAT currencies are more stable. I came to understand that there is a third value factor called Governments. They build regulations to make sure the value of their currencies don’t over depreciate or appreciate.

DT COIN is the people’s coin with a third value factor that acts more or less like Governments. But it’s even more interesting for long term investors.

If the coin price has to be maintained, a third element must be put in to prevent market manipulation and extreme price movements.

That’s why Big Data was introduce in DT COIN project.

Big Data being a constantly expanding database, DT COIN algorithm is built on it to provide an ever increasing price floor that prevents value depreciation, hence the term ForcedMarketCap.

In DT COIN’s ForcedMarketCap, Demand and Supply forces float on Big Data in Circles. As Big Data constantly grows, it pushes the coin price upward. But note that the algorithm is intelligent and avoids inflation and value breakouts.

It may be an error to overlook DT COIN

The history of BITCOIN Value has a lesson for all investors. But if we fail to learn from it, we may still be on the queue of losers.

BITCOIN in its early days was at the reach of everyone. Few are those who got to it and took the risk to invest. Take a look at the following value history:

bitcoin value history

BITCOIN value in 2010 and now is something that can cause an old man to shout.

This makes me to underline the fact that time is a big profit factor. I believe if you risk in BTC now, you still stand the chance to make profit in the years to come.

But a better ground to take risk is DT COIN.

The Cryptocurrency was introduced at a market value less than $1. The constantly growing value now stands at over $35 per coin on CoinCapital

dt coin value

Is it late to invest in DT COIN ?

Not at all!

$36 is far below the estimated value of DT COINT in the next few years.

Like BTC, DT COIN is expected to grow into three figures. With a $1000, you have up to 36 pieces. Think about what happens if someone slides 36 BITCOINS into your wallet today.

What’s the risk?

It will be stupid to think there is no risk. Just like in any other investment, the risk factor must be considered. But are you going to allow it tear your excitement for investment ?

However, the risk is at the level of the development of the ecosystem. If it fails, you should expect nothing from your investment. On the other hand, the growth of the market should keep investors in constant profit.

Where to buy DT COIN

There should be local dealers in your country. However, go over to dtcoin, signup and buy from company or go to the ForceMarketCap website where you can buy from other investors.

ForcedMarketCap (FMC) is DT COIN’s stock exchange where the DTC is paired with BITCOIN and EURO. It’s being highly regulated as it’s still in its experimental phase.