Speech to text ~ Transcribe any audio with 99% accuracy!

Presenting a tested Speech to text service that effectively handles any audio transcription (audio to text) in over 10 languages. Forget about voice recognition software and meet highly qualified professions who are ready to deliver excellence while respecting deadlines.

There are many reasons people may want to transcribe their audio recordings. Some do the transcription themselves with errors, some look for speech to text software and others try to hire professionals.

I think the best choice to move your audio recordings from voice to text is to get it done by trained professions. Here are my few reasons;

  • Trained professions are humans so they have brains to reason, while transcribing in clean verbatim (removing speech errors and filter words) or full verbatim (text transcribed exactly as it sounds, including all utterances of the speaker)
  • Humans can listen more keenly and try to get the words even in a poorly recorded audios.
  • Dealing with humans opens room for corrections should there be errors.
  • Human can easily adapt in different languages.
  • Etc

Why Speech To Text Service ?

Let’s start by hearing what some clients have to say

Speech To Text Service is a U.K.-based company with a global staff of professional transcriptionists and editors. With services that were recently extended to cover more international languages, Speech To Text Services has become a leading audio transcription company in the industry.

Here is a list of languages covered:  

Arabic Bosnian Chinese
Croatian Dutch English
Filipino French German
Hindi Italian Japanese
Lithuanian Macedonian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian
Serbian Shona Spanish

What this simply means is that if you have an audio file in any of these languages and you want it transcribed by professionals who respect deadline, check out Speech To Text Services

Here are more reasons to be confident with them;

  • There will be no grammatical mistakes.
  • Professional transcribers carry out all transcriptions.
  • Professional editors check all transcripts thoroughly. The transcriptions are 99% accurate.
  • Transription specialists have a wide range of experience and are capable of dealing with industry-specific terminology, from medical to financial.

Speech to text pricing!

The table below shows how incredibly low their prices are. With less than $25, your 30 minutes long audio can be transcribed by professionals.

In addition to this, if you are a loyal customer, you get up to 20% discount on your orders.

A superior transcription processes allows them to offer the best prices on the market.

speech to text

Here is the point:

If you just recorded a Webinar and you want to  transcribe and give it more exposure, stop messing around and wasting your time trying to do it yourself. Outsource the transcription to Speech To Text Services while you focus on developing your business.

You may think these guys are limited to some industries! No.

Do you have any legal audio to transcribe for attorneys, lawyers, court proceedings, judges, solicitors, court clerks and police? Here is what they cover;

Bankruptcies Court Proceedings Contracts
Advice Adjudication Panel Hearings Witness Statements
Legal-Medical Reports Wills Leases
Probate Forms Affidavits Instructions to Counsel
Disciplinary Hearings Tribunals Draftsman Bills

Speech To Text Service has got expertise in the medical sector with tested abality to transcribe for odontology, endocrinology, oncology, hematology, medical expert witnesses, private medical consultants, nephrology, cardiology, psychology, psychiatry, pediatrics, general medical practitioners, etc.

They cover even more categories including interviews, religious, commercials, etc.

Basically, Speech To Text Service is the audio to text transcription service that covers an extremely wide range of industries in different languages.

Johnatan Chase is a journalist. He has this to say

Here is how Speech to Text Services works!

You have your audio file on your computer (mp3, wav, wma, wmv, avi, flv, mpg, mp4, m4a, mov, ogg, webm, aiff, amr, 3gp). All you do is click to browse, locate your file. and then click to upload. Note from the image below that you can upload multiple audio files at once.

voice to textNB: If your audio file is somewhere online, just click “Link Importer”, enter the url where your file is located and the system will import it to your account.

Once your audio files have been uploaded, you are able to enter transcription instructions on individual files.

audio to text converter online

Speech to Text Service is incredibly simple to use. No complex software. No confusion procedures. After making payment (Paypal or Credit Card), your transcribed text will be delivered notably in MS Word within specific time frame. However, if you have another option, just  mention it in the description box

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Click to signup and start your free trial today!

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  1. Hi Enstine…
    It is a great service. Using this anyone can write long articles without actually typing. I can use this service to write articles for my blog. I tried some free services before but accuracy is not that good. Going to give this service a try.

