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I now accept guest articles on this blog. However, for your articles to be published, you must strictly follow these points:

About you, the author:

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About the guest post:

  1. Promotional articles will not be published.
  2. Only posts in the Travel Niche are accepted at the moment.
  3. Content must be unique (Not published elsewhere)
  4. Content length must be 1500 words in minimum
  5. Post must be written in good English. Make sure to correct spelling mistakes.
  6. Submitted posts with copyrighted images found will be rejected

About links in content and Onpage SEO:

  1. A maximum of 2 outgoing links will be accepted.
  2. Outgoing links must not link to a product home/sales page.
  3. Content with SEO-optimized anchor text links will not be published
  4. The first link in the content must be pointing to  any relevant internal article.
  5. Post must be semantically optimized to rank for particular keywords
  6. I use the widely known Yoast SEO plugin for onpage SEO.

About the featured image

Any post submitted without the featured image will be rejected.

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