The 5 Best Fantasy Books of 2022

Many teenagers and adults love fantasy books. After all, it is such stories that you can dream of being transported to other worlds and constantly learning something new. If you think that you have already read all the coolest fantasy books, then play Playamo casino roulette and have fantastic fun.

Or read our list below, you will surely find something interesting for yourself. Well, let’s get started!

Picking books

“Because There Are Many of Us” by Dennis Taylor

The earth becomes unusable after a nuclear winter. 99.9% of humanity has been destroyed. Engineer and geek Bob Johansson, after death, discovers that there is nothing wrong with his mind, except for the fact that he is now the controlling intelligence of an intelligent computer in a space probe. He became the only hope of the human race for salvation, an opportunity to find a new home. Now Bob will have to figure out how to prevent people from becoming a dinner for alien civilizations.

“Brothers of the Wind” by Ted Williams

Do you remember Williams’ novel “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn”? So, the “Brothers of the Wind” tell about the events that took place 1000 years before the start of the main cycle. Therefore, in this novel, you will find many references and semantic chains to other parts of the “Bright Ard”, which only expand the author’s universe. However, “Brothers of the Wind” can be read as an independent work.

The events of the novel tell us about the events in which Ineluki and Hakatri – the Sith princes (a race of immortal beings) were involved. They go after the dragon’s head. This dragon turns out to be the legendary Black Worm Hidohebi, and it is almost impossible to defeat him.

“Telemetry of Fugitives” by Martha Wells

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Another book in the cycle is the Killer Robot by Martha Wells. A killer bot is a kind of auto stage with a very difficult character, which has been at the Preservation station for some time. And suddenly a corpse appears at the station. And this means that the killer bot must help the security service and solve this seemingly ordinary (for a Motorway) case. And, of course, the most important thing for a Killer is the opportunity to plant stupid people.

Everyone will like this book. There is a light syllable of the author and a lot of references to the series. In short, an incredible treasure for fans of fiction.

“Black Prism” by Brent Weeks

The first novel in the series is “The Light Bearer”. This series is truly amazing! The author creates a non-standard system of magic based on colors (the colors of the rainbow are not plants!). Gavin Gail – Prism (as magicians are called here) is the most powerful magician of his generation, the emperor and executor of the will of the sun god. However, Prisms do not live long, as they go crazy with their power, and Gail knows this. Gail learns that he has an illegitimate son, whose habitual life was destroyed thanks to a bloody raid. Now the emperor must choose between his kingdom and his son…

“The One Who Became the Sun” by Shelly Parker-Chan

The first novel in the Shining Emperor series. The plot is inspired by the formation of the Ming Dynasty in China. The main character is a girl named Joo Jong ba. This girl pretended to be a man for a long time and soon became a monk. She is ready to do anything to get a Heavenly Mandate, and even joins the rebellion. The uprising of the Red Armbands, by the way, is a real event. Whether Zhu Chong ba will become an emperor or lose everything she had, you will find out in the process of reading. And there are a lot of political intrigues in the book, which strongly resembles Game of Thrones.