    Thanks, Sir…

    Keep Posting Informative Post

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  3. That’s a great service, and an absolute steal at that price.This is fanstastic review and it’s an informative post for any anybody that want to earn extra income online away from their blog and I find it difficult to transcribe any audio to text

  4. Hello,

    I have used this before but due to not proper accent i was spending all my time in correcting mistakes. But BTW great informative article.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I have used their services and i was impressed. I must admit they are great at what they do.


  6. In Samsung galaxy s4 i used speech to text Google service nice experience with it. Can you suggest me android apps for whatsapp speech to text.

    – Emina Kepic

  7. Enstine is it true!? If it is true so it will be an awesome software specially for business developer in online and students as well. I hope my work will be very easier from now. Enstine a great thanks to you from my deep of heart for sharing this information. Hope will come again to read your future post.

  8. Hi Sir Enstine Muki,
    Your Speech to text services are very helpful and it would be great if you could include Thai language. Thanks.

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  11. wow now being a Chinese language student my work will be made easier by this speech to text service will surely try it out

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    I never thought of using a Speech to Text service. However, I can this working really well in probate property or inheritance property related matters where documents have to be produced because people are elderly or are not technology savvy.

  13. Wonderful review, well I was looking for this service of “speech to text” since a long time but couldn’t find one reliable tool. Will surely try it out.

  14. Hi Enstine Muki,

    I appreciate and thank you for your review. But I checked he prices, which is out of range if you are looking to get permanent services.

    I was looking for a software for my organization which can convert speech into text. Would you have experience then let me know.

    I will be thankful.

  15. thanks for the nice information in the given post in your site
    My experience with speech to text was many years ago with some software and although it got the gist of what I was saying, it probably took longer to correct the mistakes than if I had typed it out from scratch

  16. Well, speech to text with good accuracy will be very helpful for bloggers or writer. Thanks for the awesome helpful post. The speech to text I am using is good but accuracy is not as 99% as your’s one has. Will surely give it a try for once soon.

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  17. Hello Enstine, Thanks for your reviews. Really you are always doing the great job for us as your loyal readers. And i am so much happy to connected with you personally as well on Facebook, Twitter and also others social media. I just check out them and i will try when i have some money 🙂 AS well you know, i am still now learning and i don’t want to invest at this time But i will within next month as well money is coming on the way 😛

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  18. 99% of translation rate, is it true ? If true, that’s a good rate for a translate software from sound to text. I also heard that Skype.com already integrated this feature into the video call to let two person that use different language to talk to each other.

  19. Hi Enstine,

    This is a wonderful review. I have been contemplating buying a Speech-to_text software for a while, even tried purchasing one online but some issues prevented that from being successful. Think I will give this service a try, since its a real steal at the prices they are offering. Thanks for the heads up!

    • It’s absolutely a steal Chioma. You get quality service from professionals at the price of a cup of tea 😉
      Please share your experience with us after your first transaction

  20. That’s a great sounding service, and an absolute steal at that price.This is wonderful review and it’s an informative post for any anybody that want to earn extra income online away from their blog and I find it difficult to transcribe any audio to text… 🙂

  21. It seems great to use this service, because sometimes I find it difficult to transcribe any audio to text. Sometimes it can take hours to finish the transcribing.

  22. This is wonderful review and it’s an informative post for any anybody that want to earn extra income online away from their blog, by offering service to journalist, fellow bloggers and many others on Fiverr and others freelancer sites.

    The service prices is awesome and i will give it a try Enstine .

  23. Hi Enstine

    That’s a great sounding service, and an absolute steal at that price.

    My experience with speech to text was many years ago with some software and although it got the gist of what I was saying, it probably took longer to correct the mistakes than if I had typed it out from scratch. I sure wish that service had been available then.

    Have a good weekend, Joy

  24. Awesome service! I have recently started to leave voice notes for myself using my phone and evernote. I sometimes have blog post ideas, ebook ideas, or maybe new website ideas. I leave a voice note in evernote but then have to transcribe it myself.

    This service is perfect! total for a month I maybe have 20 minutes, so even paying $30 for the entire month will save me a ton of time!

    Thanks as always!


    • Hey Chris,
      This is definitely a wonderful service to try. Yeah you get the point. Just get them the audio files and expect a word document 😉

      Hope you are doing great this week

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