Top 5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Start Using Today

Instagram has become a huge marketplace for brands and influencers. To make use of this opportunity and use Instagram to your advantage, you need to tap into the power of analytics tools that enable you to understand your audience. There are more, and more tools popping out every day, and today we’ll talk about the cream of the crop.

But first things first, you do need to have a business account to use them, so if you don’t switch to one. We will start with a tool that is integrated with the Instagram Business Account, Instagram Insights, and then a present couple of other tools.

1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Help website

Instagram Insights is a tool that you get for free as part of a business account. It is easy to access and you can track and analyze the everyday activities of your profile. Instagram Insights are broken down into three sections: Reach, Interaction, and Audience.

In the Reach section, you will see all basic data about the reach of your content for the past 7 to 30 days. It will show you impressions, profile visits, website, and call-to-action tabs in numbers so you can see your performance.

The Interaction section shows your number of post-interactions, likes, comments, saves, shares, stories, and video interactions. These metrics are showing historical data from the last 7 or 30 days.

In the Audience section, you can analyze your followers, their demographic data, how many users started to follow you on the set date, and also unfollow you. The important chart of this section shows when your followers are most active and you can use this info as the best time to post your content.

These three analytics sections of Instagram Insights you will need to observe manually.


Analisa homepage

Analisa is an Instagram AI Analytics tool. It analyses profiles, followers, and hashtags, and provides you with valuable data. It analyzes the activity and performance of you or your opponents’ accounts as well.

With Follower Demographics & Authenticity you will minimize fraud and have data about the age, gender, and location of your Instagram profile followers. You can export reports from this tool (Profile reports and Hashtag reports) to PDF or CSV, and customize them to find data that you need. You will get real-time analytics of peak posts, hashtags, posting times, and captions.

With Historical Data & Analytics you get insights into historic data on customized date circles. Analisa Basic Analytics is completely free. All you need is to sign up.

3. Socialbakers

Socialbakers homepage

Socialbakers Instagram Tracker is a free tool that will provide you with statistics that will highlight your most popular posts. With it, you can see what your followers are after so that you can easily learn what to post, and thus gain more followers.

All of your Instagram performance (followers, posts, and stories) metrics are visible on one clear, simple dashboard. This tool emphasizes people’s interests. If you know what your followers like, you will have more engagement on your posts.

Socialbakers has a simple interface for post scheduling, so you will save a lot of time on this part of Instagram marketing.

4. Union Metrics

Union Metrics homepage

Union Metrics is a tool that will turn your data, with its’ social marketing intelligence into pieces of information and reports. This way you’ll gain valuable insight into your audience, all in real-time.

Its free Instagram account checkup will show your performance on Instagram. Use this checkup to gain info in a couple of minutes about your Instagram account – what is the best time for you to post content, which hashtags to use, and do you have to post more or let us say less to get the most engagement.

Union Metrics will connect with Instagram and give you key features that need improvement based on the info gathered in the last 30 days. The metrics inputs that you will get are: how to get more engagement, meaning checkup will show you the best time for you to post new content to get a hefty audience response.

With the insights in your post responses, you will get a feel of how to create better content. Learn what you’re doing right, and what you can improve. With an Instagram account checkup, you can reach a new audience by using hashtags that get the most engagement from already posted content. You can run this checkup any time.

5. Squarelovin

Squarelovin homepage

Squarelovin is a tool that will provide you with reports that go beyond primary analytics and insights. This analytic tool is an excellent way to learn about your audience, your community, and the best time to post. It will show you details of the audience demographic, including the location.

This analytic tool will take you directly into the engagement aspects of your feed posts and stories. Its’ Instagram stories analytics will analyze the photo and video content separately so you can see which approach is best for your audience and it will show you how to optimize your posting times.

Squarelovin creates detailed reports that are specialized for brands and influencers and can be downloaded as PDF and XLS files, per your preferences. The basic plan is free and you will get a free 14-days trial to see their complete offer.


Any of these tools can be a good asset to your business. Whether you’re a solopreneur or trying to build your brand on Instagram, data is important. These tools can help you crack the code and move forward faster. All you have to do is choose the right one, and get to work.