SEO Backlinks Giveaway – Powerful blog promotion method?

SEO backlinks are the things many digital entrepreneurs focus on these days when it comes to trying to grow their natural traffic.

That’s because this is the core of off page SEO and its success (most of the time) depends on other website owners (not you).

So folks are busy looking for ways to get webmasters and bloggers to link to their pages and maintain those links permanently.

While I recommend taking at loot at this SEO for newbies post, in this post, we are looking at the contrary – you linking to others and getting something in return. In life, the best way to get something is to give something. So that works in promoting your blog as well.

SEO Backlinks Giveaway to promote your blog

What are backlinks in seo?

If you want to become a digital entrepreneur, Search Engine Optimization must be at the center of your strategies and creating/earning SEO backlinks is a must.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) backlinks are the links pointing to your website from other website. You may want to simply refer to them as backlinks or inbound links. They are important in online marketing in that Google considers them as indicating that your content has some value.

The more of these links you get from around the world, the more popular your blog is. Google will begin thinking wow, this guys is up to something.

But note that it’s not just about backlinks. Though these are so important, there are tons of other factors that influence Google’s decision to place you on any of it result pages. According to one of my guest, the FAQ page can boost your SEO

You can bundle these factors into two main categories:

  1. Onpage SEO (Here is more by Brian Dean)
  2. Offpage SEO (Check out Neil Patel’s guide)

But this isn’t what we will be talking about in this post. We want to focus on giving out backlinks as a way to trigger other forms of promotion.

Why blog promotion is important

Every business needs promotion and if blogging is one, you must give it sufficient attention. Promotion is simply an effort to take your content to targeted readers. A couple of free ways to promote your blog include:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Doing SEO
  • Attending offline events
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog commenting
  • Submitting to content sharing platforms
  • Being interviewed by other bloggers
  • Taking part in round up posts
  • Etc

These are all result-driven blog promotion strategies but you have to do them correctly. Again, I won’t be stretching on any of these methods in this post. The question is:

How does SEO Backlink Giveaway help in promoting your blog?

You have to understand that the best form of promotion is when others go out to talk positively about you. If you can get folks to tweet, share, like and mention you everyday, you would have laid your hands on what really works.

Think about it this way:

You have 10k following on social media. That gives you some degree of visibility. What about 30 of your friends who have between 5k and 15k each? Sounds like something above 150k following all put together.

But what’s the best way to get your friends to engage on your blog post?

Give them free SEO backlinks

I have tested this to work best. I know tweeting and sharing your friends’ content will pull their attention. But for the most part, they are simply going to like, retweet or drop a comment to say thanks. This engagement may just end on or few social media platforms with little impact on your blog.

If you really want your blogging peers to step to your blog and engage, get them directly involved. Give them a dofollow link naturally.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Don’t just link out to attract friends. Pay attention to relevancy.
  2. Make the links natural. Avoid keyword-rich links.
  3. Make the links dofollow.
  4. Constantly give out links.
  5. Once published, send a private message to the linked friends. It’s always a good idea to tweet with a mention but a private message possibly gets more attention.
  6. Just link out and expect nothing. Most of them may not react.

Blogging in a network has proven to work. You may be getting 80% of your traffic from SEO but note that this is hugely powered by SEO Backlinks. And the more marketers you know and connect with, the more your chances of getting those backlinks.

Giving out links attracts more SEO backlinks to you

seo backlinks

The truth is that when you link out to friends, the immediate reaction is a social media engagement or a comment on your blog.

But if you create linkable and attractive value-packed content, you end up getting more links from your peers. If you are known to be generous in your blogging, it will always come round. Remember in this post, I mentioned selfishness as a blogging nonsense to stop in 2020.

A complete backlink strategy should not only be about you trying to get. Of course, giving is a way to position yourself to receive.

Some other quick ways for you go get SEO backlinks

Giving out links to friends and creating link-worthy contents are things you should do and hope to be paid back with those links. But here are some steps you may want to take to build those links:

1 – Guest blogging

This in my opinion is the quickest way to create backlinks. While it may not be easy to be accepted on popular and solid domains, you may want to start with blogs within your layer.

Another option is to hire the services of guest blogging agencies. Those this comes with a risk, you should not completely run away from it.

Each time I talk about guest blogging service, I always remember my conversation with Dominik of Quality Guest Post. He advised to:

  • Make sure you ask your service provider for a list of domains they want to get a link for you from to be sure you don’t get links from toxic domains.
  • Make sure all your links come from within relevant content
  • Approve any content before they are published on guest blogs
  • Don’t over build links. Limit the number of links built per month
  • Deal with reputable guest blogging services
2 – Collaborate with blogging peers

Blogging peers can help you get more relevant seo backlinks from blogs they have publishing access to. Many bloggers are in this form of collaboration and it’s working good for them.

Generally, they create a tribe of 3 to 5 active bloggers and exchange links in their different guest posts. Note this is not link to me I link to you scheme. It’s a strategy that helps you spread your link sources with guest posting activities.

For a quick read on other ways to build links for your blog, go to Vishwajeet Kumar’s post on how to create Backlinks for your Blog.

Signing out!

What do you think about SEO backlinks giveaway as a means to attract promotions? Do you link out in each of your blog posts?

Let me know what you think in the comment box.

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