Five Upcoming Web Development Trends in 2022

Technology is one of the most dynamic aspects of our world today because humans have decided not to rest until we have a brighter tech-inspired future. What’s more, the internet has been growing since its birth on January 1st, 1983.

Whether you are a web admin or a regular user, you should brace yourself for the changes coming to the internet. Failing to stay in the loop will leave you missing out on all the goodies 2022 has to offer. That’s not all. With the stiff competition that is the internet today, you need to ensure you are aware of the trends to adjust accordingly.

In this article, we have expedited your work on web development trends and narrowed it down to the five hottest ones, with a clear outline of what to expect. Read along.

5 Web Development Trends to Look Out for in 2022

The world of tech is the true definition of a dynamic sector. The developers in this niche work around the clock to develop new technology that will improve user experience. Furthermore, with the age of eCommerce, web development has never been this hyped.

The modern customer will want an intuitive and easy-to-use UI where they can quickly point out the product they are looking for without a hassle. Keeping this information in mind, below are some of the web development trends we expect to see in 2022.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

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It is no secret that PWAs are the future of mobile apps. They are faster and offer native web-like experiences on a mobile application. Why are they causing such a big hype in the web development niche?

Developers have realized the benefits of mobile applications as users prefer them to websites. Among the companies implementing this software is Alibaba, which saw an increase in revenue due to this change.

Therefore, we expect to see more and more companies turn to PWAs in 2022. This will be a huge boost for users as they offer a better experience than regular websites. The benefits include seamless installation, lower storage and power needs, more flexible distribution, and smooth updates and maintenance.

Motion UI

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The human brain is hard-wired to respond to movement. Web developers have taken this factor into account and decided to incorporate it into websites. Accordingly, Motion UI has been described as the future of the digital world.

In simple terms, it is a technique of integrating seamless animations into websites and guiding the customer through the interface or communicating a sequence. Built on the Sass library, it can be integrated into any Javascript framework and has proven to be an efficient strategy to draw in customers.

Currently, this technology is seen in banners and adverts, but if current trends are anything to go by, entire pages will begin moving soon.

Dark Mode

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Dark mode websites are trending and will continue to trend in the future. Why? Dark mode is one of the favorite themes, especially since phone brightness may be an issue during the daytime, causing most people to opt for dark themes.

Moreover, dark mode also saves on the gadget battery by reducing the amount of power drained. A survey showed that 82.7% of participants had used dark mode on their devices. Another research conducted by Android and Polar revealed similar results, with 91.8% and 95%, respectively, preferring dark mode.

Voice Search Technology

Our list would not be complete without voice search technology. This technology has proven to deliver faster and more accurate results than text searches. On top of that, in web development, voice optimization and voice-activated self-standing mechanisms are the latest innovation.

Voices-activated speakers such as Siri have also proven handy in homes and offices. Consequently, voice search technology has gained vast popularity in the current world. Lastly, this technology offers a great experience by improving customer loyalty, offering fast access to website information, and supporting multitasking.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbot on screen

AI chatbots have been gaining popularity since the Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike normal chatbots, they are powered by artificial intelligence, and they rely on natural language processing to understand users’ queries, thereby giving intelligent answers.

AI chatbots have thrived in the competitive web tech world due to their advantages. For instance, they offer better customer engagement, and they are available 24/7, which is way better than human customer agents that need to take breaks.

Final Words

2022 is a very competitive year in website technology. Website owners are working to improve their websites to beat competitors. These individuals will need state-of-the-art tools during design. Among the devices in high demand are proxies for web developers since they are helpful during the testing phase.

Another trend we are likely to see as 2022 wears on is more aware of cybersecurity. Accordingly, more people will be informed about safeguarding their data while surfing the web. Furthermore, people that use email clients such as Thunderbird are likely to take up proxies to keep their data safe.

This info might be useful in explaining the benefits of proxies for Thunderbird and other email clients.