Top 5 Strategic Requirements You Need to Make It Online

Starting an online busi​​​​ness could be a daunting task yet its your best ticket to Freedom.

There are various ways to make money online and different strategies to implement. In this post, you’ll uncover the right way to quickly hit the spot and stop struggling to make money.

One of the main reason most people fail to make it online is the lack of knowing how online business really works before jumping the ship. I can understand the urge to take the risk and get started immediately.

But you need to understand the basics of running an online business and how it fit into your life. And that’s the whole point.

Starting an online business is all about the freedom and that special feeling of helping the world the best you can and not because you’re been forced to.

When both feelings comes together, then your income will explode while you serve your tribe.

I will be sharing with you the proven tips that will help you get started the right way and explode to stardom in the next coming weeks.

1. Platform

This is what I consider to be the basis of success in your online business journey.

You need the platform that gives you the flexibility of being an entrepreneur yet offers simplicity at the same time.

This will enable you to have access to proven strategies that is generating six figures for industry leaders. Strategies you can apply without facing the hassle of technical know-how.

It’s important as most newbies struggle to go beyond the technical required activities or waste too much time and resource trying to solve each conundrum that comes their way, that they lose momentum and fail miserably.

But when you have a system that offers technical flexibility and schedule based plan to grow your online business in your choosen time-frame then you can be assured of success.

You also need to be aware that work needs to be done and by going that extra miles will yield you proportional success.

However, with a platform for your online business, you’ll be solving the #1 problem most beginners encounter online, thereby accelerating your own success.

Though there are  many platforms out there that look a good fit for your business, I recommend wealthy affiliate and done-for-you system.

What to look for

The platform you want to use in building your own success should contain step-by-step training on how to setup your online business and start earning as fast as possible.

This platform should also offer premium support in assisting you every step of the way. You should be able to reach out to them either by mail or phone.

2. Mentor

“Find a mentor who has skills in the area you want to develop. That sounds so simple, but it’s the key to a successful relationship” – Erin Lynn quoted

He is right on point and his thought applies perfectly to starting your online business. What better way to guarantee a successful business before even starting.

When you have someone, who is already successful, to turn to for setting up a successful online business then you’ve taken a leap that 95% of beginners won’t take or don’t know of it’s importance.

I will be the first to admit, hiring a mentor for your online business can be out of reach due to their high charges but their is a way around it.

Though by getting access to a platform, you already have 80% of what your mentor will teach you but according to Marry Bui-Phan.

“Sometimes people just need to be able to meet with somebody and talk about things. That person just need a sounding board”.

And that sounding board is important to your online business. Although, having a mentor goes way beyond “just having a sounding board”.

Here is how you can get a mentor for your online business with limited fund.

Platform plus Mentor

Done-for-you system is the best example of a platform that includes coaches (mentor) that will guide you every step of the way.

You get a personal coach at no additional cost and they’re willing to help you start a successful business.

And the best way part is that if you’re not making money then they don’t make money also. So you can be assured of extra motivated coaches ready to boost your income.

By getting access to a platform that have mentors/coaches ready for you to roll in, you’ll be cutting off the cost of hiring a traditional mentor and guaranteeing success at the same time.

Asking your referrer

Another way of cutting off the cost of hiring a mentor is to directly ask the person that refers you onto the platform.

Though this can be a little bit challenging as the person that refers you might not be well-experienced to actually coach you.

Nevertheless, you can bypass this by getting access to the system through someone who is already successful using it.

An example will be getting access to the WA platform through Enstine and asking him to coach you.

You can both agree to a schedule time to reach out and move your business forward.

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3. Marketing

While setting up your online business is of utmost importance, you can only earn money when you get others to buy the product you’re promoting.

Getting traffic to your website is the fundamental requirement of your online business and getting it right will go along way to running a successful campaign.

There are basically two ways to getting traffic to your website:

  • Free method
  • Paid method

Both methods are great and you can decide whether to use one or both.

How to promote your business should be included in your platform of choice and it should be able to cover every major traffic generation methods out there.

The platform should also be able to provide up-to-date practical step-by-step guide so that you won’t run into any sort of trouble.

Most platform out there still make use of trainings that are not up-to-date. This can cause issue for beginners as they have to guess through the process.

Since 90% of the promotion methods you’ll be using are social media base, it only make sense to keep up with the changes of these sites.

Before we move on, let see which method is best for you.

Free method

There are various ways to generate traffic to your site without paying a dime for it. Most of which are effective for long term success.

However, you need to know that you’ll have to invest quality to make it work. This doesn’t mean it takes forever but  you’ve to be prepared to make it work.

In fact, you can indulge yourself, 2-3 hours daily to make it work.

Is this for you?

If you’ve limited cash to fund your promotion campaign then you can use some of the free methods you’re provided on the platform.

Even if you’ve little cash to play around with, you should use the free method to get your feet wet before jumping into paid method.

Paid method

Paid campaign can generate instant return and help you establish your presence on the internet.

You can generate thousands of website traffic at the click of your mouse but only if you do it right.

And that’s why having a platform and mentor can play a huge role in your development business-wise while the platform will help you setup a successful campaign.

Is this for you?

If you’ve enough cash you can throw into a paid campaign and you’ve a mentor to guide you through, then you should go for paid campaign.

While paid campaign will definitely save you time, I will recommend using at least 1-2 free methods to compliment your paid campaign.

Everything can be tracked and you can know what’s working for you so that you can cut off your expenses.

There is nothing to fear, go all in.

4. Community

online business group

Finding an online business partner and a community to help you every step of the way is important.

When you get access to a platform then you’ll be granted access to a community of like minded entrepreneur.

This will help you avoid distractions and focus on your business.

You’ll be able to ask questions and also get the most recent information to grow your business.

You can also get a business partner from the community provided so that you can have a person who you can discuss business with.

This is important as it will become a source of motivation for you and your business.

5. Set Goals for your online business

Every requirement I have covered so far in this post is to set you up for success by removing all major trials and error in your way.

They help simplify the process but you need to set a goal to achieve valuable returns.

It is important to set a reasonable goals for your online business to stay motivated and measure your effort and outcome.

You want to look into how the platform is going to set you up for success before drafting in your plan.


Making money online is a process and following the right way will ensure your long time success.

Starting your online business can be challenging but following the process I laid out in this post will extremely reduce the challenges.

How is your online business going? Leave a comment in the comment section.

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